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Describe the dorms.

Dorm life is so much fun! In fact, I even lived in a freshman dorm my sophomore year because it is such a blast. Most halls consist of 25 students with one big bathroom for the whole hall (which is not nearly as bad as it seems, trust me). There are all women halls and all men halls, none are co-ed. All of the floors plan a lot of fun events together and usually get to be close friends. Each women's hall is paired with a men's hall as "brother/sister halls," that they do a lot of events with. Freshman dorms is where a lot of people meet their best friends for their college years. Each dorm has a lobby where a lot of students hang out. They are open 24 hours a day to the students who live in that dorm building. This is where the majority of late night studying happens, the funnest game nights take place, and basically the central hub of student life for freshman.

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