George Fox University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Classes at George Fox are small, so students get the attention that they need. Whenever we are having a problem understanding something, it's no big deal to stop by your profs office and get a little help and they're happy to do it. Professors and students alike are on a first name basis. It's really nice knowing that my professors know who I am and would say hi if they saw me outside of class. But even more than that, my professors care about how I am doing, both personally and academically. When my grades are slipping, my profs have always been there to help me pull them up and when I have had family emergencies back home, my profs have worked with me so that I could go home and be with family. Where else can you get that? As a double major in Communications and Spanish with a minor in International Studies, I always have a hard time planning my course schedule. Something always overlaps! But, my advisers are really good about working with me to make sure that I get every class that I need in order to graduate in 4 years. George Fox is a liberal arts school, so we are expected to get a well-rounded education. I've taken classes that fit in nearly every field of study. But, when it comes to my specific major requirements, my professors are making sure that they are teaching me things that will be useful in the working world. With every topic that we study we discuss where we can use this in our intended careers or how we can use that skill to boost our resumes. Overall, I feel like George Fox is providing me with an outstanding education.


Due to the personal attention given my the professors, students are continually challenged to push themselves academically. In most of the classes that i have taken, students tend to be more team players than competitors. Rarely do professors organize study groups. It is usually students who initiate this. A lot of the learning at George Fox University is facilitated by intellectual discussion between students in and out of class. Students have been known to go to coffee with professors in order to further discuss topics of the student's interest. These practices ensure that the student owns their education and is as equipped as possible for their future vocation.


The small size of the university (I think about 3500 students) and the low student to faculty ratio (14:1?) allows for small classes and personal attention from professors outside of class. Most of my classes thus far have had about 35 students. The professors I have had have all been very knowledgable and seem to care not only about me as a student, but as an individual. Most of them have been pretty demanding, but have done their best to equip me with the knowledge and information necessary to succeed in their classes. Most students here strive for excellence in all their classes and seem to have clear visions for their lives after graduation and have plans in place to reach their unusually ambitious goals.