George Fox University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


engineering proram, football program.


The school motto is "be known" and at George Fox University that is exactly what you can expect. From the moment you move onto the campus students and staff are there for you, wanting to build relationships and help you settle in to your new life. There is such an incredible sense of community on campus, you are never alone and everyone wants to help you succeed; and because of this support, students do succeed.


I brag the most about how much I love it at Fox. I really love the environment and the community. I enjoy my classes. I have great friends. There are plenty of events to go to that I enjoy. There's plenty of opportunity for spiritual, academic, emotional, and physical growth. The people are friendly and encouraging. It really is a great school.


I love the fact that when I go to class my professors know me by name. The class sizes are so small it gives us a personal relationship with our professors that in turn gives us a better opportunity to learn. This also gives us a better opportunity to learn in a lab setting, which is where I spend a lot of my time.


My school is great when it comes to the people. Everyone has been genuine and friendly and really just kind. I've made tons of friends and laughed a lot. Even the professors here go by their first names, so we can break down that professor/student barrier a little bit. It's a great place to build relationships.


How that everyone knows everyone and that you feel safe. The biggest thing is that the teachers get to know you on a friend level and will take you out for coffee or just sit and pray for you if you are having a hard time. They are here to help you be successful and they will do what every it takes to make that happen.


I feel safe on campus. I don't worry about being jumped when walking back to my dorm at night. Also, although we're a Christian university and other people demean us sometimes, we aren't legalistic or judgemental, as some think. There are rules that students must agree to follow to enroll here, but they aren't ridiculous. On campus, you'll see students that look just like any other students, except we aren't having frat parties and drinking every night. I don't feel pressure to make iffy decisions or feel threatened by things others might do.


It is a Christian organization where people do care about each other. There is no competetion or arrogence to be better than the person next to you. Rather a general caring and respect for each other.


I tell everybody that George Fox University is the Best Christian school in the nation. It has an amazing academic program, it is hard, but it is very rewarding. The professors care about the students, and take time to invest in them. They want the students to succede and care aout the well being of the students.


I brag about our music department and the math/computer science departments. I am involved in all of them and I feel like they are great programs.


Small classes, great science program, good friends


Everything. Its the best school ever!! I love the Christian atomosphere though the most.


I usually say that George Fox has a beautiful campus and most stores are within a reasonable walking distance. I also mention that there is a cool place to hang out in campus, The Foxhole, that sells cheap, good-quality coffee.


Fox has a great community.


Community, spirituality, academics


The amount of friendships that you build during your four years and how deep and lasting those friendships become


The small class sizes and accessibility of professors.


The quality and accesiblity of the teaching staff, it is beyond any expectation I could have had.


The thoroughness of some of the academic areas, including biology, chemistry, christian ministries, religion, theology, and finance. If you are a die-hard christian then this is the right school for you if you want an Ivy-League education in small town pacific Northwest. we have very srong moral aptitude and conviction. strong beliefs, and great faculty for life expriences and research.