George Fox University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




Well I am atransfer student, and my credits did not transfer over the way I thought they would. So I still have alot of general classes to take.


The worst thing about George Fox University is the mud that accumulates in the fields during the rainy season. I wish I could find a greater flaw with the university, but I enjoyed my entire experience at the school (apart from getting mud on my shoes). The campus is beautiful, but due to the school's location in the Pacific Northwest, there is a lot of rain and this leads to a lot of mud on campus.


The worst thing about my school is the changes made within the school. Changes are good, but changes are way too constant. Also, whenever the administration decides to change something, it doesn't present the idea to the student body (the one who the changes will be implemented on), but only to the contributors (the ones paying for the changes).


The only potentially bad thing about George Fox is its monetary cost. Due to the fact that GFU is a private, Christian school its tuition is higher than that of the public colleges and frankly, some of the other private colleges as well. This creats more complications for students who come from a less fortunate background, to attend.


The worst thing about George Fox is how many people are from Oregon (as I am, too.) It's just very...Oregon. A lot of people go home on the weekends, but otherwise you don't notice it too much.


The worst thing about the school is that the living quarters are relatively far away from the lecture halls. This can be a problem in getting to class on time but then again, it would your own fault.


Socializing with Christians who ought to practice what they are preached but simply dont. Its like Christian students have their own ideas of what Christians should be and I found it odd that most of them are just like anybody else except they say they believe in Christ. For me this was tuff to accept because Christian students will put up a front, they'll be nice to you but they wont want anything to do with you. I felt I witnessed to many students sit alone in the cafeteria of Fox because Christian students have their own agendas.


One difficult thing for me about George Fox University is the lack of funds to enable the top Choir to go on a yearly trip/tour. The high school that I attended always traveled with our choir so that was one of the hardest things for me coming to Fox. I love the bonding and learning experiences as a musician/ performer you gain from this type of opportunity. We do occasionally travel (I?ve heard) but it is not a yearly event.


The worst thing about my school would be how the professors care about you so much they constant ask if you need help or have study sessions. You know everyone here being it is a small university compared to others. So if you want to go unnoticed then George Fox isn't for you.


Honestly, George Fox has many so many strengths, but I would have to say its biggest weakness and/or worst aspect(s) would have to be that some of teh buildings (both academic and residence halls) do not get wireless internet connection which makes it more difficult for students to study in their rooms and a fw classes. I think this is due to the age and structure of some of hte buildings.


The worst part about George Fox University is that they design everything around students that live on campus. They have many of the fun events in the later hours (usually after dinner) and for someone like me that lives about 20 miles away, it's tough to either drive home after my classes end at 3, and then drive back at 9PM for a movie on campus. Since gas is super expensive, I have the other option of staying around on campus for six hours... Not much of a choice.


The worse part about this school is the lack of after hour study areas. There are a few designated areas around campus but they are cold late at night or are time locked after a certain hour. When my roommate would be sleeping the dorm lobby would be busy with activity and people hanging out and the few places to study are not appealing so sometimes you are forced to study in semi distracting areas.




Parking tickets!!!


The school seems to have an endless reason for you to pay them money. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors have to live on Campus, unless they're married.


I think the tuition is too high and a lot of people who might like to attend can't afford to. There is financial aid available but the debt may or may not be worth it depending on the degree obtained. I also think they could do a little better job at student retention.


The Food Service is the worst. Deffinitely Don't Det your Moneys Worth


The rules on drinking and behavior.


It's boring on weekends sometimes.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be how far away it is from my hometown. It is only about 4 hours away but it is right on the brink to where I do not get to see my high school friends as often as I would like to.


In some ways we are starting to become less Christ centered.


In going to a small, Christian school, the society around us almost seems to disappear. The community within George Fox begins to form a bubble which causes some trouble form some of the students. Many of the students going to this school are extremely conservative and not as socially adept as could be, and having this bubble is not helping them fit into the social world they live in.


Being in little tiny Newberg, Oregon, there is kind of this bubble that we have that "protects" us a little bit from the world around us, and we aren't really exposed to a lot of the real world. However, I think we get enough of the real world on campus.