George Fox University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I think the most common stereotype of students at George Fox is that we are all crazy Bible thumpers. Is it accurate? Not so much. Yes, the majority of George Fox students are Christian, after all it is a Christian university. But, I don't think that we are entirely crazy and most students are totally open to discuss other ideologies. Most students are pretty open minded and are not going to try to cram Christianity down your throat.


One of the more popular stereotypes held by people is that the school's spiritual life is overwhelming considering the number of students coming from a home-schooled and/or Christian backgrounds. It is true that a large portion of the student body comes from a Christian background. However, due to the diversity of backgrounds, it makes this an ideal environment to grow and mature independently. Students get to disagree and learn from each other in and out of class.