George Fox University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Overall, I love George Fox! It's a pretty small university, which is nice because I recognize faces everywhere I go, but there is always room to meet new people. The class sizes are relatively small and that provides a great opportunity to establish a relationship with your professor beyond the grade that they are giving you. Student life at George Fox is the best! There are always events going on and ways to get involved. We have a group for just about every type of interest and if there isn't a group that you want, you're free to start it up. Because George Fox is a faith based university, there are a few rules that you wouldn't find at larger universities. For example, we are a dry, tobacco free campus. No drinking or tobacco use regardless of age. We also have "floor hours"- no mixed gender sleep-overs! George Fox is a super close community, we watch out for each other. A lot of students joke about the George Fox "bubble." There is so much going on right here, on campus, that most of us are a little clueless as to what is going on in the surrounding area.


Fox is well known for the attention that students get from their teachers. Classes are relatively small allowing teachers to track and and interact with each student's individual academic progress. Professors also avail themselves for out of class help. This comes in the form of office hours and/or providing a phone number which the students can use to reach them at home.


I visited several colleges, but was drawn to the sense of community I found at Fox. Everyone here - professors, staff, students - cares about each other. I have never before been surrounded by so many genuinely kind and caring individuals.