George Fox University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone looking to expand their mind with new ideas and practical knowledge.


I think anybody with an open-mind, and someone who is not judgemental of everyone and the school.


George Fox is a great school for anyone willing to work for a quality education. GFU boasts of a 13:1 student to teacher ratio, giving people the ability to seek individual help as needed. Students are expected to be motivated and diligent, and should always keep up with class requirements. Anyone wanting to attend Fox should be responsible, determined, and willing to try new things. People that are committed to excellence will be very content with the education received at George Fox if they work to their full potential.


People who are open and friendly, even people who are shy, but definetly people who love to make new friends and praise God and worship him. I have learned so much and have grown up so much, and that is the kind of people who should go to George Fox.


Students that are not interested in partying and are interested in strengthening/having a relationship with God should attend George Fox.


The student that should attend George Fox Univeristy is one that wants to grow not only phyiscal but also in their faith. The school is more of a family than a school. The students that come here will be known not only by their friends but also by their teachers that will take time to get to know you. So if you are looking for a second home than this school is for you. When coming to this school you will feel the effects right away of what a loving family.


In general most people should come to this school, but specifically this school best reaches those who are willing to learn about life and about themselves. Also people who are willing to serve others and make friends. Students with various academic knowledge are welcomed here, but obviously those with higher academic skill do best here. People from many backgrounds and bases are accepted and welcomed here.


Anyone who is willing to work hard and be a part of a community.


While many different kinds of people attend this university, an outgoing, acedmically focused, Christian-centered student from a conservative background would fit in best here.


Someone who is seeking to be in a Christ-centered university, willing to have their mind opened and thinking challenged academically and spiritually.


The perfect person for this school would be a a student with a strong faith who wants to attend a small, though nationally recognized school. George Fox is not a party school, and anyone thinking they may want to go to college and participate in frat parties will be solely disappointed. That being said, we do have a strong sense of community and closeness at this school , and we do take care of our onw. Classes are small so professors have time to get to know every student.


George Fox is open to all students of racial and economical background. This is a Chrisitan university so those who are very into the party scene (drugs/alcohol) might feel left out since there are no parties on campus. You don't have to be incredibly smart-you'll never feel left out or not good enough.


Peole who are serious about education, like a small-campus/class atmosphere, and who have religious tolerance. The school is a Quaker University and the majority of people who attend consider themselves to be Christian and for that part conservative Christians. The university has policies against gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and all drug use while in attendace at this school.


people that like people, christians


Someone who is focused on their education and desires a close knit "community." Someone who wants to interact with their professors and other students. It is difficult to just be part of the crowd. Someone who wants to be involved in serving the community at home and abroad.


Someone who doesn't mind being absolutely engulfed in a church like atmosphere.


I would say that a person who is interested in getting to know a lot of people and wants to join in an active community. George Fox is very faith-based and a person going to Fox would most likely feel a bit out of place if they did were not interested in spirituality as chapel is mandatory. You will get a lot of out Fox if you are prepared for a challenging, rewarding, intimate (you only have 10 ppl in class as a jr/senior) academic life!