George Mason University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The one final four appearance in the NCAA March Madness in the early 2000s.


George Mason University has a reputation as being one of the most diverse universities in the country. Its student body is composed of both international and domestic students, totally over 30,000, making it the largest public university in Virginia. In regards to education, George Mason is particularly famous for its economics department, and many GMU economists are publicly known and revered. George Mason also has a well rounded international studies department, reflecting its foundation as a diverse university.


It is in a really good area with a lot of opportunities. There is a mix of students from ages to nationalities, etc.


My school is best known for its exuberant, vibrant pep band known as The Green Machine and its rivalry with George Washington University. Historically speaking, Geoge Mason and George Washington didn't see eye to eye politically. George Mason approached policies anti-federally and felt the need to pen the Virginia Declaration of Rights at the wake of the U.S. Constitution. It's for these reasons among others that the statue of George Mason at the Fairfax campus faces directly opposite of the Washington Monument, which is twelve miles away due east in Washington, D.C.


Mason is best known for its location, a metro ride away from the cultural hub of DC, and also for its rise to the top in the US's most promising schools.


GMU is best known for its diversity, construction (they are literally always building new buildings or rennovating old buildings which is good but can get annoying), and our Economics department (2 Nobel Prize winners!).


Innovation, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, and Accessibility


School is know for it's education and great facility.


My school is know for holding the best events and concerts. I just had a friend that went to a Kendrick Lamar concert which was at my campus.


Business, Law, Government and International Politics, Criminology, Law, and Society, Information Technology, Astronomy, Global Affairs, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, etc.


Being cheap, being close to DC, most students getting jobs.


It is known for the fact that it is fast-growing and gaining recognitions quite quickly.


I believe George Mason is best known for their students. They participate in almost every event on campus to bring together the community. They become more gear towards the community and applying what they learn in the classroom to the real world. We think about what we can do for the world and how to make it a better place.


George Mason is well known for its diversity, and the high-tech and newly constructed facilities.


My advice to prospective George Mason University students would be to relax and know that all your problems are not as bad as they seem academically or professionally. Coucelors and Mason staff really do care and will help you when you ask.


My school is best known for the education it prodives.


George Mason University is best known for the basketball team. All of the games that I've been to have been packed.


My school is best know for its very successful schools, such as the School of Management. George Mason University is also know for its basketball team as well as the fact for being one of the most diverse schools in the nation.


I think George Mason University is likely to be best known for it's Basketball team. It is usually pretty good. Although the other day someone I was talking to said that our social services porgrams are amazing. Which I did not know about.


My school is best known for innovation. Mason keeps school challenging and exciting at the same time. People aren't judgemental. At Mason, it's a great thing to think outside of the box. If there's something you want to happen or something you want to exist that doesn't exist or isn't happening already, you can create it.


It's diversity, basketball team and academics.


I enjoy watching performances at the Center of the Arts every semester. Also, I enjoy Mason Day which I attended Freshman year. Then I enjoy Patriot's Day which I first attended Sophomore year. Most of all, I enjoy discovering new campus events to attend and watching George Mason in the NCAA tournaments.


I think George Mason University has recently become best known for our wonderful basketball team, the George Mason Patriots. However, George Mason is also known for being one of the best public universities in the area. There is a strong sense of community at George Mason University that binds all students together. Being in the Washington, D.C. area, Mason is also known for it's diverse student base. I have met students from all around the world that share my passion -- to learn. Additionally, Mason is known for it's great faculty and equally awesome students.


I am not from the Northern Virginia area, so I first heard of George Mason when the men's basketball team became a Cinderella story during March Madness. While doing more research about the school, I found out that it's a university on the rise with great facilities and professors that absolutely love what they do do.


We are best known for being a rising university on the east coast in terms of academics and sports (primarily basketball).


George Mason has one of the best economics departments in the United States and has had 2 Nobel Prize winning professors and currently have 2 more professors who are expected to win the Nobel Prize in the next few years. We also have one of the best Public Policy programs for students looking to break into Government. All of our professors in the Public Policy department have worked in the government, and one professor for a class was actually working during the housing crisis and brought in government documents for an economic case study of the housing crisis.


Our school is best known for its diversity and willingness to accept every culture, religion, sexual orientation and gender. The diversity on campus opens student's eyes to the differnt veiws of people and creates room for open minds.


Mason is best known for its basketball team and for being environmentally friendly. Our basketball team went to the Final Four in 2006 and made it to the top 32 in the NCAA this past season. Mason is also continuously working on going green by providing vegan food options, encouraging energy-saving, and encouraging recycling.


Mason is probably known best for it's diversity and it's location. The students are so racially diverse which brings different perspectives into classroom discussions. Also, Mason is merely twenty minutes outside of Washington D.C. so lots of projects and events are held in the city.


My school is best known for the basketball team's appearance in the NCAA Final Four a few years ago. Also, we're well known for out educational and engineering programs, and the quality of our theatre/concert spaces and venues on campus such as the Patriot Center.


Our diversity and equality are George Mason’s best known qualities. Name a nationality, and most of the time, you will find someone of that nationality attending the university. There is no noticeable predominance of one specific race or color. This quality promotes the concept of being an individual and not merely a part of a larger group of similar people. More so, George Mason’s community is equal and accepting. Racism and dominance of one culture is not present within the grounds of George Mason’s campus. It is a refreshing feeling, and creates a positive environment.


Up until recently, it was known for its Cinderella-esque Final Four run by the Men's Basketball team, but now it's just as well-known for being the #1 School to Watch as ranked by U.S. News.


That one time our basketball team went to the Final Four, and for being the cheapest school in the area (with reason).


Going to the final four in 2006


My school is known for the growing success. In the past five years, George Mason University is getting more and more attention for the growing campus, great education and professors and the sports program. We have the best sports program in the CAA. Not only is our sports program amazing, but the diversity of students also receives a lot of attention. George Mason is a growing university and is going to continue to get better.


George Mason is best known for its political programs. It is also quite recently recognized for its excelent basketball team.


Mason is best known for it's Cinderlla Story basketball team. In 2006 the once commuter school advanced into the NCAA Men's basketball tournament's Final Four, giving the school national coverage. Even though the basketball team put George Mason on the map mason should be recognized for it's student body. Mason is one of the most diverse college campuses in the nation. As a student there I find that to be it's most intriguing aspect. Many Universities say they are diverse but Mason actually is. Here you can meet just about anyone.


George Mason is notorious for it's Men's Basketball Team. The team made it to the Final Four several years ago, and since then has been on a hot streak. Mason basketball draws a huge crowd every time. Mason is also known for it's economics program.


Best up and coming university.. School of management is GREAT !!! so is the school of public policy and political science


George Mason University is best known for its central location and its diversity. There are students from almost every background and nationality roaming campus. GMU holds numerous events specifically to celebrate the diversity among its students, too. If you decide to live on campus, there are many surrounding locations to keep you occupied on weekends such as a movie theatre, malls, and various food courts. Mason also offers shuttle buses to take students directly from campus to the metro.


basketball team


Our Basketball game and school spirit


It is best known as a commuter school, and I wish that would change.


By far George Mason is known for its culturally diverse campus and their excellent Management and Nursing programs.


My school is best known for - Business school -Economics - Basketball -Nursing -and it's MBA program


Being extremely diverse in the cultures and ethinicity of the students and being the #1 school to watch out for.


Being in the final four in 2006 for basketball.


George Mason University is currently best known for receiving the title of #1 Up and Coming Universities as voted on by peer colleges and U.S. Weekly. The school is going to every effort to make every aspect of the college experience the ultimate best for every student. There are brand new housing units, dining halls and gym facilities as well as a growing accredited amount of professors. The area in which George Mason University is located also has access to some of the best jobs in the country, located right outside of Washington, DC.


One of the things Mason is most known for is its immense diversity, but also its continual growth and improvement. Being a part of Mason means being a part of change, within the dimensions of its students, campus, and overall success. It is continually bettering itself, something I am proud to be a part of.


George Mason University is best known for its diversity within the student body. There are well over one hundred distinct and unique cultures represented here from undergraduate, graduate, commuter, in-state and out-of-state students. Students are actively encouraged to 'Get Involved' and contribute to the global conglomerate of individuals who make up the rich cultural diversity.

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