George Mason University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


George Mason is best known for its outstanding business and information technology schools.


Basketball team.


When somebody mentions George Mason University, people think of our basketball team that made it to the NCAA Final Four about 2 seasons ago. We are also known for the great amount of diversity among students, both graduate and undergraduate. Before I attended, I thought of George Mason being a highly competitive school to get into. It still is I believe.


Our basketball team and pep band!


Being internationally diverse, and our basketball team.


Our school is best known for its basketball team and its diversity!


George Mason University is known for it's diverse campus and the 2006 men's basketball final four appearance.


The school is commonly known for the basketball team but is becoming better known for its business school and government and international politics degrees.


Business program and its diversity


I believe that my school is best known as being up and coming. In the last decade George Mason has been standing out academically and sports wise. Students that have been attending are now more focused on earning better grades as well as taking advantage of all the career opportunities provided through the university?s programs.


GMU is best known for diversity on campus. It is also one of the foremost schools for economics. This year, it was rated the #1 Up-and-coming school in the nation.


My school is best known for our basketball team. George Mason's basketball team won the basketball championship in 2004.


Our school is best known for its basketball team and, as a result, it's school spirit. Ever since George Mason University made he Final Four in 2006, students, both current and alumni, and faculty look forward to the basketball season. Many students don green and gold (the school colors) and cheer the team at every home game.


Its Law School, The Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering, its distinguished professors such as Roger Wilkins and John Buchanan; as well as other faculty holding endowed chairs, and "Distinguished Service Professorships". George Mason University's President Alan Merten referred to the group as Mason's "best and brightest," and echoed Provost Stearns' exhortation to mentor new faculty. Recalling experiences traveling abroad, Merten encouraged them to consider "the global dimension" of the work they do, seeing what GMU means to other institutions around the world and what they expect of us." thus my declaring a Global Affairs major.


George Mason is best known as being a commuter school.


Our school is best known for its stellar academic programs, ranging from Nursing to Dance.


My school is probably best known for having a basketball team make it to the Final Four a few years ago. It's also strong in government/political science, and there are two Nobel-Prize-winning economics professors at Mason as well.


My school is best known for research, diversity, and its location.


I suppose were best known for making it to the final four in college basketball a few years ago. Personally, I think were best known for our diversity. We have more ethnic groups and religions on campus than I could even count. I love that fact. We are a school that can teach you so much more than what you may learn in a classroom.


George Mason is likely best known for its program in Political Science and International Affairs. With such close proximity to the nation's capital, George Mason has access to the United States' best resources in these fields, as well as to the country's leading experts.


Currently we are best known for our men's basketball team that made it to the NCAA final four in 2006 and I think also our for economics department.

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