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What is unique about George Mason University compared to other schools I considered are a lot of factors. First, the location of the main campus in Fairfax, VA is geographically very balanced. It is ideal for looking for internships, jobs and networking opportunites because you can take the Metro to D.C. Also Mason has numerous opportunities for undergraduate studies and research. B But most of all, the diversity on campus is amazing. It is so nice to walk on campus everyday and see that the student body population consists of many cultures and ethnic backgrounds.


My school is unique because of the amount of diversity on campus. With people from all over the country and even the world, the experiences and learning abilities are endless.


It is twenty miles from the nation's capital, which makes for a fun time. Also, all of the people here are extremely nice and helpful.


Compared to other schools, George Mason University gives students the ability to make their own academic decisions as well as political decisions. Just because the authorities belong to a particular political affiliation does not mean all students should tend to belong there. I have seen places where the authorities try to impose such decisions on students and go as far as inviting people who share the same political views to speak at their school gatherings. George Mason University tends to be very distinctive in that respect, and the ability to make their own decisions is what most students need.


You'll pay more for a parking pass here than any other school in Virginia.


George Mason is strictly a commuter campus with most of its students wrking full time while taking upper part time to full time course loads.


It's such a massive campus, and sitting near Fairfax and DC, there's always something to do. There should be no excuse to not having a social life outside of school.


George mason university is best for any students who are considering any major apart from health and sciences. It is because I found many students, which have liberal arts as their concentration, peacefully and smoothly completing their course plans. Moreover, these students have access to 2x more opportunities as the science major counterparts. If and only if the university had any sciences' schools - for example: dental schools, etc- i would be the first person to not to think about transfering to other institutions. The reason i am saying that is because the univesity is very well-organised in almost everything.


It's diversity is unparalleled; you hear at least two different languages being spoken every time you step out of your dormitory. You never feel alone in your own bubble. You'll always have counterparts who share the same interests and goals as you do or make you approach something in a diverse way. George Mason University is truly "where innovation is tradition."


I love that GMU is so close to Washington, DC, yet still has a normal campus. I love living in a city and always having something to do and somewhere to go. Also, if you put forth an effort, Mason has great opportunities to get involved with research and has many great professors and graduate students who teach undergraduate courses that are always willing to help students.


Being so close to DC but still so affordable is a major reason to decide to go to GMU.


It gives so much more than I ever expected.


I thought that this school would have much more to offer with its close proximity to Washington D.C. but this school is only here to make the most money and give the lowest education possible.


What is unique about my school is how diverse it is. There are so many kinds of people that anyone and everyone is welcomed to the campus. The school is very welcoming to different cultures and ways of life and really tries to embrace that. I believe it is on of the top if not the most diverse school in America.


The biggest thing that Mason has is it's diversity. There are so many people from so many different places. It's hard NOT to fit in.


I believe its transformation from a very small university to the largest in Virginia makes Mason different. As a child, I watched Mason transition from a couple of small buildings to multiple, large buildings and entertainment centers, a movie theater, and multiple food establishments all on campus.


It offers both a BFA in Game Design and a BS in Applied Comupter Science with a concentration in Game Design. It is close enough to my home that I don't have to reside on campus, but it is far enough away from home that staying on campus makes sense. I liked that the campus is compact with instructional buildings in the center of campus and housing was on the perimeter of campus. A car is not needed. There are shuttles to connect you to local shopping centers and regional transit system.


The most unique thing about George Mason University is that it is full of all types of diversity, whether it is racial, ethnic, or social. There is a huge population of international students including those from Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, and China. There is also an active community of individuals at George Mason with all types of disabilities, whether it is a learning or physical disability. The religious beliefs present on campus are also very diverse, including Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, and Agnosticism, to name a few. Thus, if one is looking for diversity, George Mason is the place to be.


George Mason University gives the students a better chance for opportunities because it's so close to the Washington D.C. area. The level of jobs and internships is higher as well. I also loved that Mason makes there students feel as though they are home, no one feels left out, there is always something for everyone to do.


I love that the school is located so close to the Nation's Capital. I also like that they offer a lot of flexibility in their course times and locations (opperating at three different campuses in the area). The campus is beautiful and there seem to be a lot of great cultural and sporting events happening all the time as well.


For as long as I have attended George Mason University, I know that the students and staff are friendly and have respect for everyone's beliefs, backgrounds, and religions. It's also pretty safe here, as far as I have seen. There hasn't been much violence and crime on this campus.


My school boasts a well knit and diverse student body. It does not feel so alien to people of different backgrounds. The school caters to the need of all people, it had kosher and halal food available, call to prayer for muslims, and dozens of other accomodation for all. People of all races are seen speaking many languages, following many beliefs, and still united as one at George Mason University


The student event programs are great. The school has events several times a week so there's always something to do if you can find it. They also have a great de-stress program during midterms and finals. The Patriot Center also has a lot of great acts come through each year (the circus every year, well known bands and comedians, and conventions). The campus was also a great fit. It was not overly-big or too small. It takes 15 minutes to walk the span of campus and the type of building vary. It's pretty and convinient.


The location to DC and the internships possible because of the location


The most unique thing about George Mason compared to other schools is that it is one of the most diverse schools in the county. There are so many different races and ethnic backgrounds surrounding you that you're provoked to mingle with different people.


it's prized in it's diversity and close to the DC area but not too close. it's very peaceful


I only ever applied to Mason because I didn't want to go anywhere else. One of the unique things about it is that many people there have known each other since they were kids, since a lot of them are locals that commute. There is something special and fun about going to a college that has an intimate feel in friendship circles, and yet everyone is so open to making new friends.


George Mason University offers several events and departments. The Center for the Arts presents several performances that student's attend for free. There are performance calendars that indicate dates for free ticket availability. These performances are great opportunities that should be taken advantage of. Also, the Johnson Center Cinema offers free films and popcorn for students. This school provides great events hosted by the Program Board. The Program Board is an organization through Student Involvement Office. It has several committees for students to join: film, concert, special events, and comedy and speakers. In addition, the Career Services office is really good as well as the counselors. I particularly enjoy the job fairs and career events.


The diversity. There really doesn't seem to be a majority of one race or ethnic group on campus and that is reflected in the faculty. Mason's diversity makes it a much more enjoyable experience because no one feels out of place or different.


It's close to home, and the campus itself is beautiful. The people there are geniuinly very kind and outgoing.


The location of George Mason is great. It is so close to the District of Columbia. Yet, you still get the quiet, close knit feel of Northern Virginia. The community at George Mason is second to none. The people here really care about making everyone feel at home and involved on campus.


Nothing is really that unique. It was on the lower end of the financial burdening though.


I don't know if I can call it unique, however the main reason why I am attending George Mason University was because of the ease of transfer from Northern Virginia Community College. I am the first in my family to go to college so the college experience alone is unique to me.


My school has a diversity of cultures since it is located close to Washington D.C., which allows me to learn not only what I am being taught in class, but also interact with people from other countries and cultures. This enables me to expand my horizon without getting in a plane and spending money traveling. One of the characteristics of my school is its campuses locations. It is metro accessible and also bus accessible, which is convenient for those students who live in the area and have to commute in the horrible traffic.


I would have to say that George Mason is unique because of the diversity of cultures. It's really amazing and fun when you get to learn about new cultures and languages. It also allows an individual to have an open-mind and accept everyone.


There is a lot of diversity; GMU has students from over 100 countries. There are students of all ages and walks of life, from parents to military personnel, to international students and just students. And you'll usually meet them personally in your classes. Professors are very open to discussion, it is often a requirement in class and it leads to very entertaining discussions. That diversity greatly influenced my decision to go to GMU.


It's close to Washington, D.C., and that is the only reason I am here.


There is a lot of diversity to be exposed to here.


George Mason is very culturally diverse.


GMU is one of the most diverse campuses in the world. I have really learned a lot about different cultures just by attending school here.


George Mason University is a unique institution because of the fact it is the fourth most diversed school in the nation. This highly attracted me because I am a individual who appreciates men and women from all backgrounds, all cultures, and all walks of life. I love to learn from individuals different from me. We are a world of many people and the beauty we can find in it is by diversifying yourself.


its not the most fun school if you arent into binge drinkng and you actually are smart. most people here arent the brightest


Diversity. When I say diversity, I mean it in every sense of the term. On my first day of classes, I remember whispering to my friend, "Dude! This is like an international airport!" We both laughed but it really was. George Mason isn't just about different races and cultures but in every class you take, you meet people from such different walks of life. Each individual stands out and there's never a dull moment if you strike up a conversation with a random person. The opportunities are endless and each day is an experience!


George Mason University is a school that is close to the D.C. area, but it still has a suburban feeling. You can still have a home-type feeling outside of the city life in D.C.


George Mason University has about 30,000 undergraduate students; however, the campus is a decent enough size to walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes. It is a big commuter school and that allows students to meet a wide range of students from on and off campus. It is right outside the nation?s capital. This allows students to feel safe but also easily capable of going into the city.


I only considered one other University; VCU. They are primarily an art school and Richmond can still fall into the category of a "college town". George Mason is unique because it is a commuter school. I think this makes it's students more independent and motivated. Most students work full time, even multiple jobs. They are eager to be there and not just students to be students. It's very motivational to know the person next to you is actually trying their hardest to be better than you.


George Mason University (GMU) offered an RN to BSN program that I could complete while still working. As a Northern Virginia Community College graduate with a AAS in Nursing, all of my credits transferred. GMU continues to have a wonderful reputation. It is for that reason that I chose to return to GMU and received my MSN in Nursing Administration in May of 2009. GMU is one of the larger universities in Virginia, yet it feels like a small school. I wanted to feel like a person and not a number. I am a member of the Mason Nation.


George Mason is a miniture U.N. You are exposed to so many different people and cultures and it helped to enhance my education. I was able to meet with people I would have never be able to meet otherwise. Another plus is that Mason is very close to the Nations Capitol which is full of useful places like the National LIbrary and any one of the many Smithsonian museums there. Mason continues to get better as time goes by. The programs, staff, and the students who are there make it excellent institution.


Probably the MOST DIVERSE school anybody could ever go to. I think it's awesome. And some professors, like Dr. Cindy Parker, are beyond helpful and caring towards their students. School is great.


My school has a diverse community of people, and I feel like I can expand my cultural boundaries. I also feel like it has cultavated a love of learning in me, and that is something that is really special. Mason has the advantages of a big school with the closeknit community of a small school. Furthermore, the school of dance is especially stellar. Their teacher's are extremely accessible and eager to teach, the whole department is like a family, and everyone is eager to dance and learn. Lastly, I was attracted to Mason's location near Washington, D.C.

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