George Mason University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we are all commuters and that everyone lives at home with their parents.


There is no typical stereotype of students at George Mason. If anything, there tends to be lack of an overall image you can associate most of the student body with. Most students are average, easy-going kids who just want to pursue their education. Here you can get the education you need, but not be pressured to have a perfect GPA.


The stereotype is that George Mason students mostly have jobs and work off- campus. Another stereotype is that the student population is a diverse melting pot.


The stereotype is that George Mason students mostly have jobs and work off- campus.


Common stereotypes include GMU students are commuters who got into a safety school.


Upon first glance, it seems that Mason is just a conduit for (a) semi-motivated, semi-intelligent, out of state kids to get an undergraduate degree and (b) 20-something, business-oriented, "real world" adults to work on either finishing their undergrad degree or working on a grad degree while employed in the area. For most intents and purposes, this is a good depiction of the school.


That it is a large commuter school that is easy to get into.


That were alot of stuck up rich kids, We only came to GMU because of our basketball teams success


They are boring...there are no parties there. Most of them are from Northern Virginia and therefore they are rich and snobby.


GMU is a commuter school.


GMU is a very innovative school, spending millions of dollars on new construction and research every year. Even though we are expanding so much, some prospective students, especially from the state of Virginia, view George Mason as a commuter, or non-residential, school. As a group, George Mason University students are among the most diverse in the nation. We represent every state in the U.S. and over 140 nations across the world. We are very accepting of each other's differences and always willing to learn more about one another's different cultural backgrounds.


They're all commuters who live at home with their parents.


GMU is no fun. Students hate their school.


none, GMU is an extremely diverse school. about 1/5 of the students live on campus.


I've heard many stereotypes, one being "GMU is just another NOVA". Now, NOVA is not a bad school, but GMU is not a community college. It just has many commuters. When I've told people that I live on campus, I've gotten the question "GMU has on-campus housing?" more than a few times. I assume most people really do just think of it as another community college.


The primary stereotype about Mason is that it is a commuter school. People that believe this typically associate Mason with the classic "suitcase" school where everyone goes home on the weekends.


it is a commuter school. it is a very diverse campus.


that GMU is boring on the weekends GMU has a lot of commuter students on-campus life is boring a lot people who go to this school are rich


That people there are not very focused on school and that they are snobby. The stereotype about GMU is that it is not a great college.


Very international school


It's a very diverse university.


"It's just another community college"


Everyone commutes and no one is ever there on the weekends.


GMU is one of the most diverse schools in the nation. People often dismiss GMU because it is too close to home. just a little commuter school.


GM-What? Most people don't seem to know anything about is.


Preppy, Diverse, people only come here if they dont get in anywhere else


GMU and GMU students are not typically known for their academic excellence. It's also known as a commuter school.


It kind of still seems like this is the fall back school for students in VA...but it really isn't that easy to get into anymore, but it just seems like a lot of people still think that way. I did too, and I still kind of do too because I had gotten into my first choice, but a financial situation forced me to come here. The education is really great though, so that thought process is really not deserved.


Don't know any!


We are a commuter school and that the school only caters to commuters. Another one is that it is hard to get into GMU if you are from Northern Virginia.


Ever since the basketball team made it into the Final Four of the NCAA tournament we have become the Cinderella school. GMU has a large population of commuters, so the atmosphere is a little apathetic towards school spirit activities.


I haven't really heard any stereotypes about GMU or GMU students.


That it's the most diverse campus in the country. whatever that means...That it is welcome to all types of religions, classes, races, etc., etc. That it offers plenty of opportunities. Blow me!


they're stupid; they don't speak english; they don't care about their education


There are none that I know of


Very clickish,which is true. Majority of students come from HS in the area and the others who generally tend to form clicks based on nationality or language. It is a diverse school but its not expressed in the curriculum and activities or temprature enough.


That GMU students don't have School Spirit.


*a stereotype is we don't have a lot of fun


That we're all commuters and there's no parking.


I don't know.


That GMU is full of rich, over privilaged kids from Northern Virginia


we are all geeks


They're all commuters, asian, and there's no campus life.


More commutators than people who live on campus.


its a commuter school


Mason is a commuter school There's no social life 50% of the professors speak English as their 2ND Language Mason isnt a sports enthusiast school because it doesnt have a football team Mason Police Officers are not here to serve and protect Mason Student We are the most culturally diverse school in the nation


commuter school, no hot guys


George Mason is such a diverse campus that it is imossible to stereotype the entire student body into one type of person. Basically, don't expect the first language you hear as you step on campus to be english.


that people just come to this school because of the basketball team, there are many other teams that have done or going to do well this year.


that is very diversity and classes are challenging.

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