George Mason University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


GMU has no college town. It is in the middle of Fairfax, va. which is a business town but we do have access to all of the culture in DC the mountains of the Shenendoah, and city life. The one thing Mason REALLY needs to change is the parking situation. It is Terrible! I mean it...There are not enough parking lots for the amount of transit students and everytime you park you have to be extra sure of the regulations placed on that parking spot. These parking cops are vicious. Walking 1 1/2 miles to your car after class in the rain is not ideal and then realizing that the lot you were parked in turned into faculty parking 15 mins. earlier and now you have a $35-$55 ticket on your windshield is RIDICULOUS!


The best thing about GMU would have to be the diversity! U dont really find that at too many schools.


Honestly, I could care less about GMU. I only transferred here because its cheap, my fiance is stationted here, and I can drive to and from home. The only reason I'm here is I need to finish up my English degree.


lack of commitment and enthusiasm in school life affairs


I really liked my school. It was a good size, did not take very long to travel from one side of campus to the other. The campus is not overly crowded so you don't feel like you are packed in a sardine can while walking from class to class. I am not incredibly into school spirit, though I did enjoy cheering on the basketball team this year and watching the games. As for the biggest complain...parking is terrible. Period.


Size is not an issue, it does not matter as long as the classes dont go beyond 23 per class. GMUs administration can be generally described as conservative. However, most of them think of themselves as liberal. A variety of people have complained that most students in the school are stuck up. My opinion, there is enough room for everybody. One thing I will say about the bureocracy that a students has to go through when trying to develop an idea can be frustrating. Example, I was involved with Student Activites for an event i organized, International Trade Discussion. After a written committment from different departments on campus it took them over three months to get speakers to get paid. This makes everybody look bad. I'm thankful that they were supportive, but I made committments to have these people paid and was unable to meet it. Not a good thing at all. Another thing I would work on changing is making African language classes available.


I think my school is just right! The best thing about GMU is the location (25 min outside of DC). When I tell people I am a GMU student they all ask about the Final Four. I spend most of my time on campus in my room. For me it would be "what college town?" GMU administration is great! I worked at the SOM Dean's office for 2 years and the faculty and staff are great people. There is some school pride. I-week is my fondest memory, the exhibition of over a dozen cultures and traditions. Most frequent student complaints pertain to PARKING, or lack of.


I've been to a lot of college campuses, and Mason honestly has the best looking buildings of any campus I've seen. The entire campus is very scenic. The Johnson Center is one of the best places to hang out. Food court, study rooms, bookstore, late hours, I feel that's everything any student needs.


A large variety of academic studies are available to students. It is a very large school, approxamitely 30,000. I spend most of my time in the central building called the Johnson Center studying. Students participate in Mason week, a period designed to try to create a community feeling for all students with school spirit.


Meh, I do not really care.


good school


GMU is a small-medium sized school in the middle of suburbia outside of D.C. It is not very well known because of its size... well since the Final 4 in 2006 GMU has risen out of the shadows. GMU isn't a very lively school nor does it have much of a campus life because so many people commute and there aren't many options for fun on campus. I mean, the entire main student center, the JC, shuts down over the weekends so people who actually live on campus are fucked when it comes to food on campus. Those who have cars don't stay on campus over the weekend, and those who don't have cars have to stay here and do what? I don't know, I don't live on campus.


For me, being an athlete has been the best thing about Mason. You meet so many different people and you automatically meet your best friends from the first day you walk onto campus. The reason I came to Mason was to play Lacrosse and I would not change that for the world. The one thing i would change would to make it less of a commuter school and have more students on campus. Although we are the largest school in Virginia, you would never be able to tell because so many students live off-campus and it takes away from the college experience. I spend most of my time at the Field House and can definitly agree with the "what college town" phrase. Most people go to Arlington or Georgetown to hang out because there are not a lot of "fun" places to hang out in Fairfax.


Diversity is the school's greatest attribute. School pride could be better. Nice facilities.


Most frequent student complaints are about parking and food. Fairfax is definilty not a college town, and anyone outside of Virginia has probably never heard of GMU. Most of my time on campus is either spent in my room or at the field house. Being an athlete most of the time i don't really know what's going on because im too busy trying to balence class and practice.


I think the best thing about mason is how easy it is to find things and to get aroun; except for the construction now, but it will get better. When i told people i was going to GMU they asked me where that is. I told them down in Virginia and once the basketball team starting to show up in the ranks people would put it together that it was the same school. I spend most of my time on campus in our study hall, which is located behind pv's since our PE building is under construction. I think that fairfax is not a very college town more of a family town and area, but we are so close to DC so we can go out on the town there.


GMU is very boring school and there is not enough activities going on in schools. most students go school just for classes and go home after classes. people are not friendly and approachable. Asians stay with Asians, Middle East stay with Middle East and so on. people are not open for other people who are different from their cultures and languages.


GMU is one of the fastest growing schools. There is so much construction and new things being built. We're young and strong and in the future will be one of the best schools.


I would try to get more sports teams at GMU. I think they are a great way to get income since most of them (football especially) pay for themselves within a year. I think this would also allow for more out-of-state students to come to GMU as well. I think the amount of commuters at this school gives GMU a bad rep as just a commuter school. As someone from around the area i would like to see this school become more like a JMU or UMD where school pride is big, sports are a tradition and have the school support Greek Life.


mason is a vey diverse campus with a very diverse student body which allows everyone to learn from everyone else


The best thing about GMU for me is the athletics. A lot of the teams have been doing well so it makes going to the games and the campus atmosphere exciting. The school is large. I spend most of my time in my dorm or at the field house for practice. It isn't really in a college town, but Fairfax has so much to offer so it's not a boring place to live. The biggest problem here is the construction which leads to the lack of parking and inconveniences that brings.


More on campus community, our own little "downtown", the police need to chill our alittle to give us that feeling of college


I enjoy how everything is close on campus. The gym, library, food courts, dorms, and apartments are all together. I wish there was a football team of men's lacrosse team. This school is the perfect's big but everything's close by. I spend a lot of time at the JC and the field house.


parking sucks really badly and they treat alcohol like its worse than murder


GMU is a big campus but its well organized so the longest walk to classes isnt too bad, like 10 min. I would make mason less expensive, as an out of state it is redick. When I tell people I go to GMU they usually ask where that is bc they have never heard of it before. I spend most of my time at the field house training for soccer, or in the JC eating and studying. I wouldn't say that fairfax is a college town, but its not like we're in the middle of no where too. Biggest recent controversy on campus is how annoying the cops are, they go out of their way to screw over students. I would say there is a lot of school pride, esp because of the final four basketball. Besides that tho there is a good amount of attendence towards ranging other sports matches/games. One experience I will always remember is hitch hiking because the stupid shuttle bus does not run on saturdays. I know this is a large commute school, but give the on campus kids a break.


I chose to come to GMU because of the location, being so close to DC, and because of the diversity of the school. I feel the size is just right because you always see the people you know and keep meeting new ones. I feel like the biggest problem is school pride and the lack of it. There is a handful of people here who are proud to go to Mason, but the majority just dont care.


The worst thing: Parking, Housing, Food, School Spirit, The best things: Basketball games, close to DC. Alpha Phi Fraternity


There is not as much school pride as I would like but I feel that I have gotten a great education through the New Century College program. There are also lots of organizations to join and aslong as you put yourself out there to meet new people you will. Joining a sorority was one of the best things I did at Mason.


The best thing about GMU I feel is its location. We are located 15miles from Washington DC, meaning there are many things to do around the area. Along with many job opportunities due to the large metropolitan business districts that surround the school. I like how large our university is it is just right for me. When I tell people I attend GMU people always ask and refer to us with our Final Four run back in 2006. I spend most of my time at GMU in the Johnson Center, or in the residence halls. No George Mason is definitely not a college town. The biggest controversy on campus is and always will be the parking at George Mason and how there is NONE. The school spirit at Mason has drastically increased since the Final Four run I see alot more people dressed in Mason attire as well as coming out to support athletic events.


Great campus life and professors. the biggest complaint would be lack of parking and food places closing to early. Most people spend their time in the Johnson Center. the campus basically revolves around this building.


Overall George Mason is great, however parking and housing can both be a pain in the ass, but they're currently working on both.EVERYONE hates parking. We're not really a college town, but we do have a lot of bars and fun places to go to, plus we're twenty minutes outside of D.C. I spend most of my time either off campus or in my room. We tend to have alot of pride, especially when it comes to basketball. There isn't a whole lot of controversy, but about once a year really intense evangelicals come onto campus and damn everyone and we all protest, its pretty fun.


The best thing about GMU is the environment over here. Very Pleasent to be precise. A very good place to study and hangout as well.. One thing needs to be changed..Is the library..very sad collection


The faculty is helpful,The campus


it is underfunded, and tuition is too high +professors do not conform to department standards---not to mention their being uncompromising and incompetant


I would change the parking and the way the university treats their students. I enjoy the diversity of the university and I like the campus for the most part. I think the school pride level is pretty evenly mixed, some students love getting into the spirit and some don't even know who our mascot is. I think Gunston has been a big controversy this year, and apparently in past years. The administration is considering a new mascott and really what's the point... so we can have a mascott that looks just like UVA's pukey cavalier? No thanks. The most common complain lately is the parking as I mentioned before.


When I tell people that I go to GMU they are always impressed. They always say how great a school it is. Students usually complain about the parking situation!--which is less than impressive at the moment.. I live off campus, but am on campus most of the time. I love getting involved in the Mason spirit!! I will always and forever remember our journey to the Final Four and all of the amazing opportunities Mason has given me.


I would definitely work on the parking situation. It's ridiculous. There were parking issues before they started construction, but now it's gotten out of control. They also need more on campus housing opportunities. I spend most of my time at the Catholic Campus MInistry, which is the largest student group on campus. There is definitley a lot of school pride and it's a great school to go to for that. George Mason also has a lot of different things that you can do.


Things I would change about GMU: As both a staff member, I find it ridiculous that we A. have to pay for parking and B. that school isn't either free for us or are allowed to give our family members our benefits if we aren't attending school. As a student, there is definitely not enough pride. Final four helped that out a little bit but that's it. George Mason is a great school and people should feel pride in being a part of it.


"What college town?"--The city of Fairfax is definitely not a college town, if people want to hang out with each other they usually go to a house or maybe take a trip all the way to D.C. (if they have a car, because there's no where to park). On the weekends, Mason food closes up except for two places, because there are a lot of commuters. However, they don't realize the amount of students that still need to be fed and entertained. One thing going along with the food situation is that half the people that work at these places don't understand English as well as they should if they're trying to serve "fast food". Mason has some things going for it too though. It's not like James Madison where everyone looks the same and dresses the same, it's nice to look around and see people from all over the world mingling. The campus is beautiful and we're getting tons of new buildings. Also, the Patriot Center is right here and it has a lot of concerts, obviously basketball, the circus, and even a rodeo came. I'm glad I chose Mason over my first choice because I'm making the most of what I have here. I definitely reccommend Greek Life to all upcoming freshman, it's made Mason a lot more exciting.


Parking sucks big time, but they swear it will get better once construction is finished. There are two computer labs, which is good because they fill up quickly during midterms and finals. I spend most of my time on campus in class, there really isn't much else to do. People are fianlly starting to recognize GMU as a legit school since basketball has blown up, but we still don't get enough respect.


The most frequent student complaints are directed towards parking. Commutor and residences a like are agreeing that the construction on campus is causing unnessary problems, both with the campus' appearance and parking. Some even feel the construction is damaging their school "experience." And, I completely agree with them. I honestly do not understand why we need so many new buildings, but hey, they supposely know what they are doing.


School pride, especially with the basketball team is amazing! Events that are held on campus bring more pride and get people involved in organizations. Most of the events offer giveaways, prizes, and free food. Although Mason is not a typical college town across the street is a shopping center with a grocery store, movie theater (with student discount), restaurants (most take Mason Money), and bars. Fairfax City also offers shops, restaurants, bars, and local live music venues. The campus does feel like one big construction site and is growing faster and larger than most people want. The parking is the biggest problem we have, but the school does provide free transportation around Fairfax City and to the Metro.


GMU is a good size school during the week, but when the weekend comes you wonder if anyone is actually living on campus with you. Everyone leaves on the weekends and there isn't much to do on campus. Lots of people from outside the area have never heard of GMU or only know about it because of our basketball team. Campus is centered around the JC or Johnson Center and that's where I spend most of my time if I'm not in the field house for Lacrosse or in my dorm. There isn't much school pride, most likely because we don't have a football team and because we don't know what our mascot actually is. Campus is very pretty though and everything is quite new here so those amentities are very nice. You have to make your own fun and DC is only 25 minutes away. There are a lot of good restaurants in the area. Also all parties are off campus because of strict security on campus with drinking.


Size is just right. People react respectful when I tell them i go to GMU. Spend most my time in JC or Dorms. Not nessararly a "college towm". No controversy this year. Administration can be strict at times. A lot of school pride. Nothing unusual. Always remeber getting caught with to many people in my room. Biggest compliant is the drinking policy.


The administration is helpful but plagued by bureaucratic tendencies.


The best thing about GMU is its location. One thing i would change is that there isn't much parking. The size is just right, it would be nice if more people lived on campus. When i tell people i go to GMU, they immediately talk about basketball. Most of my time on campus is spent in my dorm and the JC. There is not a lot of school pride, i think it is because we don't have a football team. The most student complaints is that there is not enough parking and not enough food places on campus.


not much school pride unless the basketbll team gets lucky and makes it to the tournament. Definately not a college town


I think Mason is getting too large. After the the basketball team making it to the final four it seems like they're just letting everybody in and doing more and more construction and taking up room that is needed for students during school. I wish Mason was in a college town. This is such a large area and Mason is located in such a place where there isn't a certain area where you'll mainly find students.


The best thing about GMU is being close to DC. One thing I'd change would the parking lots..they get really overcrowded and the parking permits are expensive. But then are all colleges. Mason is a good has a huge student population but a smaller population living on campus which makes it more likely for you to see people you know daily. I spend most of my time on campus in the Johnson Center..the mall like designed center of campus where there's libraries, computers, and food. Fairfax isn't really a college town. School pride is growing..everyone loves the basketball team.


Mason is in a dynamic period, with a lot of rapid change. Some of it is positive, and some of it brings growing pains. On the good end, the administration has finally begun to figure out that we're not all commuters, and to actually have food and activities available on campus on the weekends. With our final four run in 2006 and our 2008 CAA championship, GMU has started to be better-recognized. I get fewer "George Mason? Where's that?" questions when I tell people where I attend now. After those basketball victories, applications flooded in as never before. The academic standards for incoming students were raised, and our ever-increasing student body demanded more on-campus housing. Which leads to the sad changes: when I first came here, much of the campus was forest, and wildlife was common--deer, racoons, foxes, all kinds of woodland creatures. Now many of those forests I loved have been chopped down to make room for a lot of new dorms and apartment-style living. There did not used to be a lot of school pride here, and it's still not the most enthusiastic group of students, although the recent basketball victories helped to change that too. My freshman year, I thought school pride was a myth. During our Final Four run, it was amazing how much different the campus dynamic felt. The campus never quite fully returned to its apathetic state, and the atmosphere again became electric when we were the CAA champions this year as well.

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