George Mason University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is open minded to others. Ready to learn and take a journey like never before. Someone who is okay with listening to others views and participating in their heritage activites. You must be understanding to the different cultures people bring, and the different ways people dress.


People who are interested in working in the DC area and wish to hold government jobs.


Someone who is very open to diversity and also career-motivated. A person who doesn't mind putting in quality work for a good grade. Someone who loves trees.


I think Mason encourages students of various backgrounds, cultures, beliefs , and goals. Because of this, Mason is a growing experience and is perfect for almost any kind of student- but most specifically those looking for growth and new experiences while attaining a diverse education.


Someone who is looking for diversity and is comfortable with the the campus. If you are unsure of what you want to be when you "grow up" this is a good place to come and dabble because it offers classes in just about everything.


A person attending GMU as an undergraduate should wish to study business, economics, criminal justice, policitical science, or english. If they are low on money but too intelligent for a community college, GMU offers great value for the education it delivers. The person must be outgoing and have initiative to take advantage of all GMU has to offer. Otherwise they will be bored and friendless. Its proximity to Washington, DC, Greek life, volunteer opportunities, ROTC program, student groups based on religion, major, or interests all offer a plethora of opportunities.


Someone who likes being near a city but not right in the middle of it. This school is good for people who value diversity and who enjoy a variety of different activities, clubs, classes, views, and other aspects of life. This school is good for those who like to party but also for those who don't. It is academically challenging but school does not take over your life here. It's a great school.


This is a school for anyone that wants a diverse wellrounded education. Someone with a good work ethic and excited about making themselves better will benifit in innumerous ways. A person with open-mind about the world and learning from others will have a special experience.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is dedicated to their studies and wants to succeed and learn from a college experience. This person should be open minded and be willing to be in a place that is very diverse. GMU is a great place to meet people!


Mason has excellent undergraduate and graduate programs. The mojority of students, however, are ages 17-26, and come from all over the United States and the world. We have one of the most diverse campuses with one of the largest Muslim populations in the U.S. There are several English, Science, Business, Government, and Arts majors. People who go to Mason enjoy being involved in campus activites, being social, and are people who are dedicated to learning. While many students still commute to Mason, the school is making progress to end this reputation and change the housing recquirements for freshmen.


If you are into trying something new or if you want a change, then George Mason is the place for you. You cannot be a shy person or someone who is confortable with smaller class sizes. Most class sizes are very large with like 50 to 60 students.


A dedicated person, someone who's looking for diversity, opportunities, and fun. Being in the center of Fairfax and so close to D.C we definitely have more opportunities than other universities do. But, because we are a communter school it also requires a lot of time management and goal setting to get the job done. Mason is such a diverse school as well, who are open to all ideas and a real life experience to what the real job world would be like. And a place where many extracurricular activies and clubs are available for every student.


Whoever attends this school should be very self-motivated and hardworking. There aren't many restrictions for students living on campus, such as myself; especially not for incoming freshmen. There is no curfew or other regulations like that. Therefore, a lot of the pressure is on the individual. It is a lot of responsibility at once. So strong-willed individuals with a good support system should attend.


Anyone who is looking for a job after college, especially one that is in business or government.


Someone who is focused, interested in diversity and getting involved with campus activities will do well at GMU.


One would doesn't mind that the campus closes down on weekends , since George Mason is known as a commuter college. Diversity people should attend as well.


Students who are successful at GMU are those who can function effectively in an environment where there are a lot of people, and less individual attention. A successful student at GMU must be able to function independently and be goal oriented.


Totally Type A with some brains and some cash


A person who likes big schools and wants to be just a number.


This school allows for any type of person. Whether your from around the area or from far away. This school is very diverse so race or ethnicity does not matter either. Also, whether a person is preppy, a rocker, laid-back, maybe a little nerdy the person will find his/her place at George Mason.


A person who is very diverse, enjoys learning new things, enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life, intelligent and open-minded person.


Someone who wants to get the most out of their education.


A friendly, studious person who is motivated to do well in school and aims for an upper-level education should attend George Mason University.


ANY! There are so many different and diverse people on this campus that everyone honestly fits in.


Somebody who can create their own fun and have a good time without planned events or activities. It's also a rather suburban and moderately-sized school, so it's good for anyone looking for an "in-between." It's not too big but not too small, and it's close to Washington, DC but still far enough away to feel suburban.


One that isn't sure what they want to do but has an idea. One that wants to meet a lot of people and have fun.


Anyone that is looking for an oppurtunity for a job. Being near the Washington DC a lot of job oppurtunties


Somebody who wants to go to college to have a lot of fun but also wants a great education

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