George Mason University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes your advisor doesn't know best. I transfered here from a community college and changed my major from Computer Science to Information Technology. I should have gotten some credits towards my IT degree but those were transferred as Computer Science hence making me retake a course I didn't need in the first place.


The bureaucracy. I was once wrongly declared a Graduate student, and so I was not allowed to register for undergraduate level classes. Having my status corrected to Undergraduate student was nearly impossible and took almost two months.


I wish they would offer more financial aid based on merit and other academic achievements. A lot of scholarships and government financial aid they offer is based on need and sometimes the numbers may not show it but there are middle class people who need financial aid more than those that legally fulfill the definition of "need-based."


The most frustrating thing about my campus is that due to the amount of commuter students, there are very few things readily available to do on campus on the weekends. This is not to say there is nothing to do, I just believe it takes more effort to find things than it normally would on a more residential campus. I think by providing students more opportunities for entertainment and dining during off-hours, then the school would have a better since of community. Currently, the gap between residental and commuter students leads to a lack of overall school spirit.


It is very difficult to find parking unless you come in at the crack of dawn and there are a lot of smokers who violate the law that they must stand 25 feet away from building entrances.


The most fustrating thing about my school is making sure that you will have housing the next year. The school is growing so much and therefore there is a bigger population of people each year. Therefore on-campus housing is becoming more limited. Fortunately they are building more dorms on-camups and have recently built some new housing. So the school is woring on it very efficently.


So far, the most frustrating thing is that I must connect to the University of Maryland to run code for the computer class I am currently taking. I have to wait several hours before I know the results. This delay impacts my ability to make corrections and ensure the best grade possible for my work.


There are not many food places open during weekds to accomidate for students living on campus. Yes there are a lot of communters but there are more on campus now and they need to change food hours to work better for those on campus


For the nursing program, classes are actually at Prince William campus in Manasas which is farther from my location than the main campus (Fairfax).


The most frustrating thing about George Mason University is how people from different ethnic backgrounds aren't as willing to be more connected with other groups.


The transitioning process from more than one school to this school was a complex process and not an easy transition for the student. The transfer student needs to read all school material pertaining to the transfer process in order to get a clear idea of what is expected of the student when the transfer is complete.


I just came from attending NOVA and it's frustrating to get used to a new life in a 4-year university. I'm having trouble getting to know people and I commute and also work so I never have a chance to stay at school and meet new people. I want to meet new people so i can make new friends and people who I can study with. I want to do very well in my studies and so far it's been struggling a little bit but I dont want to give up. I want to keep trying.


I play football for the George Mason Club team, and probably, at least to me, the most frustrating about my school is the complete lack of support from the admissitration to the football team. We've had a few seasons in a row almost get cancelled on us becuase there is not but interest in the team because not many people know about us. It would be nice to get a little more backing from the administration so we can get more people on the field.


The most frustrating thing about George Mason is the social life/night life. If you are not involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life or you do not live on campus/have friends on campus, then it is extremely difficult to find something to do at night and especially on the weekends. The Friday and Saturday events that Mason provides are childish.


Paying for the tuition, meals, rooms, and textbooks are the most frustrating things about my school. They charge a price for everything, down to the cup of water from the cafeteria. It's very frustrating dealing with all of the money and spending because it shows just how much colleges take from students. Education isn't cheap and it requires almost all of my money just to afford it.


The admin is very hard to get ahold of and they aren't really willing to help you out. You have to figure everything out and do it yourself.


The most frustrating part about George Mason is the difference the appearance of on-campus activities, and the reality of on-campus events and activities. they are told about all the wonderful groups, clubs, events, performances, etc. that the school offers. But once classes start and everyone settles in, all those activities and opportunities seem to disappear. Some groups advertize themselves, but really don't do much. Others are extremely costly. Some are scheduled at bad times. It has been difficult for me to become involved in campus activies because of these issues.


You have so much time that sometimes you take it for granted. The workload is tough too, and also the lectures are sometimes confusing.


The teachers don't know how to teach, and some can be rude. Their grading is unfair. I been studying more than ever and still I have reached a little over average grade. The syllabus is not very accurate for most classes. Tests are hard to get an A. Teachers do not even read the book themselves, they only read the powerslides. I have been streesed for the last couple of weeks. I am very displeased with this university.


The school is large, so sometimes adminstration gives you the run around because they are not even sure where you need to go to get something done.


The administration is not very helpful. They are slow at processing requests. And, if you want information clarified after having seen it on a school website, you won't have much luck, as all of the administrative staff just repeat whatever information is found on the websites without elaborating.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there isn't any. The school has flaws but it has qualitiees that make up for it. An example being limited space in class rooms but teachers do all they can for a student to still attend the class even if it is inconveinient for them.


The most frustrating thing at this school would have to be prices on food items and parking. Finding a parking space at this school is difficult not to mention the price to even park here.


Parking is fustrating! For freshman students attending George Mason University, parking is either one of two options: far away or extremely expensive. Even for commuters, parking is still costly. Sophomores and graduate students are able to obtain parking passes at a fair distance from the center of campus at a good price. However, during normal business hours, it is a real fight in order to even find a spot in the majority of the parking lots located on campus. If you park in the lots located off campus, shuttles are un-timely and don’t really operate on weekends.


Parkin is the most frustrating at this time.


The most frustrating thing about George Mason University is the library and research facilities on hand for students. The systems are slow acting and out of date with modern technology. As well as the library setup on campus, with books being scattered among different libraries with no real organization techniques applied.


It can be a long walk from your car to the classroom and parking services does not hesitate to give parking tickets.


Parking is horrible at GMU. Parking permits do not guarantee parking. With the Patriot Center and constant venues being held there , such as concerts, basketball games, circus, and Disney on Ice, parking is even more crazy. Parking is very bad at night as well. GMU seems to be excessively spending to build up its reputation as the "Number One School in the Nation to Watch". They recently added a new parking deck, engineering building, art building, and renovated a sports complex. In addition, GMU has plans of building a conference center and hotel on site.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the food. I wish there were more healthy foods to choose from. Other than that, I love George Mason!




The most frustrating thing about George Mason is the fact that there are sometimes problems with the systems in the dorms that are not quickly fixed, for example it took nearly a month to get the hot water fixed in my dorm.


Sometimes it is really difficult to get in touch with my academic advisor because she is a graduate student as well as a "professor." Also, it's hard at times to find good food so I sometimes, if I feel like it, eat outside of campus. Finally, professors may make last minute changes to their office hours or even cancel them due to an emergency which is hard on the students to gain access personally for help.


no school spirit


I come from a single parent home and I have three brothers, one of which whom is also in college. With that being said my mother really doesnt have the means to assist me with my education. Mason goes up on the tuition every year and I've been having to find a way to pay some of my tuition out of pocket. Not having the money to do so results in me having to use credit cards to pay it off. My financial situation hasn't changed so i'm not sure how they expect me to pay.


A lot of construction and somewhat limited parking spaces.


I don't think that there is anything frustrating about this school everyhting is good, normal likt it is in most of the schools.


The way housing runs its placement process is frustrating at times. It is all done online and sometimes the numbers of spaces available do not match the spaces actually available so finding a place you want to live can be difficult. There is not enough seating in the new dining hall, South Side, during heavy meal times.


Parking space is always frustrating to students at George Mason University.


The most furstrating thing about George Mason University is the traffic to get on campus. I live about 15 minutes away and it takes me about 30 mins to get on campus. I leave my house early (around 8-9 am) since most of my classes start around that time. I feel bad though for some of my other classmates who have class that starts around noon, which is when traffic is the worse to get on campus.


Perhaps the most frustrating is the winter when the breeze picks up , it can be very brutal and cold.


The parking is not the best.


The lack of unity among all students.


The most frustrating thing about George Mason University is that it is hard to feel a sense of unity at times. There are a lot of commuters that attend here, so campus life can get dull and boring. Especially on the weekends, it is hard to find activities to do or people to hang out with. Nights can also be pretty slow once all the students have gone home for the day. It would be fun if more people stuck around on campus at night or on the weekends!


I do not own a car, but still, the parking is incredibly awful. New parking garages are in the works, so this problem should be fixed within the next year.


Is that sometimes it is hard to figure out what to do about certain things. Like the staff at the school is slightly unhelpful sometimes.


There are not very many options for vegetarians.


It's a big commuter school there is not too much school spirit and the campus is dead on the weekends.


Not having a car. There are so many opportunites around campus, and the bus doesn't always run when you want them to.


The quality and availablity of first year housing. During my first semester here, the dorm was not in the condtion that I expected.


The most frustrating thing about George Mason is that by studying there, you will feel compelled to expand your knowledge by wanting to study all over the world in faraway countries. The problem is that George Mason cannot be in all of these fascinating places at once. You want to go learn, explore and develop into your personal best. Although Mason has an incredible study abroad department, you will probably not be able to financially afford the multiple traveling and studying abroad trips that Mason has inspired you to want to do.

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