George Mason University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about George Mason university is all that is has to offer. It is close enough where I can still live at home and continue to save before moving out on my own. It also provides me with a variety of class times. This allows me to work full time so that I am still able to help cover my school cost as my parents aren't able to help as much as I wish they could. George Mason is all around the perfect school for me and I hope others as well.


The multiple opportunities that they offer us through our classes, internships and multiple events held on campus. It allows us to explore the world around us without leaving campus. It enables students to pursue their careers in depth or discover what they want to do.


I believe that the best thing about George Mason is the easy access and quick responses by the professors. No email goes unaswered and all professors, and adamic advisors, or more than willing to help out every student to make sure they succeed.


In my opinion, the best thing about George Mason University is their diverse community. It is a place where one is able to meet people from different places and backgrounds and as such does not feel intimidated in expressing their ideas. A community that cares and despite the many differences comes togehter to work on a common goal is one that is worth being a part of; and Mason provides one such envirionment. This defining chareacter of the institution makes it possible for students to feel a sense of belonging and motivates them to be better individuals.


I think the best thing about my school is the diversity and the wide variety of majors. I could have attended an HBCU (Historically Black College/ University), but I wanted to attend a college that catered to many nationalities and ethinicities. I also wanted to attend a college/ university with my preferred major. I intend on majoring in Forensic Science and Forensic Science is a hard major to come across. The closest major you can find to Forensic Science is Biology and Chemistry. I am very happy that I found an amazing college that has what I want.


The experience is really what you make it. Meet potential life-long friends, find a professor who can become a mentor, and join the hundreds of clubs GMU has to offer. There are also many events the university holds throughout the year that are known to be memorable.


I donot know about the other GMU students/faculty/etc' views, but i think the university is helping in producing the broad and enlighened minds. Take "racial diversity" as a simple example. I mean to say that the university has realised that a smart way to educate people is to mix people from different ethnicities, by which each individual will be aided by a new and different views or ideas to apply in their lives and excel in their studies. In addition to that, the university is diluting the feeling of discrimination and educating people to harmoniously live together.


I like the community the best. Everyone is so friendly and accomidating to my needs. If I need a helping hand, somone is always there, even if I don't know them.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the students, staff, and professors. There is an openess and acceptance of all types of people. It is a truly incredible experience to be in classes with people of all ages, gender, ethnicity, race, etc. and to be able to learn from their unique life experiences. People are so willing to share their different cultures with their peers. My school promotes an appreciation for the rest of the world which I believe is the one of the most important things college can give a person.


The best thing about my school is that it is very green. GMU has a recycling program that is amazing. At southside, (an all you can eat restautaunt on campus) all of the waste is decompossed into fertizler. GMU is also green because the entire campus has flowers and trees. I choose to attend GMU because I could enjoy campus any season.


The best thing about George Mason is the spirit it holds among the students. From basketball games to the classroom you can tell each and every student is passionate about what he/she is doing. The school and the students give me a sense of belonging.


The best thing about George Mason is the academic rigor.


The best thing about George Mason University is the campus diversity. This diversity is more than just students’ racial background. It is diversity in culture, economic status, interests, sexual orientation, and more. This is a highlight of GMU because you become a better, more well-rounded person by attending. Every class you go to provides you an opportunity to learn something new. Also everyone provides a unique perspective that you would not get if you went somewhere where everyone is like you. You definitely leave GMU with a better understanding of the world as a whole.


The best part about my school is its location. Being close to home allows me to maintain a job, which is necessary to financing my education and personal expenses. Also, with my major being government, I will be able to do internships in Washington.


The quality of education. I also value George Mason because it's gaining status and is known as one of the "up-and-coming" universities as it makes it's way up the ladder towards gaining Global recogniton.


The best thing about my school are the people that are enrolled here. I have met many people since beginning my college career and each one of them has their own unique personality. It's great to be able to have such a diverse group of friends!


The Diversity of students is the best thing about my school. There are many nationalities and age groups that attend Mason. There are many activities on campus and this is one of the few 4-year colleges in the area that have evening classes for working adults.


Mason is distinct because of its diversity; as I walk to classes, I hardly ever hear conversations in English. It just reminds me that I live in a complex, diverse world and that we are all bound together by our humanity.


George Mason University's greatest quality is diversity. As one of Virginia's largest universities, our student body represents all 50 states and over 130 different countries. Students of all racial, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds come together to live and learn. George Mason has 24 international and multicultural student organizations as well. These organizations showcase their talents, interests, and goals every year during I Week (International Week). The week's events include musical performances, cooking classes, parades, and a dance competition.


There are so many thing that are great about George Mason University, from the welcoming feeling of the campus and diversity in the student body. But the one thing that George Masin does the best is preparing their students for life after college. At the end of the day the main reason for why I am at college is to jumpstart my career and become financially secure to live a good life. With the various resources that are avaliable like the career serivces office George Mason does a superb job at getting their students ready for the real world.


The best thing about George Mason University is the wide population that it supports. There is an amazing number of majors to choose from and and seemingly just as many student organizations. Despite the wide variety of academic opportunities there still remains a depth of focus for each one. The professors and support staff are always available to discuss ways in which you can achieve to your full potential, and if they don't have the answers, they will show you where to find them.


The best thing is that there are many on-campus resources available like the career center.


The best thing about Mason is that there is an array of opportunites, clubs, organizations, etc that you can get involved in.


Diversity is the best thing about George Mason University. Coming from a lower middle class area to a higher middle class area, I get to meet a lot of people of different cultures, backgrounds, and values. Also, I am able to meet and socialize with friends that will last a lifetime. Diversity is the root of fitting in and developing yourself. Once you able to accept people as they are, you are able to build connections and explore the "real world".


The best thing about my school is that the professors are excellent in their field, and they really try to help students succeed.


I like the diversity of courses that they offer, that's why I'm sticking to this school. They keep introducing interesting courses centered on new emerging fields which makes it unique and precious. I had a bad experience in this school with social life, making friends, fitting in, so it was a hurtful experience for me, even though I tried as much as I could. Everyone else likes it though. I have hatred towards it so I can't really say much about what is there to like


George Mason University is the perfect school for me. It is one of the only schools with my major- International Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and has countless opportunities for me to get involved and network with individuals with mutual career and academic interests.


George Mason's campus features a wide range of majors and classes with strong faculty, but the entire area it encompasses is rather small, including the dorms. This is convenient as it makes traveling between classes and buildings easy. It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to get between any two points on campus, including the dorms. An important aspect of the campus is the friendliness of the student body. Most every student is very nice and welcoming and there is very little animosity between students.


There are new building added to campus every year and/or semester since my freshman year, and the older ones are renivated to keep them up to par with newer buildings. This is because the George Mason University Fairfax Campus is almost sixty years old, which is relatively young compared to older universities. It is constantly expanding to keep up with the growing student population which is amazing to see.


I think the best thing about my school is the Fraternity and Sorority Life. I would not have felt as involved around campus or would have met as many people if it wasn't for my Sorority.


It's circular! Keep walking in the same direction and you're bound to end up where you started.


George Mason University has many wonderful things to offer that it is difficult to pick which one is the best. I have to say that Mason's vast amounts of food selections astounds me. You are never at a loss as to what to eat, everything is at your fingertips.


For me, the best thing about Mason comes down to the amount of opportunities there are to try new things that will benifit me during my time at Mason and long after graduation. At George Mason, the ability to broaded my horizon through academics, extra curriculars, community service, and creating job connections is emmense. I feel that no matter what qualities of my life I choose to stregthen while at Mason, the school is able to provide me with reputable sources to go to that will aid me in fufilling my goals.


As an accounting major, the location of the campus is perfect for creating and developing contacts with local businesses to use in the post graduation job search. Proximity to Washington DC and many job opportunities also means that many alumni are locally employed and return to the campus in order to mentor students or recruit from the student body for their current employer. On top of the practical benefits, the campus is beautiful, there are always events for students who desire to get involved, and as a growing university the options available continue to improve.


I think the best thing about George Mason is the professors. Most of them know a lot about what they teach and have done a lot of work relating to what they teach and are always accessible via email or in person when you have a question.


I think the best thing about Mason is how its still a developing community. At GMU, the student body, faculty and even campus are growwing everyday and being a part of Mason now means I get to leave my mark on the school by changing and making it better for others later. I love the idea that i get to be a part of the Geaorge Mason legacy.


New majors and classes are constantly added. This school is less than 70 years old, so it's reputation is still forming. Also, this school still does construction, so new buildings are added and the names of some buildings have changed. Importantly, this school continues to incorporate new traditions.


George Mason holds their students to high expectations. George Mason expects their student's to excel. Every student is encouraged to be involved in every way possible from: extra-curricular clubs, sororities, work study programs, etc. Student's attending George Mason are very friendly, helpful, and excited to be attending such a wonderful school. The smiles and happy people all around the campus make George Mason University a wonderful place to obtain an education.


The towering trees with vividly colored leaves in the fall I pass everyday on campus give me great delight. On campus, I am in an environment where I feel a sense of awareness and motivation. With the transition of the seasons, I also wish to move closer to the career I love. The changing colored leaves give me a feeling time is progressing, just as I desire to progress as beautifully as the changing colored leaves.


The job opportunities it can bring you. Being so close to D.C. brings a lot of people and opportunities to students here at Mason.


The diversity at my school is amazing. I love how I have friends of different cultures and backgrounds that I can learn from. I find that this will be very helpful in my post-college life. It seems like there is a place for every person here, I could not imagine anyone feeling completely shut off or like an outcast. I can relate with different types of people and I do not feel like I need to fit into some sort of "clique". I feel that I can be myself no matter who I am with here.


The best thing about George Mason University is the open, accepting and motivating environment. I genuinely like coming to school to learn and be around great people and fantastic professors. Because I have such motivating, inspiring professors, I push myself to try harder and do better than I usually would. I am confident to go out into the workforce because of how well GMU has prepared me for my career. I have only wonderful things to say to prospective students because I have had such a great experience here.


I love the diversity at my school! There are so many opportunities to learn and immerse yourself in different cultures. There's even an international student week here at Mason where the university represents all the countries students are from. There are booths all over campus to teach us about the food, clothing, and culture of each country represented here at Mason.


George Mason University is full of many unique stidents and teachers all on their own paths in life. But we are a community of people willing to learn and grow. I love being on campus where I live, go to sport events, do club activites, and I would not want to be anywhere else.


The diversity of the students because you never feel alone.


There is a lot of diversity and there is a club for everyone and everything. All of the students and professors are very accepting of cultural differences.


I enjoy the diversity in my school and how proud each different ethnic group is about their culture. The willingness of these groups to teach others about their culture is truley amazing. Each year groups put on diferent cultural activities and awareness conventions that attract people from all over the world and bring recognition the each diverse culture.


I feel that George Mason University epitomizes diversity. With students and faculty belonging and ranging from nearly all 50 states, as well as, other countries, the culture of George Mason University is almost unrivaled by most colleges and universities. The location and proximity are also very noted worthy characteristics of this school as well. Being located in Fairfax, VA and being only a mere 20 minutes from DC, the internship and employment opportunities are great as well.


It appears to have a diverse population. More people to meet.


The professors are what I consider the best thing about my school. They were alwasy willing to help when I needed it the most During the fall semester of 2010 my microeconomics professor went so far as to going to school on his day off to help with a concept I was having a hard time with.

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