George Washington University Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


The dining system is one of my favorite things about GWU (and it was still not good enough for students, so like good GWU kids, they petitioned and made committees until they improved dining options!). At GWU as an underclassmen you get Colonial Cash and J street money. Colonial Cash can be used at most local restaurants and at the new Whole Foods and the (soon to close) Safeway. Most students I know (especially as seniors) buy groceries and cook in their dorms (we all have kitchens) and eat out a few times a week if need be. J Street money is only for underclassmen and has to be used at J Street, which is a place with about 5 small restaurants and a salad bar and to-go food, the closest thing we have to a cafeteria. The options have recently gotten a lot better and healthier (due mostly to students) but I do know that the company Sodexo is still involved (i'm not sure how much) and I have heard complaints about them as a corporation. Sum up: no eating in the same cafeteria for three meals a day! (because that stinks, i know, i've tried.) There are so many options!


This is a view of students eating lunch at J Street, our version of a dining hall.