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What do students complain about most?

Although our dining hall is very accommodating and does have a wide variety of foods available, there is still only one dining hall for the entire campus. There are places you can purchase food (stores, coffee shops, Cozy/Subway/Starbucks, etc.) but there is only one dining hall that supports the campus meal plan. There is one area on the other side of campus that allows you to grab a sandwich and sides as part of a "Grab and Go" service, but options are limited. Another favorite is the on-campus restaurant/bar Epicurean, but once again the food there is not available as part of the student meal plan. Side note: For health reasons I am a vegetarian who regularly eats gluten-free, and I never feel at a loss for options. But it would be nice to have different halls to help reduce overcrowding and add variety.

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Definitely the dining isn't TERRIBLE but I don't think it's as good as it should be for the price we pay. The food is not bad, but it's often hard to find a table during peak hours and there are almost never forks,spoons,knives, and cups available all at the same time.

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