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My school is not only made up of some of the most educated people in the world, but is also a fun and welcoming environment. The students are not just booksmart, but are friendly and focused on serving other people than themselves. My school is unique due to the people who make up a community like no other at Georgetown University and how our school allows the students to become men and women for others.



Hui Min

Most Georgetown students are ambitious and have far-reaching goals. However, their own agenda do not prevent them from collaborating with their peers. Georgetown stresses networking instead of cut-throat competition. This emphasis allows students to do their best without isolating themselves from all human contact. Professors at Georgetown tend to stress growth as people instead of book knowledge. Information from famous authors is only as important as the students' ability to synthesize it with their own experiences.


Georgetown's location in Washington, DC is in my opinion one of its biggest strengths. Not only does it provide an incredible number of internship and job opportunities, especially for those interested in politics, it also is just a wonderful and exciting place to live. DC is not too overwhelming a city, and the area of Georgetown itself is beautiful and relatively calm. Another thing that I think is unique to Georgetown is the amount of school spirit that can be found among all Hoyas -- current students and alumni alike. Alumni seem willing to help current students however possible!


The Jesuit tradition that Georgetown has to offer makes it stand above other university. Georgetown is not only concerned with educating individuals academcially but also forming human beings that are truly men and women for others.


Georgetown stood out to me because the staff were so welcoming. At other college visits, the staff were not as welcoming or helpful. Since I was almost 3000 miles away from my family they stepped in to make sure I felt at home. Campus life made me feel like I was living with more of my family. It helped me to not get homesick. When my parents came to visit they treated them as family as well. They were helpful to my needs or able to steer me to whom ever could help me best. The staff were awesome!


Georgetown helps the whole person develop. Personally, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Thus, it was essential that, in addition to the business courses I had chosen, I still experienced a complete liberal arts education. What's more, I have never seen a campus more dedicated to its students' health and wellbeing, which it caters to by providing a meditation center, on-residence chaplains, and so many advisors willing to help you. It also helps to be in an exciting city that offers so many opportunities for internships, networking, learning, and even fun!


The school of foreign service here is the best in the world and offers oppotunities unmatched by anywhere else. It's proximity to the Capitol and the White House in DC make Georgetown the ideal place to get involved in the governing and functioning of your government.


Georgetown University is a Jesuit university steeped in tradition and practices the concept of educating the whole person. There is a 239 year tradition of scholastic excellence that you are reminded of from the first day here until you graduate. The goal of joining the ranks of Georgetown University alumni helps keep a student motivated and focused on the goal.


The proximity to the capital as well as the many internships "on the hill," plus the many faculty members that serve both in the government and as instructors or board members at Georgetown.


The diversity--with people coming from all over the world was awesome--to find people from my culture who spoke the same language and also the fact that I had the opportunity to meet people from countries I hae never visited.


Urban location. Best school in its city. Good reputation.


Georgetown has a unique enviroment in its diversity and location. Unlike most universtities Georgetown has over 20 % of its students from foreign countries. With this wide mixture as well as location in Washington DC the college campus has the atmposhere of a cultural and bustling location. The school does well incorporating the city of DC with its students. Georgetown has the unique oppurtunity of providing for students internships on Capitol Hill. Georgetown also has a focus on hands on activities with lots of group projects adding to the bringing the real world into the classroom effect.


Very large amount of diversity - high academics


Georgetown's individualism stems from the strength of its "old money society". I feel that Georgetown University tries to be something its not.; students act as if they're in fraternaties and sororities by engaging in drug abuse and binge drinking soley in their social cliques. These same social cliques, while mimicking the adventures of Animal House and similar media, exclude others primarily based on superficial differences. Honestly, I cannot imagine students here becoming businessmen, politicians, and the like. Most of the students here are rich, discourteous, alcoholic snobs.


Having a distinct, small campus in a big city environment, but maintaining easy access to great natural beauty (great parks, the river, etc.) Also, being in the nation's capital and so close to all the major political events is very unique.


One of the few schools with a good basketball team and a good academic track record.


The emphasis on social justice and availability of off-campus research, job, and intership opportunities with government, public service, and international organizations is astounding, and the career center is very adept at matching students with positions/


I'd like to add that while I am not religious or Catholic, I found talking to the Jesuits very helpful - kind of like confession for athiests. They are brilliant and non-judgemental, and while I sometimes disagree with some of the Catholic ideals that infuse Georgetown's admin decision-making process, I actually feel that the Jesuits were a great resource and something that made life unique at the school. They live on campus, and were there for us students, irrespective of religion, after hours and on the weekends when other profs were gone.


Georgetown is the perfect sized community (7000ish) in a perfect location (in a restful but bustling neighborhood in an AWESOME city). The students here are the epitome of the well-rounded student: academic all-stars with a huge variety of extra-curricular interests (lots of community and public service especially) and a well-developed social life. People come here from a suprising variety of backgrounds and with a surprising list of accomplishments but everyone gets along quite well. It's academically challenging but rarely cut-throat competitive.


The students are so balanced in their lives. Most students, especially the ones that got in based on their own merit, are very academically oriented yet they still know how to have a great time.


work hard, play hard.........'nuf said


Georgetown....what about the whole catholic university thing


Yes, it is fun and academically challenging


Talking about the whole east coast thing


The Preppy Reputation explored


Georgetown's Alumni network is incredible. Not only do current students love the school but Hoya Alumn love it just as much as they did when they attended. As a matter of fact when I was working on the trading floor at UBS Investment Bank last summer I was talking about school with a girl I was standing on line for food with. Next thing I know the guy in front of me turns around and says, "You're a Hoya? I'm a Hoya! Class of '76!" And from there swapped stories and other information - it was great!


Great career center!

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