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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


please see my response to the question entitled "What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate? "


Not really - I was openly gay on campus and never had an issue. In fact, I lived on the LAX floor freshman year and most guys were fine with it.


Somewhat. We certainly have a serious lack of race and class diversity, many students are truly ignorant to what life is like in "real" DC, and we still struggle with the prohibition of condoms and certain pro-choice or pro-gay initiatives. However, there is also a strong tradition of activism by students of color, LGBTQ students, feminists and worker rights activists. Also, GU more or less embraces all faiths, although some worry that the increasingly secular school prioritizes hiring former government officials to teach and saving money, rather than pursuing social justice, educational quality, etc.


To a certain extent


These stereotypes are accurate, but there is a niche for everyone.




I would say that for about 1/3 of the Gtown population, the negative ones are. Otherwise, you'll meet some of the world's best people here.


There are always exceptions to the rule, but Georgetown does seem to attract wealthy students. Being wealthy and smart, some students tend to be kind of spoiled and full of themselves. There are also a lot of interesting and intelligent people as well. I've had tons of fascinating conversations with people from around the world, some of which have been in the classroom, others over drinks. The student population also strikes me as a lot more Catholic than it seems from the outside. Not everyone feels it, but students who aren't Catholic definitely feel in the minority from time to time.


In many ways, these stereotypes about Georgetown shed light on an overarching culture that does exist at the school, one that prefers practical (read work) experience to academic rigor and social and business connections to intellectual dialogue. Of course, there is much to appreciate about Georgetown's Jesuit heritage and long-standing traditions, but the atmosphere does not make for an ideal collegiate experience.


To some extent


They are not accurate at all! Of course, there are some people who fulfill the stereotype, but I have met more unique, interesting, and diverse people at Georgetown than I ever thought possible.


Although of course you can find the popped collars and designer clothing many places in Georgetown I'd have to disagree with this stereotype. I come from a public school background where 51% of my high school was "minority" and even in that environment most of my friends were all like me. At Gtown I've been able to meet people from all over the world who I have so much in common with, particularly the love for our school. My group of friends is much more diverse now than it has ever been in my life.


We're smart, to be sure, but all the studying we did in high school stunted our social development. The best way of dealing with Georgetowners' awkwardness is to embrace it - joining Facebook groups like "Holy Shit, I'm Awkward," for example. Georgetown students are often well- and expensively-dressed, but sweats and flip-flops are as common as pastel polos and pressed khakis with boat shoes or Lilly Pulitzer. And our ambition works both ways - we work at the most prestigious Wall Street firms and attend the best grad schools, but we can be too stressed about exams and papers to take time to enjoy the lack of responsibility that accompanies college life.




There is some presence of prep on campus, but for the most part it is only reflected in the clothing and not the personalities. The school is very international. Since I've been here for two and a half years now, it no longer surprises me to walk through the library and hear groups conversing in languages I don't understand.


Not really. Georgetown has a very diverse campus with people from all over the United States as well as all over the world. The student body's diversity is really one of Georgetown's greatest assets as it makes for a great learning environment.




As a whole there are a lot of students at Georgetown who come from the East Coast and who could be stereotyped as "preppy," however there are also students from all across the country as well as the world.


To some extent- they are true for some students, but the student body does have some diversity and depth.


This just isn't true, and the Jane Hoya stereotype is something that the student body pokes fun at all of the time. A huge percentage of students are on financial aid, and the stereotyped preppy-dressing crowd only comprises a tiny percent of the undergraduate population; there's a group for everyone on this extremely diverse campus.


There certainly are students from wealthy families, and legacy students are common throughout the student body. However, there is an extraordinary diversity of culture, class, religion, and interests on campus, and everyone is appreciated for the value they bring to campus. The elitism my friends have experienced at other campuses (@ Princeton, a friend joked he was from the local comm. college, and everyone there turned up their noses) does not exist. The signature motto, "Work hard, play hard," absolutely applies to the students here.


No, but they are a few.


there are a lot of nerdy kids and preppy rich kids but there is enough diversity where anyone can find the right group for them. once they find that group they'll have a great time


To a certain degree. I would say that about 60-70% of georgetown students fall under the upper income status.


There is plenty of diversity on campus, you just need to know where to look.


To some extent they are. Afterall, we are at a Catholic school, but I happen to be Jewish, and other faiths comprise a large population of the student body. As to being from New Jersey, that's half true. A lot of people are from New Jersey, but they are from all over the world.


Like all stereotypes, there are seeds of truth. There are many well-off people who dress like preps, and there are many very intellectual people who are interested in international relations. But, far and away most people I've met at Georgetown have been really nice, very interesting, very intelligent, and not exclusive or clique-y. There is, of course, the normal distribution of douchebags and anti-social people, but there aren't many of them and far and away the student body is full of great and diverse people that have turned into terrific friends and excellent classmates.


You can find those that represent every stereotype but they are by no means the majority. Lots of different niches of people are present on campus. Everyone has a place where they will feel comfortable.


There are certainly students at Georgetown who conform to this stereotype. Students are very "pre-professional," looking towards their future careers with high aspirations. However, I find that most students are individually quite thoughtful. Although they may value wealth over ending world hunger, they generally have well-reasoned thoughts to back up their opinions. Students are certainly smart and well-informed. The student body is very attractive and well-groomed.

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