Georgetown University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That we have an excellent reputation, academics, class sizes, career services, opportunities and also a ton of fun.


Academic Rigor


Academics, Athletics, Campus life are all awesome


I tend to emphasize the academic rigor of Georgetown. I have had to work very hard in all of my classes -- part of this was probably because I took many science classes as a pre-med minor. I want people to understand how challenging Georgetown is, so I brag about how hard I work. I also brag about Georgetown's school spirit and its location in Washington, DC.


Deffinitely the ease with which one can make friends at Georgetown, everyone is very open-minded and interested in learning about new cultures and I think that helps to make the campus more united and much more fun.


First, I brag about the family that my neighbors in my freshman dorm have become. I have yet to hear a story of a group of college students that immediately became so geninely supportive of one another, and stayed that way. Second, I brag about seeing Obama speak and my run to the White House on the night that Osama bin Laden was killed. I brag about studying international relations one day and passing the State Department and the Lincoln Memorial on my run the next day. These opportunities cannot be found anywhere but in DC.


The theater productions, the performing arts faculty, and the performing arts center on campus.


I brag about the location and about the beautiful campus.


I brag about the unique experiences I have that can only come from living in D.C. This includes walking to the monuments, going to the Library of Congress, and attending presentations at the National Geographic Society.


Overall, Georgetown has a great reputation - especiallu their School of Foreign Service. I don't brag about the school, at all, but people are impresssed when I tell them I attended GU.


HOYA BASKETBALL!!! And we have amazing alumni that are always willing to give a fellow hoya a helping hand if possible.


Georgetown's curriculum and reputation a long with its commitment to social justice.


The great people that are here, the fun we have on the weekends, the small class sizes, and the wonderful teachers.


The legacy of Georgetown and the great opportunities that arise not only from being in Washington, DC in the center of government and politics, but also the opportunities for careers after school that come merely from the recognition of a Georgetown education.


I always talk about how nice and green it looks. It just a really beautiful campus.

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