Georgetown University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The exclusiveness of clubs. You're already talented and special for getting into Georgetown. Why compete with your new family and strive to be selected for a college club to prove your "worth" or how popular you are. Just more apps and interviews to get into parties.


People are very competitive academically. This can be a good thing but its also a bad thing in terms of collaborating with students and the grades being weighted (i.e. even if you get a 93% in the class you might not get an "A" because there are too many students who did better than you).


If you're from a lower socioeconomic class, it is very easy to feel disadvantaged and as though you're somehow less than your peers.


The worst thing about GU is the overwhelmingly liberal political bent of the student body and administration, up to and including the University President. I say this because it stifles conservative opinion and real political debate, without which there can be no true understanding of public policy.


The dining hall closes the upstairs on the weekend.


My school is known to be an elitist school. I would prefer we had more outreach to inner city youth and focus on early childhood education. This by no means insists that we have none. we have partnered with jumpstart, the AmeriCorp, and the Washington [DC] Government among many. However, with the international collection of academia we have at Georgetown, resources should be used to further early childhood education in the most underserved communities. Social programs on the private sector level are crucial to sustaining an economy and our nation. There is an undiscovered resource in Youth.


Honestly, I cannot think of anything negative about Georgetown. I enjoyed my four years at school and time flew by so fast. I guess because it was such a wonderful experience and made time fly by so fast, so that would be my most negative thing to say about the school; not a long enough stay. I wish time would have slowed down to enjoy it more and also to finish sightseeing around the area. I was there four years and still have places to visit. Hopefully soon I will be back in that area for medical school.


The one area in which in which i consider the least favorable about the university is the social life. I believe that social activities are also important for the college experience. At Georegtown there are not that many school sponsered events where students across academic and organizational boundaries can soley meet and socialize.


While the student population has grown more diverse over the years, the typical rich white prep school kid stereotype is still somewhat true. It's never been that huge of a deal to me personally, but it's definitely there.


I think Georgetown's study space is one of the worst elements of this university because as an academically challenging school, there is a serious lack of space and convenience. The library, built in the 1970s, does not have a practical amount of electrical outlets for how many students require them for computers. The atmopshere of the library is also gloomy and almost depressing. There are never enough desks or any comfortable room for studying.


As a sophomore transfer student the worst thing about the school is the relative exclusiveness. The student body seems to have and unwritten code of making your circle of friends right away and keeping it the same all throughout the four years. While every one on campus is friendly and helpful there are definite student clubs that hold an apparent exclusiveness.


For all of Georgetown's high standards and well-educated staff, their Internet inferface is terrible. The online application was far behind those of other schools as far as organization, and it was not even possible to save my progress as I went. Although I have never failed in finding information I need on the website, it is not as easy to navigate as I would like.


The worst thing about Georgetown University is probably the rat population. During the evening hours, on campus grounds- not in buildings- you will definitely see a couple of rats. The school does as much it can to keep the rat population at a minimum, but with all the campus development and construction projects happening in the Georgetown Residential Community, encountering a furry critter on any evening is more than likely to occur.


The accessibility. It can be a bit hard to reach if you live in other areas in the city.


The core curriculum is rather heavy, making it difficult to take classes of interest during the early years. This is especially true for students in the School of Foreign Service.


I think the worst thing about Georgetown University is the expense. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed my college experience, it has been challenging and stressful to constantly try to earn money to cover the exorbitant tuition bill and the expenses incurred by living in a city, traveling home for breaks, etc.


Some people tend to be cliquish and a bit too superficial based on small things and are not ready to get over the whole silly high school mentality, but that's probably about 15% of people.


The cafeteria. The meal-plan flexibility is almost nul (for first and second year students).


Some of the professors are pretty lame, and the lack of administrative help in terms of decided a major path


the library and the fact that there is no metro on campus


Internet connection. Up until this year, it was impossible to get internet in the library.


don't know


how wealthy the students are


Conversations relating to course material don't often continue outside the classroom.


Housing. The housing system is terrible--the office is not helpful. Students are expected to choose roommates for the next school year half way through the fall semester, which doesn't give new students enough time to meet people. Also, the dorms and apartments are generally small, cramped, and often have big problems. When students call about problems, like a heater that isn't working, it can take days for facilities to fix it. There isn't enough on-campus housing for all of the students, which is also a big problem!


The unflexible meal plan that is required for 4 semesters, and the limited dining options (one dining hall) which makes using the meal plan annoying and the meals themselves boring and repetitive.


I guess the worst thing would be the expensiveness of everything in the surrounding area


How little money they have. They are very stingy when you go to school here, so once people graduate they are not likely to give back because they remember how little they got. It is a terrible cycle.


It's very, very expensive, and financial aid isn't given to everyone who wants it.


We have a very diverse campus people from all over the world but we still form groups based on race/ethnicity which makes it feel as if the campus is not really diverse.


The on campus dining services were sub par for an institution of Georgetown's caliber. Luckily, this fall a renovation on the cafeteria will be done that will include many changes made to the food choice as well. Alas, Georgetown still will only have one dining hall.

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