Georgetown University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Preppy Cliquey Rich Politically active/interested in gov Attractive & fit


please see my response to the question entitled "What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate? "


I was in the SFS - that's why I came to Georgetown, otherwise I would have gone elsewhere for a liberal arts education (maybe to Chicago or Columbia). That said, the SFS was amazing -- better than the Woody Wilson and Hopkins programs my friends went in to. A lot of the SFS kids were wealthy aristocrat types (to say nothing of the internatinoal students, who in many cases actually were royalty), but nearly all kids I came into contact with were smart, multilingual, and hard working.


To folks who grew up in DC, Georgetown is an isolated haven for wealthy white kids and the children of foreign elites. They see Georgetown students as virtually unaware of the city beyond the Georgetown neighborhood, nestled in the wealthy white northwest quadrant of DC. Others assume GU is characterized by socially conservative Catholicism, full of sexually ignorant straight-laced heterosexuals.


Rich, preppy, snobby, stuck up


Very East Coast prep school.


you can not easily make friends with them


ambitious, stuck-up, willing to do anything to succeed, internationally focused, interested in community service and social justice


Georgetown students are often known for being preppy and somewhat spoiled. They're also known for drinking a lot during the weekend after working very hard during the week. Students also have kind of a nerdy stereotype of talking about politics and philosophy when they're out at parties.


Georgetown students are widely seen as being career-driven and focused more on the real world value of their degrees rather than on the more holistic goal of integrated academic and personal growth. When having asked many friends from different universities about their views on Georgetown and its students, words like "haughty," "status-seeking," and "pre-professional" were most often voiced.


Rich white kids


People absolutely believe that all Georgetown students are "Joe and Jane Hoyas"-- wearing popped collars and kakhis.


John and Jane Hoya: The major stereotype is that we're all one type of American: white, rich, preppy, and extremely portentous.


Georgetown students are regarded as intelligent, fashion-conscious, and ambitious. But those are the euphemisms.


Rich, private school educated, international


Preppy Joe and Jane Hoya, exhibited by the popped collar and abercrombie clothes. Very international.


Preppy white kids.


wealthy upper class trust fund kids went to h.s. at a boarding school


One stereotype is that the school has an affluent student body. This is a lie. We have an affluent AND brilliant AND sexy student body. Don't for a second forget how elitist we are.


People steretype Georgetown students as being very preppy and coming from mostly the East Coast.


Preppy, political, rich, well-connected.


Preppy - generally true, but there's definitely a wide enough variety of people for everyone to find people like themselves. Rich - but I feel that stigma comes from those who flaunt it; students here do span the economic spectrum. International - International programs are great and we're probably at te top of the "# of countries represented" list but diversity isn't our strongest suit. Most people on campus look more or less the same.


Many people think that all Georgetown students are your typical rich, preppy John and Jane Hoyas.


rich kids, legacy, smart, well balanced, connected to the city, elitist, networked to the professional world.


Rich preppy kids.


Preppy, nerdy, rich


The biggest one is that all Georgetown Students are rich


Everyone at Georgetown is white with a popped collar and boat shoes


A stereotype of Georgetown students is that they are all preppy, Catholic, and from New Jersey


I didn't know of any stereotypes of Georgetown students before coming to Georgetown, but as soon as I got here I became aware of some stereotypes such as that Georgetown students are well-off preps or that they are international relations nerds. Because there is such a strong Catholic culture on campus, there are a lot of Irish and Itlaians on campus.


Preppy, apparently according to the administration big on partying, highly political


Georgetown students are stereotyped as relatively conservative, preppy and attractive. The girls wear North Face fleeces, pearl necklaces, and pink ribbons tied around their blond ponytails. The boys wear Ralf Lauren Polo pastel colored polo shirts with popped collars and accompanying J.Crew "critter" decorated pants. They pregame morning basketball games with kegs and eggs, and pull all nighters in library cubicles. I went to see the Vagina Monologues a few weeks ago, and there is a scene called "The Moaner," and the actress performs all sorts of sexual moans, stereotyping different ethnicities, social classes, etc-- For the Georgetown Moan, she described "Jane Hoya" saying to "Joe Hoya," "Oh no, oh no! My pearls are caught on your multiple popped collars!" These Jane and Joe Hoya students want to be investment bankers and vacation on Cape Cod.

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