Georgetown University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Georgetown University is for the dedicated, adventurous, inquisitive, and determined. Georgetown offers what a student puts into their education and experience. Attending this institution can be the best four years if you take all the opportunities afforded to you.


I think everyone should be able to attend Georgetown. It's really diverse.


I believe that any type of person could attend Georgetown University. In the past they have been known to have a preppy culture but I believe the university and its students has worked hard to rid themselves of that stererotype. DIversity is key at Georgetown nowadays. People from all over the world, rich or poor, attend. With the schools strong since of unity and school spirit, it is visible to see that everyone loves Georgetown, every type of person.


I would say that there is something at this school for just about anybody. It is a great place for social people who want to meet other interesting students and get involved in exciting, meaningful ways. There are an infinite number of things to do on campus, and since D.C. surrounds the campus, metropolitan life, museums, and other opportunities are only a bus/metro ride away. People interested in international issues and developing as a whole person will enjoy Georgetown the most due to the worldly focus and heavy (but interesting) liberal arts requirements.


A highly intuitive person, who is eager to learn and unafraid of giving personal opinions. There is a lot of knowledge from a huge range of academic fields, and a truly diverse atmosphere of opinions and experiences. You should be tolerant of and even really inquisitive of other people's ideas, experiences and opinions. Issues concerning religion, race, gender relations and sexual orientation are openly discussed among peers and in the learning environment. Openness to things that are new is crucial to making the Georgetown experience worthwhile.


A person that wants to attend this school should be very dedicated and disciplined with their academics. They should be willing to accept any challenge that comes their way and never give up.


There is no such thing as a "standard Georgetown student." The only uniting factor among students here is a drive to succeed and academically intelligent. Often, any given student seems to fit into a specific stereotype but actually participates in activities that completely shatter that stereotype. For example, a football player who sings in an a cappella group, or a lacrosse player that can also tap dance.


This school is suited best for highly motivated, outgoing students.


Self-motivated students and self-starters; people looking to widen their horizons


Strongly motivated students looking for a strong alumni network and good credentials. Someone wanting to experience life in a large city, or someone who is interested in law/politics. Students looking for good school spirit in a relatively small school community.


Upper middle class square


A self-driven student who is tolerant and accepting of other people and cultures should attend Georgetown. Students should be open-minded, and willing to learn not only in the classroom but in life. The diversity of the student body requires that all students be understanding, tolerant, and quick to learn rather than quick to pass judgment.


People who like to work hard all week long and take the weekends to relax. Also, being in DC means there is enormous political involvement on the part of students. If this bothers you, you might be better off elsewhere; students are informed, opinionated and active but generally open to constructive dialog from all different political views.


Motivated academically


Any person that wants a great education with not such a competitive atmosphere should take advantage of Georgetown University. The college has a great balance between the city and the more tranquil atmosphere at Georgetown. You can have accessibility to every kind of store, restaurant or resource you might need, while still retaining a campus. People who love diersity and feeling a big part of the university should come to Georgetown. Georgetown students are proud, and for a reason.


If you are very liberal and eccentric, Georgetown might make you feel uneasy. The stress level here is high, and it tends to be on the preppy side. However, people here are really friendly and interesting in their own way.

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