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What kind of person should not attend this school?


Georgetown University is imbued with multicultural exchange and understanding. Our diverse community constantly empowers students to be open-minded and to even challenge their own viewpoints. An individual who is unwilling to accept and appreciate diversity, and to examine opposing perspectives would most likely have difficulty adjusting to such an environment. However, because Georgetown values every individual, there is not a “kind of person who shouldn’t attend this school.” All are welcome and encouraged to apply. A Georgetown University education will gradually shape the scholar to finding and then leaving and traveling beyond her or his comfort zone.


Someone who just wants to slack off and party--you're wasting a lot of money to go to a school if you just plan on taking easy classes and slacking, and you definitely shouldn't do it at a competitive (and expensive) school.


I think that a person who is not interested in being academically successful and growing as a student and as a human being should not attend Georgetown. It is a great place to grow and learn, but only if one is so willing.

Hui Min

Georgetown is a liberal arts school. If a student wishes to design his or her own schedule as they do at Brown, they might find the core requirements cumbersome. The Jesuit identity defines part of the Georgetown experience. Students here will discuss their religious beliefs and views at some point during their time here. If a student is not comfortable with contemplating about their religious viewpoints, some classes and conversations may be awkward for them.


If you don't like working hard or challenging yourself then Georgetown is not the place for you. Georgetown can be difficult, the academics can be intense and the students are competitive, but we all have dreams and want to succeed. You must be willing to motivate yourself. This is the key to success at this school. Georgetown also has people from different backgrounds and if you are not willing to have an open mind than this is not the place for you.


Extremely closed-minded individuals.


Someone who is not afriad to talk about issues concern our entire world. People here need to speak out on what they believe but should have an open mind to the other views expressed. People party hard but still talk about intellectual subjects.


Students who are not driven to be personally and professionally successful will not be comfortable at Georgetown. Students who are not willing to give back to the local community in the form of public service will not fit well at Georgetown.


I wouldn't say any student shouldn't attend this school, but I do recognize it is a difficult enviornment for students that do not come from the top high schools in the nation. Preperation is key, living in low income enviornments and attending ill funded schools makes the transition difficult and forces you to play catch up thoughout college. It is a Jesuit campus very open to all students so I think everyone can potentially have a positive experience.


Someone who thrives on artistic diversity, a free spirit. Someone who doesn't like to play by the rules because by golly, we have a lot. And you can't break them, or people will stare.


Someone who is hardworking and friendly.


Someone who prioritizes their social life over academics should not attend this school.


A person who is not accepting of a diverse assortment of beliefs and lifestyles lived by their peers. Any person who is not willing to put forth 100% into all of their endevours may find him or herself feeling out of touch with those motivated to succeed. While academic success is by far the chief goal of all those attending, a person who has trouble letting their hair down may be overwhelmed. A person who does not like to become involved in campus will quickly become lost socially.


Someone who isnt academically inclined/motivated. The classes are very difficult and you will have to balance work and play. Someone who dislikes cities should not attend either.


Georgetown's Catholic identity is not extremely pervasive, but it does impact certain aspects of campus life, for instance we cannot sell condoms on campus and do not have a gender-blind housing option. Someone uncomfortable with those limitations shouldn't come here. Likewise someone who is super into subculture might feel out of place here.


unless you are really career or academically focused, georgetown isnt very open to your typical west coast kid. skateboarding, rock music, pot are all outwardly frowned upon by 70% of the students. very apparent WASP aspect.


Someone who isn't open-minded or independent, someone who isn't eager to learn new things or meet new people.


Someone who cannot maintain a proper balance of work and play, who does not have a strong ethical foundation, and who does not feel comfortable in a city.


A prospective student ought to aim for excellence in the field of their choice. Georgetown students work hard in class and do not hesitate to make their mind known, both in and out of class. The Jesuit influence is strong at Georgetown; students ought to possess an eagerness for learning for the sake of learning itself and a willingness to challenge oneself through the university's diverse core curriculum. Students of diverse backgrounds, fields of interest and abilities can thrive at Georgetown. What we share is a willingness to challenge oneself, a love for learning and a pursuit of excellence.


The majority of students come from middle- to upper-class backgrounds so poorer students tend to feel a little left out. Nearly everyone here works hard in class so total slackers need not apply.


I would say, a hippie or very art oriented person shouldn't attend this school. Because of its city location, nature can be lacking and the art programs are weak.

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