Georgetown University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known the types of classes my transfer credits would count towards; I did't receive my transfer evaluation until halfway through my first semester.


I wish I would have truly understood that I would have to work infintely harder, study more, and alter how I approach schoolwork. In high school, school work and achieving high grades came easily and I assumed that the ease of education would continue once I was in college. Now, being in college for a year I know that it is nothing like high school and I do have to work much harder to achieve the same caliber of grades that I am accustomed. Knowing this knowledge beforehand would have saved me many sleepless nights and hours of stress.


To buy rain boots


While there is a significant Catholic influence at Georgetown, the university still very much encourages one to believe in whatever they want but in doing so be a good person and better your community.


I wish I had known about the pre-college summer programs that they offer here. I would have definitely signed up for a few of them related to international relations or the summer in washington program.


I wish that I knew the importance of talking to upperclassmen. They can really help you out with picking classes and can be great friends. Also, I didn’t realize that Georgetown only has one dining hall which makes your food choices very limited. It is a small school and I didn't realize how small it was. You will see the same people so make sure that you keep good relationships with others because I can guarantee that person you got into a fight with an hour ago you will see at Leos later that evening.


I wish I had realized that it would take a long time to process my scholarship money; I couldn't afford to buy books until a month after classes started. In the future, I would make sure I had money put aside to take care of that. I also wish that I had realized that flying across the country meant my baggage charges would be high; in the future, I would ship the stuff or just buy it here. I also wished someone had prepared me for all the stairs on campus; "the Hilltop" isn't just a romantic nickname.


That students unfortunately do not take advantage of this proximity to resources of the nation's capital and tend to remain isolated on a campus that has a limited scope of social activities and is not very diverse.


When learning about Georgetown there is always an emphasis on how easy it is to access downtown DC via the metro system. However it's often kept quiet that Georgetown does not have its own metro stop like most of the other surrounding colleges. While it is possible to access the nearest metro stop via Georgetown run shuttle, I wish I would have known that these shuttle are not as convenient as theysound I expected to spend a lot more time downtown enjoying all that DC has to offer. However, without a Georgetown metro I have not fulfilled this expectation.


I look back now and I wish I had known about the Continuing Studies Program at Georgetown University 5 years ago. It is not bad that I am just starting the program because I am on the road to undeniable success; but I cannot help but to think that if I had known then what I know now, I could have a PhD in International Affairs, and could be working for the Dept. of State as a Foreign Service Officer/Specialist, or working at a U.S. Embassy.


There is SO much I wish I had known, which is exactly why I filled out this survey. You must consider the DIFFERENT social scenes. Georgetown does not have a big fraternity/sorority scene AT ALL. I am not a sorority girl, so I thought this was a good thing. However, I now believe that you do need frats/sororities as a means to socialize. At Georgetown, parties are very small and intimate usually with close friends, so I've found it hard to date and meet new people when it comes to parties.


That you did not have to take all of the classes just as it is stated in the book. I wish I knew how to be more studious


I wish I had known more about the student body, student life and the social/weekend life of the students/campus. It was a definite "culture shock" for me, my freshman year. I'm not sure if knowing more about the realities of the social circumstances would have changed my mind in terms of attending GU, but I feel as though I might have been more prepared, and consequently, less frustrated.


I wish that I had known the amount of tests that exist. There are few papers and projects, instead I have found that much of the curriculum is based on a few midterms and then a final.


Everything is expensive in a city - tuition is not the only thing that goes up. Academics are tough so if you can avoid working 20+ hours a week to pay the bills you should.


I wish I would have known more about the school's department in which I am majoring. I wish I would have known more about they type of students the school attracts.


How hard it would be to be successful.


That it should have been my first choice.


how conservative it is how wealthy the students are


About all the faith services located off campus targeted at college-age


To be open minded and make the most of every moment and every opportunity.

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