Georgetown University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I truly love the sense of community at my school. I applied to many colleges and universities, but chose Georgetown because of the inviting people who were also diverse and could allow me to learn and develop as a whole person rather than simply academically. I appreciate the jesuit values of my school without forcing its students to be religious and the continued support from every staff and faculty member.


I believe the best aspect of Georgetown is the sense of community that exists at Georgetown. It is hard not to fit in when everyone is part of the Hoya family. This sense of kin that exists within undergraduates creates an environment that is fertile for both learning in classrooms and learning in real life. The social scene at Georgetown is one that will surely lead to great connections for future job opportunities as well. I believe that Georgetown successfully portrays a school that balances the pressures of academic work with the fun that every college student should experience.


The best thing about Georgetown is the feeling of pride. Everyone on campus loves the school. Students are driven to succeed in the classroom, but they are willing to help each other. We are Hoyas, and that is felt everywhere.


Georgetown's reputation combined with its location in Washington DC affords it many unparalleled opportunities. We have amazing guest speakers - famous politicians as well as experts in every academic field, tons of free museums, amazing internship opportunities, etc.


The location


I believe that the best thing about Georgetown is its emphasis on diversity. The school stresses the importance of diversity and I consider that one of the most amazing things. I have met so many different people from various backgrouds, socio-economic statuses, ethnicties, and personalities. Knowing so many people truly makes you a better person, for you are able to see other parts of the world and hear opinions that would have otherwise not exisited to you.


Attend Georgetown allows be access to the best research facilities in the academic world. The faculties commitment to scholarly learning put me in the avant-garde of students worldwide. Georgetown social culture fosters learning outside of the campus and aids ones journey in life beyond school. It is a thrilling experience to be in the center of the Nation’s capital just minutes away from the Library of Congress and the Capitol building. For me you are learning in the neighborhood circles that I will one day work. Through our speakers series we have access to many world Leaders.


The sense of unity and the faculty are the two best features of Georgetown. It is truly a great learning institution with a history of propogating the Truth.


The Catholic values and teachings because there are somethings more important than a degree.


Georgetown University's curriculum and faculty are the heart of the university. The faculty and their relationships with stduents is phenomenal. The professors are invested in thier students success and academic growth. I have defintley become a stronger scholar and more prepared for professional and field experiences becuase of the courses that i have taken at the university. Small class sizes, individual attention and a strong push from the school's faculty for academic success is what every student at the university expereiences.


The ability to have stimulating classes and professor who care about your progress and want you to succeed. The classes are also complimented by the vast array of activities and opportunities that lie beyond the front gates in the Washington, DC community.


It's rich history and heritage and the nature of the Jesuit identity that enriches and fulfills the university's mission.


The fact that its located in Washington, DC with such great access to internships and the city.


The amazing Catholic community which I have become a part of.


The atmosphere, professors, programs, and how helpful everyone is. They really care that you do well.


It is in the ideal location. You still have the feel of a close-knit campus but you also have the city minutes away.


I think one of the best things about Georgetown University is the availability of opportunities. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to learn about a new culture, an opportunity to explore the capitol or an opportunity to gain professional experience in your field, chances are Georgetown has the resources to help you achieve that. Professors, on-campus offices and the vibrant location of our school enables our education to include more than just the classroom.


While the academic environment can be overwhelming for some, I find it really invigorating. It allows students who are interested in learning to have access to the resources that they need to succeed. The students who attend this school are all really smart while maintaining a very down to earth attitude which is very refreshing. The passion that the students feel for the school and for learning is infectious and that is one of my favorite things about the school.


Georgetown University pushes its students to their maximum potential. Classes find a good balance between teacher-student interaciton, and forcing students to learn by themselves and from one another.


The wide array of oppurtunities avaliable and the Jesuit teachers on campus are great!


The prospective carrear ahead of a graduate and the alumnai connections.


the connections you make with either incredibly intelligent or incredibly well connected students. mostly the quality of the student body as driven and intelligent. additionally, the teachers are generally of high quality though about 1 out of every 10 classes has a teacher that is dumber than a third of the students in class


The people because they are so open, smart, and caring.


Georgetown has something for everyone. Whether you're a jock or a hipster or a political junkie, you'll find a social group that works for you. Don't let anyone tell you Georgetown is anything but what you see yourself. People love to pigeon-hole us.


I love the experience.


The location has everything; bars, museums, monuments, parks, and great restaurants.


Proximity to Washington, DC and opportunities on campus.


I consider the best thing about Georgetown is how excellent it is in so many diverse fields. You can change your majors with ease because you do not have to worry about the quality of education offered in other fields of interest. It is an excellent academics school although most students are down to earth and willing to help in tough courses. Georgetown is a community that is always proud to do good for the university and its students. Alumni are extremely helpful and are willing to always help regarding jobs and counseling.


The diversity of students is nice because I think college would be a lot less interesting if I was surrounded by people who have everything in common.


The openness to new ideas. Everyone has a different view, and at Georgetown, students and professors are encouraged to express their views and learn about the views of others.


More stairs...scary


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Walking Past Reiss


Red Square


Healy Lawn

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