Georgia College and State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Georgia College and State University, Georgia's Designated Public Liberal Arts University, is a breeding ground for unlimited potiential, a home for scholars who are confident in their next life choice and are ready to take the world by storm; and it is also home for students who lack that confidence in what life has in store, but are willing to invest in life's abundance of tangible aspirations.


GCSU is a smaller school, making it easy to meet lots of people, and get adjusted to college life.


Georgia College and State University it everything I expected it to be and more, with its beautiful open court yard and common area, wonderful employees, bubbly students with big smiles, a home-like atmosphere, the down-home-back-woods experience, and all the great opportunities to grow and learn and be the best I can be.


A small school with a lot of personallity


Our school is very laid back but it is still able to challenge you.


GCSU is very welcoming of anyone who sets foot on the campus, whether he is a visitor or student.


GCSU is a beautiful campus with a downtown location and an old world charm that offers a great education for a reasonable price.


GCSU is a very friendly, open, and academic based place, where all the students and faculty get along very well with each other.


My school is full of diversity, learning, and exciting oppertunties that let you explore your inner self and help you decide where you want to go in your life.


Georgia College & State University is the perfect mix between a small, intimate college and the feeling of a real cut-throat university.


My school is entertaining.


A great little town where you can feel at home


My school is a great place to learn and it is also a great place to make friends and learn about life.


Study hard and play hard, but always know you can never study too much.


Georgia College and State University is a quiet, friendly, and academically oriented campus.


This college is truely represtened by the community, being the center of attention within the city, students come from all parts of Georgia to recieve a great education from this small four year school.


Someone who has respect for diversity and wants a chance to truly shine; someone who doesn't want to be a number.


It's a great place to meet new friends and get involved in clubs, sports, volunteering, etc. and there's something for everybody!


GCSU has been the most positive and influential stepping stone in the path to my future.