Georgia College and State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


GCSU is best known for its active volunteer community, with students volunteering a plethora of hours every semester in the surrounding areas.


Georgia College is best known for their diversity and superb liberal arts programs.


GCSU is best known for the small town feel, where everyone knows everyone. It is a great feeling walking around campus, Wal-mart, or local resturants and always running into someone you know.


GCSU is known for being Georgia's Public Liberal Arts College. It offers the experience of a larger university without the hustle and bustle of the big city. There always seems to be an upbeat attitude on campus.


It is best known for being Georgia's only public liberal arts college, and having a great standing in comparison to other schools in the state. The school has a very small town atmosphere where everyone is friendly with each other even if they don't know each other. The classes are small, and the professors are always willing to help or find others to help if they aren't available. Students are known to get bang for their buck at this school.


The best thing about my school is how it is like a family and everyone wants to help you to do your best. This is seen in the both the faculty and the students. The faculty will help you if you ever need help with anything, they actually like when students come to their office hours. Also the people here are just generally nice, even if you kind of know someone they will come and say hi and have an interest in what they are learning. Its like a family is all the resources that are available for you.


I'm pretty sure GCSU is most known for its nursing program. We have one of the top nursing programs in the state, & also in the United States. We are Georgia's public liberal arts university & the students are proud to be there.


my school is best know for the Governor's Mansiom.


The early childhood education and nursing programs


I would say Georgia College & State University is best known for is its academic quality. It?s received multiple awards including being listed on Princeton Review?s nation?s 50 ?Best Value? public college and universities. It has a numerous variety of classes, all of which are taught in small class environment to help students succeed.


I believe GC&SU is best known for being a Liberal Arts College. I think because it is a Liberal Arts College it brings so many diverse people, beliefs, and opinions to the school. You can learn so much outside of the classroom at GC&SU just because you are exposed to so many new and different people. Its always exciting to meet someone new at GC&SU because you know they aren't going to be like anyone you have met before.


My school is best know for small classses and good academics. It does not have a football team or anything, so most people leave on the weekends.


A small campus with eccentric people. Its also known to be Georgia's best kept secret as far as a college choice goes. It is known for its beautiful campus and wide variety of students. It is also in the center of the state so its not too far from the city or the beach. It also has a great student-teacher ratio.


Its hospitality and high standards