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Georgia College is a public university that still has a small-school feeling. The teachers learn your name and face in evry class and actually care about you. The atmosphere is homely and inviting, and everyone is able to get involed and able to have a great time, no matter how long you are here.


We are all very proud of our school and have so much school spirit. We also are very involved on campus, and there is a very enjoyable environment on campus. The people are so nice and welcoming.


Georgia College has the largest volunteer center in the state of Georgia. The school also puts a lot of money into other student organizations and maintains its beautiful campus.


GCSU has the most beautiful campus I have ever visited and the safest in the state. I considered the University of Ga but I couldn't stand the thought of being just a number and nobody knowing my name or caring. My school has the diversity and opportunities I care for but I still feel like people care about one another here. I have spoken to the staff in our food court and they said the students and faculty here show them more respect than any other job they have had.


Well for starters, we are a liberal arts school and we have a CORE curriculum set up which requires every student to take classes in diversity and different ethnicities. Also, we aren't one of the giant universities where you are just part of the whole. At Georgia College, the professors know the students by name and I have no quandaries about seeking out and talking to my professors about anything. It's not too small, and not too big.


It's small and really close-knit. The grade scale is a little easier than most other universities as they don't have the + or - system-- an A is an A, a B is a B, etc.


GCSU is smaller than the other schools I considered, and I love it! It's more like a family than just a group of people. I have become really close with a lot of the people that live in the dorms with me, and I definitely don't feel like just a number, I feel like a person with a name. Also, everything at GCSU is within walking distance. Unless you live off campus, you don't have to drive anywhere you can always walk.


The people are very unique. This campus has a relaxed atmosphere while it is still academically rigorous.


At Georgia College & State University, the professors put forth the effort to make sure you understand the material, instead of just expecting you to know it all on your own. The campus is small (but gorgeous) , which makes it easy to get around & the classes are mostly small too, which helps there be more of a student-teacher interaction. I just like the effort the teachers put forth to get to know their students & to help us succeed.


A unique thing about my school is that it is liberal arts and therefore there are all kinds of people around and all kinds of different oppurtunities to get invovled. I've met a ton of different people that I never would have met had I choosen another school. There is also a group for everyone to find and fit in too. I also enjoy the smaller class sizes and I've noticed that most of my teachers have all tried to learn our names, which I found surprising.