Georgia College and State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are great. I have gotten to know the majority of all my teachers really well and they are all open to interaction.


Believe it or not, GCSU is the third most competitive public school in the state behind Tech and UGA, and the average admitted student's GPA is only .1 lower than at UGA and .2 lower than at Tech. I found that hard to believe when I found out. I love the size of my classes; the largest class I have been in had about 65-70 students, and most classes I take range from having 20-30 students. I was also surprised at the level of care that professors have about their students. I have spent time with a couple of my former teachers since I took their classes just to talk one-on-one, or with other former students. They are far more approachable than I expected college professors to be. I feel that GCSU is academically competitive, but its classes are do-able.


We have a lot of very good class choices here at Georgia College. Right now I'm in a Buddhism class, and coupled with my advanced learning of psychology course, I'm making connections to the world that I never thought possible. I'm a psychology major and I love it. I love the professors in the psychology department; they are kind and they will help you with anything you're struggling with. Because of the small class size, participation is required in a great deal of my classes (there is usually an attendance policy) and the professors usually know my name. I think there is a good balance at this school of learning for knowledge's sake and learning what you need to know to obtain a job. If you pick a major that requires electives, that is a great opportunity to take classes that will further your general knowledge of the world and society. I would have to say that nursing is one of our most competitive and prestigious majors. We have a really good nursing program that will guarantee you a job after school, but it is extremely competitive. Studying frequently to keep your GPA high is very important. Overall, I think we have a good selection of majors and classes that will help you get your degree and get a job while furthering your general knowledge and areas of personal interests at the same time.


The academics at GCSU are just above average I would guess. This is the only college I have ever attended so I do not have much to compare it to. Most of the professors really care about their students and make themselves available to speak with us about all of our concerns. As a Psychology major, I have enjoyed getting to know all of the professors in the department. I have chosen a very competitive major, but a little competition is good for us all. The academics here are geared toward preparing us for life after an undergraduate career. Whether the next step be entering the workforce or going to grad school, GCSU strives to prepare its students for wherever life may lead them.


I would say that all of my professors have belived/still believe in getting their students to actually learn what they're being taught. I haven't been overwhelmed with homework and, yet, I feel as if I've gotten the right amount to reinforce what I've been taught in class. My professors have been available, and encouraging of students who want to see them outside of class for help. They frown heavily upon cheating, and command respect in their classrooms without having to be a dictator. Students with whom I've taken classes have kept the learning environment peaceful. Rarely have I been witness to classroom disruptions, and those I have encountered were minor at worst. I've received much valuable help with my major, pre-health education, though I had just switched to it before the second semester of my freshman year. My advisor and others in her department have been friendly, helpful, and willing to guide me through the process of getting into necessary classes and on-track to a career in physical therapy.