Georgia College and State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love how well rounded the school tries to make you. I also enjoy the small classroom sizes which encourages discussions and the close relationship you can develop with teachers. Also the teachers are passionate, caring and intelligent. Despite that Milledgeville is small it is growing all the time and it has a charm to it.


GCSU is a small school, which gives you a really great opportunity to get acclimated to college, without the pressure of a big name university. It has a great academic reputation in GA. Last I heard, it's third in the state in terms of academics.


The campus is beautiful. The town is friendly. The professors are kind and understanding and knowledgeable.


I brag most about the people and the classes. The professors are really nice and want to help you. If you ever need any help there is a campus resource to help you. Whether it be accademic or not. They try to help you become a well rounded person. I enjoy the time with my friends and all the things outside of school there is to particpate in. I really enjoy Campus Catholics and the friends i met there. I just love the atmsphere and the weather most of the time.


New things I learn in my history classes.


The small classes and the professors


That the school is located in a great community with a small town atmosphere, which positively influences the way I learn and go about school life, that is stress free. The class sizes are small and allows you and the professor to connect on a more personal level. That the professors are willing to do what they need to, to make sure that you succeed and are able to get a great job once you graduate. They don't mind accomodating their schedules for you if you need them.


Small class size, professors who care about individual students' performance, small-town atmosphere that emphasizes community


Even though there are so many great things about GC&SU, what I love most about it is the atmosphere. This is a place where you are going to be for four years, so you better love it. GC&SU makes that so easy with the great architecture of the buildings and beautiful landscaping. Sitting on front campus is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic things I have ever experienced.


its really fun and you see lots of a friends with good teachers. the campus is small but convenient and there is lots to do.


Location, size, Nursing program.


I brag about the beautiful campus and the proffessors. Its a small place where peaople can shine.