Georgia College and State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


We like down in the South. The stereotype would be that we live with a bunch of white, racist hicks. The hicks part isn't true but racism is definitely alive down here.


There are a lot of Greek students. If you're not Greek though, you're probably a big christian.


People see GCSU students as mainly kids who didn't get in to UGA. To an extent, this is true. GCSU has its fair share of students who either missed getting in to UGA by a little bit, or just plain wanted a smaller school. However, it is also full of kids who came to Milledgeville, saw the campus, and fell in love with the school


There isn't exactly a stereotype here, but the students are very diverse, and everyone participates here in one way or another!


There isn't exactly a stereotype here, but the students can be described as more toned down than UGA students


We don't have a typical "stereotype" at Georgia College, but I would classify our students as a prettier, toned down version of UGA's students. With the 6:1 girl to guy ratio, there are a lot of pretty girls all over campus.


A general stereotype of many students at my school is that the majority are sorority and fraternity kids. It is very easy to distinguish which specific one students who partake in these activities are a part of. There are the definite "ditzy" girls, and the partier guys, while others are more respectable. I do think this is an accurate description of a large part of the student body at GCSU.


This is not true at all. While yes, this school is a predominately white student school each year more and more diverse students of different races are coming to Georgia College and we are promoting and encouraging minorities to come here each year!


There's a nice mix of personalities, ethnicities, etc at my school. I'm not sure if one stereotype can be justifiably applied to the entire student population.