Georgia College and State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who are the "black sheep" of their high school are great candidates for this school! No one here is the same, and it really adds diversity to the community. I think that if i ever went somewhere else, i would not have met as many interesting people as i have here!


A person that enjoys a unique school with personalized attention. This school is like a private school at a public school price. The teachers really care about you and your grades. The teacher to student ratio is really low so students who need one on one attention would really like this school. People with financial difficulties will be fine here. The staff here will help you find scholarships and grants to be able to go to this school.


Georgia College and State University is a school for people who enjoy and small town feel with the lake and the woods nearby. Our campus has been described as "out of a movie" because we have a beautiful front lawn with students reading, playing frisbee, and laying in hammocks. The people I have met at GCSU are usually good ole' southern gentleman type. Like I mentioned, it's a small university so you don't get the crazy hooligans with the mentality you will never see these people again, because you will.


Someone who is focused on their school work and dedicated to getting and education while still having fun and enjoying college life.


Someone who enjoys older towns should attend Georgia College and State University. Milledgeville is a beautiful town that has a lot of cute places to shop. They should also like smaller cities because Milledgeville is in the country and is not surrounded by any big cities. They should also enjoy smaller colleges because there are less than 6,000 students that attend GCSU.


The kind of person meant for Georgia College is someone who loves art. Whether they make it, play it, act it, sing it, or just like to enjoy it; this is the school for them. I think people who come to Georgia College need to keep an open mind because it is a liberal arts school. If a person is conservative and not open to other ideas, they should not come here. Yet if you like to debate with your teacher and like to be able to walk through the campus easily, come to Georgia College and State University!


Someone who enjoys small class sizes and teachers who actually know their names. Someone who enjoys a small town. Someone who enjoys partying.


Students that should attend Georgia College should be motivated to advance their own educations and wiling to work. They should know their values but be willing to accept others even if their values are different.


The type of person that should attend GCSU is a person who is willing to work hard for success. Someone who likes to plan ahead and is organized and is goal oriented. A person who is willing to go above and beyond in school, as well as in the community, to ensure that a progressive and productive living and learning environment is established. Also someone who is yearning to make a lasting impression and impact that will be positive for those future students to come.


Someone who prefers a smaller school and more academically focused school.


Anyone who has a heart for learning and enjoys campus activities!


Students who want to take it easy and find what they want to do with the rest of their lives.


Someone who wants individual attention to be challenged and succeed, access to supports like tutoring and career counseling, and an atmosphere that puts the person ahead of research or salary.


It is very diverse, we do not have just one type of student. But you do have to be willing to work and study hard. You also have to be willing to be outgoing and try new things.


To attend my school you need to be well educated and what to learn more. You have to want to strive for higher learner because that is what you will receive.


A student who is driven to achieve academically. If you like a small setting, this is the college for you. The class sizes are small so students are able to be more involoved within the class and the teachers. Academics is not the only aspect of college, if you like a variety of extracurricular activities this college has plenty to offer.


Someone who is looking to get away from the city, but still wants a great education. This place really is like recieving a private school education for a public school price.


Anyone who wants a culturally diverse social network.


I believe that anyone who wants can attend this school. If you like to have fun but get a good education and make life-long friends, then this is the perfect school to go to.


Anyone interested in a generarl degree. It seems to be a good undergraduate school, then students transfer to more well known schools. If you dont want a huge college but still want to feel like your at college, this is the place to be. Many people here like the outdoors, and are enviromentally friendly. There isnt too much to do on the weekends, so you have to be creative.