Georgia Gwinnett College Top Questions

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Classes are very small! There are less than 30 students in each class, and the professors are very dedicated to your success. They have an open-door policy, so you can meet with them any time they are in their office. Everyone is very friendly, and there are a lot of opportunities to have fun on campus. Events happen every week, and there are many clubs you can join. Some professors even give extra credit if you attend certain events.


Georgia Gwinnett is a new four year institution located in Gwinnett County. The unique thing about GGC is that every student is given their professors cell phone number so that they may contact them when they are having a problem. The other unique thing about GGC is that we are also given the Vice Presidents cell phone number. Classrooms are capped at a 24 student limit. The telepones are always answered by a live person in financial aid. This is very important when you are trying to ensure that you can start school on time.


Small and effective classroom sizes despite the large amount of students enrolled at the university.