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Georgia Gwinnett College

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What kind of person should not attend this school?

The kind of person that shouldn't attend Georgia Gwinnett College is someone that does not want to succeed. GGC is the kind of school that allows students to have a different kind of college experience. The college has a dynamic ensuring the professors and students have a good relationship. Classes are small and they want for the students to have a good understanding of their classes. GGC also offers a lot of tutoring and mentoring is also good to keep your grades up. Overall you have to not want to succeed to fail at Georgia Gwinnett College.

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People who love student involvement. Student clubs are few and far between and only meet about once a month. Most students are commuters, and so while the campus is relatively busy and the parking packed during the day, it is a complete ghost town at night except for night classes. It is not a very cohesive community by any means. Student hangouts are better left for off campus.

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This school is not for slackers or someone who is not ready to work. Georgia Gwinnett College is dedicated to their students and making sure their students become successful. People who are rude or trouble makers will not fit in neither because this school is full of kind and respectful individuals.

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People who are undetermined and procrastinate and don't take college seriously.

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