Georgia Gwinnett College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The honor's program and GGC is fantastic. It has been an enormous help for me in all aspecs of college life. Through the honor's program I have obtained a solid support group of friends, mentors in all of my professors, and great opportunities ranging from volunteering to meeting political leaders and other important people.


I brag about the campus bookstore, partly because I work there and am working during most of my free time. The people there are awesome and the work environment is great. The employees are helpful and fun to be around, as well. Basically, it's the one stop shop for all your student needs and wants.


I brag about the class size of courses that students take at GGC. The majority of students from various bigger colleges often complain their freshmen year is the toughest for them due to the transition to bigger classes and less help from the teacher. GGC tries to make the transition from high school to college alot easier on students. I appreciate this advantage because my GPA doesn't take as much of a hit as most other students that start at bigger colleges and universities.