Georgia Gwinnett College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


great school


Although it is a very affordable school compared to other big colleges, the professors that teach here are some of the best professors I have ever met.


This school is very underrated from schools a lot of my friends go to. This school may not be as big as other colleges and universities, however, the teachers come from colleges around the world, people are very respectful, and the tuition is very acceptable.


What I love about Georgia Gwinnett College is the class size. I have never been to a class with more than 30 students and most teacher really take time to invest in each student. Every student also has a mentor for any questions. We have about 11,000 students at GGC and this is a perfect size in my opinion. A big problem for me are the gravel parking lots. I do not understand how I have to pay $ 100 a semester to park on these lots with giant potholes and where rocks jump up against my car. Instead of finally paving these parking lots they just make more gravel parking lots.