Georgia Gwinnett College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to breathe. College is not as scary as it seems. The most important thing is to meet with all your professors as soon as you need help. All of them want to help you, and will go out of thier way to do so - even after you leave their class. Years from now you will run into them on campus and they will give you a hug and ask how everything is going. Join the honor's program right away. Do not make Dr. Wunder call you! It is not added work and stress to your freshman year, but rather added support, opportunities, and fun. Keep and open mind and take chances. Attend every event you can, talk to everyone you meet, and lead when you are able. With every opporutity you learn and become more confident. Never let an opportunity pass because you are afraid to take it. Above all have fun. Do not let anything or anyone weight you down. Find the bright side of every situation. The more fun you have the more you will put into the experience. Give college your all and you will get amazing things out of it.


A big lesson was learned once I entered college. Not only I learned how to live on my own, but I also learned that what you do in high school, your senior year, reflects on your first year as a college studet. Knowing what I know now about college life and making this big transition, if I could look go back in time to give myself advice to my senior self, I would tell myself to work harder to be eligble for HOPE. My main focus of senior year of was to have fun, but now I realize if getting my work done was my priority I would be having more scholarships and I wouldnt have stressed about how to pay for scholarships. Another thing I would tell myself is to be better prepared for college. If I was better prepared, I wouldn't be as non-focus as I am.


I would tell myself to adapt a study habit. I never had to study for tests in high school because I just remembered what I needed to remember. Now I'm kicking myself because I'm lacking in those skills when I need them most. So I would tell myself to study even when I didn't need to.


One morning you will wake up in a psychiatric hospital. Your family is 1000 miles away but they have no clue you are here. You are a legal adult of 18 who is able to make important decisions about the rest of your life with the signing of a document. And you will not tell them for days because they are helping you pay for the $38000 tuition and how dare you? It has not even been two months but an F and an essay due tomorrow have shattered you. How dare you break those straight As? How dare depression shackle you to your bed for months afterwards? You will panic at going to a new school, at the thought of history repeating. It takes time. You will sit resentfully at the state of your life, but then start to participate. Engaging and studying is not so bad. And soon you will have two part time jobs and look for internships and learn more than you ever have, closer to your degree everyday. And you will cry while writing this because it is not college life that brought ambition back. It’s because college is a line on your resume.


Dear senior, Here’s what you need to know: don’t stress when life overwhelms you. Life is going to be tough for a few years and you will absolutely mess up. That’s okay. You’re not going to succeed easy. Just stay focused on what you want to do. Don’t let others interrupt your dream. You’ll do fine. Don’t let family drama and chaos force you out of your dreams. Stay on the English path. It’s where you need to be. Double major in history. You’re going to need it. Along with learning German for when you meet the love of your life. Choose a better school. Strife high. Don’t worry about SAT scores. In the end? They’re not nearly as important as you being okay. You’re smart. Don’t let anyone tell you different. You’ll be fine. Love,Your Future Self.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self; I would say to be prepared. What I mean by being prepared is knowing what I want to major in college. Knowing what major I want to be in helps to stay on track and not take extra classes that aren't useful in other majors. I would also like to tell myself to be ready for the transition of scheduling classes. Being a freshman all classes are picked over and we get the end of the barrell. So get ready to have early classes and late evening classes. All that really matters is being able to take the classes needed to get my education. All in all I must say you did everything right in highschool and it should be a smooth transition for me next semester. Good luck.


I would tell myself to save all that money I was making instead of spending it on pointless things. I didn't realise how much everything would cost me once I was out of my parent's house. I'd also tell myself to just check the dang oil in the car, it would have saved me a 2800 dollar lesson. I'd tell him to pick up guitar, it's way easier than you think it is, just put effort into learning it. The last thing I'd tell myself would be to actually get decent grades and get that last tenth of a grade to acquire the hope scholarship.


i would tell my self to be more open and get started on college planing earlier so it wouldnt hurt you in the long run, think about what you really want to do and set that goal, and become a better person.


Undergraduate course work is like high school work on steroids; the same outlined material, but more in depth and at a faster pace. In high school teachers warned us about the double workload of college classes. The advice I would give to myself would be to establish a successful study habit and to learn the material not simply memorize it. You are about to encounter new responsibilities, therefore, learn to prioritize. Your work and social life will become more interesting; in order for you to not fall behind, it is crucial that you learn your best study habits. College professors will present the information once, and hold you accountable for learning the material. Constantly review the material so that you do not cram the night before the exam. You build on your prior knowledge. If you simply memorize the material for the test you will forget it and spend time later relearning the same bits and pieces. On the contrary if you learn and understand the objectives, you can connect different problems and have a more analytical insight. My advice to you is do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. Knowing what I know now about college,life and making the transition there is qute a lot of advice I would give myself. The advice I would give myself as a Senior in high school would be to prepare for more responsibility. College life is not at all like high school. Working a part time job and going to school full-time is a lot of work. However, it is completely worth it because of the future I am building. As a senior, I did not fully comprehend responsibility. If I could go back, I would do everything possible to prepare myself for that responsibility. There may be more freedom in college, but with freedom comes responsibility.


I would tell myself that college flies by fast and is a great experience. In order to enjoy the most out of it, I'd have to go out and explore the world. College requires great worth ethnic, but at the end the pay out is worth the hard work. College life is a totally new unexpected experience. There are many that would appreciate the opportunity to continuing their eduacation, so one has to be greatful that they will recieve that opportunity.


Hey Wynter, I know college seems like an impossible feat because of our insufficient financial funds, but don't let that hold you back. There are so many opportunities for us to grasp, we just need to venture out and find them. I wish I could've told you to study more, shoot for the highest grades you can and don't settle for anything less than excellent. People don't care about what you know until you show them how much you care and reveal your desire to learn. College is a stressful environment. The work load is more than we've ever had, but with perseverance and determination, I have utter faith in you to carry us both to new heights. Where limitation is only a word and exhaustion is a thing of the past. Never give up Wynter, no matter how hard the path we walk upon will seem or the obstacles of life that test us. I know you will do great and be all you can dream to be.


I would tell myself that it is worth working hard. You need to make the grades the get the awards. It makes paying for college so much easier. Also, the harder you work in high school, the more it will pay off in learning course material for college. It will improve your study skills and your motivation. And always, always ask questions when you need to.


Since I didn't get into the school at the top of my list, I would tell my high-school self that it is alright to "settle for less". I would say that dwelling on what could have been takes up more energy than actually working with what you are given. Through my experience at my current college, I have found that it doesn't matter where you end up for college; all that matters is that you get to experience it and receive the education you are setting out for. As for the actual tranistion, I would tell my past self to make a lot of friends. Most of my friends went to different colleges all over the country, so reestablishing a strong social network will definitely prove useful throughout the education process. Since I knew I'd be living at home, I would also tell myself that I would need to expend a little more energy to make and secure social ties. Not living on campus can make you feel somewhat cast out. But this feeling can easily be remedied by making many friends. The way today's world seems to work, it's all who you know.


If I could go back and give my younger self advice about college I would tell myself to think. The past two years that I have been in college have in my mind, been too laid back and relaxed. Unfortunately, when I enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett College I did not take the whole college experience seriously because it was a new school and I was convince that the grades I earned and the decisions I made would not really decide my future. So if I could go back I would stress to my younger self that I should always use my head and not simply go with the flow.


So far, my experience at college has provided me with a lot of freedom that was not available in high school. One of the first pieces of information that was shared to the students of GGC was the fact that college degreees earn more money in most cases. Based on this information, I felt more encouraged to go to school to reap the benefits of money and learn more about the goals that I want to pursue later in life. School has been very valuable to me because it has helped me see the depth of some of the things that I want to do with my future. My goal is to be an mechanical engineer. Any engineer knows that the world is changing everyday. As engineers get older, their methods of doing things get older as well. In order for advancements to occur in the world, there needs to be new ideas presented. College is giving me basis that I need to solve problems and get to a higher and fresher level of thinking.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the feeling of freedom and great responsibility. I have been able to use the study habits that I had obtained in high school to help me accomplish goals that I have set for myself in college. It has been valuable to attend Georgia Gwinnett College, because of the extraordinary education that I receive here from the many dedicated teachers and the many opportunities that will be available to me once I have completed college.


I have learned that you have to do everything by yourself nothing is giving to you like in high school I had to learn that the hard way, but its good for me.


i have no college experience because i haven't attended college yet but i hope college will be fun and hard work.


Even though I will be going to college this fall, I really feel that I will have a positive college experience. I feel that I have found the perfect fit for my school. It has everything I need and more to help further my education and help me begin my career soon after.


My college experience has been a truly amazing one. I started attending college in the Fall of 2008. I was 15 years old at the time. I was enrolled in the Dual-Credit Program. The Dual-Credit Program is a program in which a high school student gets to enroll in college classes and gets credit towards both high school and college. On May of 2010, I graduated high school and in the Summer of 2010 I will have an Associate's Degree in Science. Attending college as a high school student has really helped me mature and grow more as a person. Attending college also made me more responsible. I think that attending college is valuable because it is really just the beginning of a very long road that ends with sucess. Sucess is my goal and if college helps me get closer to that goal then it is valuable. I have also noticed that college has made me more social and being social is definitely important in this society.


I know that a college education is important for success. I am working towards a career in engineering, and the education I am receiving in college is helping me reach my goal. I have learned how to be independent in college and to be responsible when it comes to homework, studying, and group projects. This has helped prepare me for the business world. Once I graduate from college, the skills I have learned and the achievements I have earned will make me a more desirable candidate for jobs. I have also had the wonderful experience of being a part of a campus club. I have gained more organizational skills through this experience, and I have made many great friends. I have learned how to work well with others towards a main goal, and my communication skills have prospered as well. These skills will help me one day as I step into a workplace and work alongside my coworkers. Attending college has been a great experience, and is constantly preparing me for the rest of my life.


Well I actually learn new stuff everyday and I have always love learning new stuff, it keeps your mind working. I learned that everyone has a lot to learn, even if they think that its too late to go back to school. Everyone has the oppurtunity to learn. Presonally I love to learn new stuff everyday that's what keeps me going in college. Even if someone thinks that they know everything there's still new and exciting things to be discovered, it will surprise us everyday. I took the first step and it's not going to end becuse there will be many steps that will take me where I want to be and that first step was going to college. I experience something different everyday and I love to experience new things every single day that's what makes it fun. A new day means new discoveries and that's the most valuable thing I experienced and learned in college. I'm glad that I decided to attend college.


I am starting in the winter semester. I graduated from high school in 1996. I have 4 children and a morgage and in todays society, to have only a high school diploma is not enough. It no longer matters what your skills and experience is without a degree or certifications you can't even get an opportunity to prove your self and your abilities. This will offer me opportunities to get employment where in a workforce to many people lie about their abilities, and every company rightfully now questions what a person says he or she can do. If any high school kids or others get the opportunity to read this I spent the last 10 years making decent money and i am very good at what I do and many companies have said I am an asset. Now with the changes in the economy without certifications you can't find decent employment. Im writing this to get help so that I can better my future for myself and my family!


Going back to college has been the best decision I have ever made. When I graduated high school, I had no real appreciation for college. I graduated from high school in 1985, married in 1989, and divorced in 2003. Finding myself divorced with five children, and an ex-husband in prison for seven years was no joke, this was a serious wake up call for me. Not only would I need to find a way to support my children, but, I wanted to do it without having to compromising our standard of living. I knew that in order to do this, I would need to earn my college degree. I also knew that if I wanted my children to understand the importance of completing college then what better way then for them to watch me earn mine. While I have been in college, I have immersed myself into not only my studies but I have joined clubs, honor societies, and have leant my voice to others about the importance of completing college. My college experience has not only increased my self esteem, but in the process of feeling better, it has allowed me to help others feel better about themselves.


My college experience has been different than anyone who is attending a University. I still live at home with my parents, but I enjoy spending time with them. I think if I were attending UGA then things would be different in the way I would live. I would be staying in a dorm room without my parents. Also, right now at Georgia Gwinnett College there are not as many students enrolled. My proffesors have helped me tramendously in my studies and have also gotten me to think in different ways. It has been valuable to attend because not only are the students friendly, but so are the proffesors. They are there to help in any way possible. Proffesors care about their students in whether or not they pass their class. In conculsion, at Georgia Gwinnett College everyone looks after one another.


College has allowed me to have a lot of opportunities and experiences I wouldn't have otherwise had. I have also made a lot of new friends and networking connections. I would never be able to reach my personal goals and aspirations without a college degree.


The main advice I would give myself, truly, is to learn better sleeping habits. I have gotten into the habit of staying up late then waking up early. This causes poor focus in class and sub-par participation behavior. I would also warn myself about the dangers of procrastination. And my final piece of advice would be to tell myself not to overreact about college. Yes, it is difficult, but not impossible!


I would tell myself that college work and exams are not the same as high school. You cant put work and study for exams last minute otherwise you are not going to get the grade you want. Also you have alot more freedom when you are in college, so dont ask to use the restroom because you will look silly. Having so much freedom may be a bad thing to because you are not required to attend class as much and some students abuse this priveledge and sufffer academically. So attend each and every class and take good notes. Also I would tell myself to take advantage of the study and tutoring programs alot of colleges have to offer to help with my grade. Finally, just to get involved with some events that colleges have and interact with new things and people.


There are going to be times when you think that the world is caving in on you, but you have to learn how to overcome the adversity facing you. You need to develop the study habits you never had because you will nedd those and then some in order to become a successful college student. Teachers are also not going to cut you any breaks if you dcide not to complete assigned tasks on the syllubus. The other students will become more willing to assist you because it will beneft them as well. Just keepp your head up and remain postitive and all will be fine.


Doing joint enrollment is the decision that you should make. It will allow you to slowly assimilate to the workload instead of just jumping right into college. Make sure that you get a job, because college isn't cheap at all. You can get a job anywhere you want with all the volunteer hours you have acculmulated over the years. Keep working hard and doing your best. Don't procrastinate because it will come back around and you won't like it. Enjoy your senior year because it's the only one you will get.


Always do what you want to do right then and their. Never wait for the right time, because in all actuallity ther is no correct time to do anything you just have to do it or it will never get done.


College life is a great learning experience, but before entering lets go back to high school where it all begins. High school can be fun but then again we always have teachers telling us that college is way different. In college one doesn't have to worry about attending classes if they don't want to., but not attending class will very much reflect on your grade. I would let fellow seniors know that working hard in high school pays off in college. Having good grades will help one get financial aid such as Hope Scholarship. When teachers make assignments due on certain time, its because in college assignments are always due on time, teachers don't let students know that there is an assignment due. Students have to keep up with the assignments and tests. In highschool start to accept different cultures, because every college has variety of different cultures and religions and one has to learn to accept them. This will make your college experience easier and one will be able to make many friends.


Stay on top of your game because if you blink for a minute the courses will pass you by causing your grades to slip and your mind to wander. Your education is more important than your popularity and the amount of nights you stay up late talking to friends. Your professors are there to help you, pay attention to them, if not for the information for the respect that you owe them!


I would go on more colleges' campus tours in order to get a better view of what I want out of college life. I would have stay overnight on campus and asked questions about their hired graduates and internships. I would also inquire about independent study and what extra activities are offered on campus (clubs, organizations, ect). Also when living on campus, pack lighter !!!!