Georgia Gwinnett College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is registering for classes. Making a scedule that works with work and fits in all the classes I need takes a lot of time and planning. The registration time itself is difficult as well, though this has been made better over the last semester. Before, banner would become overloaded with all the students rushing to sign up for the classes that fit their schedules. Now, however, students are given a set time and date to register. This is set based on class and credit hours obtained. I was able to registar very easily this semester.


The most frustrating thing is the financial aid and lack of payout in order to coddle the incoming freshmen, even though the school is primarily nontraditional students.


the administration is really bad. if you have a question they give you the run around. Youll ask one person and so on until you get referred back to the first person you spoke with. They all say different things.


Finding a parking space


Its frustrating that the school is in the early stages of development which leaves some students wondering when the contruction will cease to interfere with transportation and such.