Georgia Highlands College Top Questions

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It still gives you that high school small class feel ,even though your in college.


My school is new and its at a really pretty campus and it is the only one of the campuses that offers an onsight library. They also offer hybrid classes since every student is a commuter , there are no dorms which kind of makes it less fun to attend college and I dont think I get the full college experience since I am a commuter and its a two year school but everyone transfers out of there to go to a four year school and it helps you prepare which is nice.


Georgia Highlands is a great school. Advisors are there to help. finianical process is easy and it's a wonderdul to go to if any body wants a degree or take their core classes before hitting the College.


i like that the student to teacher ratio is smallerthan bigger universitys


As far as the nursing admission process, an entrance exam was not required, which was one thing that attracted me to them, but they also provide the student with a lot of tools for success. The really seem to want you to succeed and the staff is very open and helpful. They try to be flexible as possible to cater to the adult learner. Which was very important to a working woman with a family. They also have a high first time NCLEX pass rate. Which is extremely important.