Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a great school, with awesome academics, athletics, and campus involvement, but wears down student moral with its huge demands.


From Antarctica to Tanzania, Everest to Oxford, Georgia Tech realizes that our passions will take us far and wide, so it gives us the opportunity to pursue them, in the form of study abroad, internships, research, or outdoor adventure.


The best school on earth! 2nd to maybe Stanford.


Georgia Tech is a school that wants its students to leave its campus with as many opportunities as possible. From study abroad, to co-op and internship opportunities, to the hundreds of clubs on campus.


Georgia Tech is a competitive, research, carreer-driven instituion that puts extreme emphasis on the outcome of their undergraduate and graduate students in their accomplishments and academic success after graduation.


Georgia Tech is defined by its dedicated students and professors who each are expected to go beyond the expectations of the class to find a higher level of knowledge in science and engineering to pursue careers that will benefit the world and the student.


Georgia Tech is a comeptitive and focused school that has excellent professors, amazing students, and even phenomenal reputation for being one of the best in the country! A degree from Georgia Tech will carry one far and it is very easy for students from GA Tech to easily get into internships and other opportunities when they come from this school becaue employers know we are more than prepared to handle anything they will through at us. Though this school is very difficult and challenging, it prepares you very well for the real world and hs an awesome return on investment!


Georgia Tech is an academically challenging school that provides its benefits after graduation, however challenging the course work is there is always an extracirricular.


A rich (abeit difficult) source of knowledge that I hope to use to my greatest advantage in order to pursue my dreams.


An ever-improving institute of education that harshly challenges its' students with a tough workload and strenuous academic culture, while subsequently rewarding them with the great achievement of having the highly respected Tech degree; proclaimed here as the "MIT of the south", Tech has created a susprisingly diverse environement with students of disparate backgrounds from all over the world, with all of us working to experience the deserving jubilance that comes with vocalizing the well-known and exclamatory phrase #IGotOut.


Georgia Tech is infuriating, exhausting, exhilarating, challenging, frustrating, crazy, and intense, and I am incredibly proud to be a Yellow Jacket and a Helluva Engineer!


My school is an epicenter for science and technology, a breeding ground for innovation, creativity and the future; we are a collaboration of scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, leaders and mentors; a support group and most importantly, a community.


It is a wild ride where the student learns a great deal about themselves, the world, and how to succeed.


Top-notch academics with an innovative, professional research atmosphere all within a campus that is located in a big city but doesn't look or feel like a "city campus".


Georgia Tech is an outstanding research institute that emphasizes critical and analytical thinking in students in order to help them become successful individuals in the future.


Georgia Tech is a challenging school that requires absolute effort to earn a degree, but provides all the tools needed to be a leader in engineering and scientific industries.


A large spirited school with emphasis on education.


My school is tough.


For five months preceding my arrival in Atlanta to start the "best four years of my life," I was scared to the point of tears, panic attacks, and sickness, but it didn't take more than five seconds of kindness, friendship, intellectual curiosity, authenticity, and determination from every Yellow Jacket, including myself, to realize I hadn't left home - I'd come home.


My school is daring, reinforcing, and stumulate the need for knowledge.


Georgia Tech is home to individuals from many different cultures that view their education highly.


Georgia Tech is an institution that brings together an eclectic mix of students to study some of the hardest disciplines but somehow instills a sense of school pride that lasts way beyond the 4 years at the school.


Tech is engineering Mecca.


Tech has insane course load, unbelievably difficult projects, and terrible ratio. I still absolutely love it.


The Georgia Intitute of Technology is great institution for anyone interested in the fields of science and engineering; it has an incredible amount of opportunities for students to learn and gain experience in those fields.


Georgia Tech is a great school focused on research and academic while lacking social events.


Georgia Tech has continued a reputation of excellence and service throughout my time here and I could not imagine being anywhere else but here.


Georgia Tech -- one of the top engineering schools in the nation -- is located in the heart of the up-beat and diverse city of Atlanta and is filled with hard-working yet fun-loving students who are full of school pride.


The Georgia Institute of Technology is a challenge worth completing with a diverse student population, which both make up for the mediocre dining hall meals.


Georgia Tech is a multi-layered community that is accepting of all people, cultures, ideas, desires, looks, religions and thoughts, as well as a place where some of the world's students come to learn and strive to achieve greater things in life; in other words Georgia Tech is one-of-a-kind, a unique sanctuary, an oasis in a desert of prejudice, and a place that is truly treasured by all who are lucky enough to be a part of it.


The Georgia Institute of Technology is a school full of both prideful alumni and students, who know working hard in a tough academic environment will eventually pay off in the long run.


Georgia Tech is a well rounded and involved school with opportunities for every type of the student at this school.


A modern campus in the heart of Atlanta.


Georgia Tech is one of the top Engineering Universities in the United States, that provides its students with multiple opportunities to succeed such as various study abroad, research, internship and co-op opportunities; in addition, it is a place where one can find life-long friends, great teachers, and an amazing experience that one can never forget.


Georgia Tech is not an ordinary engineering school because the focus is on the practical instead of the theoretical, and the well-rounded students graduate prepared to apply their knowledge to real-life situations.


Georgia Tech is a very special school.


My school is a bittersweet challenging journey.


Georgia Tech is challenging and rewarding.


It is innovative, advanced, sophisticated, difficult and world wide renowned.


A college with excellence in regards to studies and the social atmospher, the best of both worlds.


Georgia Tech is an academically rigorous institution that focuses on pushing students to confront difficult course-work with the expectation that a grading curve will be necessary.


As an engineering school, Tech has a unique culture of academic ambition and of fascination with technical details which your average citizen would find nauseating.


Georgia Tech is academically challenging, but there are numerous opportunities to have a phenomenal social experience and pursue any career you choose.


Georgia Tech is a serious academic school with a strong emphasis on extracurriculars, traditions, and research opportunities.


Georgia Tech is a fast paced engineering school that will leave you behind if you don't have the right people around you.


Georgia Tech is one of the principle engineering institutes with a rigorous curriculum.




Georgia Tech is an academically challenging school utilizing all forms of technology for every aspect of everyday life where studying for more than 24 hours straight is considered average at best and nerds and geeks are socially accepted and students let loose by drinking the weekends away and cheering on the sports teams with every ounce of their existence ? especially when playing against the University of Georgia Bulldogs.


an experience


The Georgia Institute of Technology is a top ranked public college that is well known for its high ranked engineering programs and has a large focus on technology, as well as a strong career center that works hard to help its students become well prepared for life after college so that they may find a good career.