Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Some people plan to change the world after they graduate, which is a fantastic goal, but time is of the essence—students at Georgia Tech, we are changing the world now.


Everyone continuously challenges themselves to learn more, even through the toughest classes. During shop hours, some people are better at certain tasks and they're all collaborative.


My classmates at Georgia Tech are driven, friendly, open to competition, and push me to do that best that I can do in my field.


A bunch of alcoholics with an engineering problem.


My classmates at Georgia Tech span all across the spectrum; from introverted video gamers to the Greek socialites, everyone is able to find their place and personality in our welcoming and diverse community.


My classmates are driven, well read and intelligent.


Although I have not started the school year, the future classmates I encountered during my orientation experience were kind, friendly, and inviting. Their contagious intelligence makes me even more excited to start a new academic year at Georgia Tech.


Most students at Georgia Tech are looking out only for themselves. Some are friendly, but most are there to make sure that they perform well and do not care at all about the success of others.


they are overrated


My classmates are intelligent (of course, that's how they were accepted!), supportive, and unique; unlike some other high achieving schools, Georgia Tech students do not try to slight eachother for their own personal gain, Georgia Tech students understand and appreciate hard work, Georgia Tech students come together, collaborate, volunteer, and are compassionate.


They are smart, competitive, and enthusiastice engineering students. They love to learn new things and eager to make potive effects in their fields, especially engineering area.


My classmates are smart and driven to do well academically. Most students come here knowing that this school is well known for both its' academic toughness and its' superior engineering degrees. However, my friends like to have fun too.


My classmates have been hardworking, willing to help other classmates with schoolwork questions, and friendly.


The students of Georgia Tech represent a diverse community – not only diversity of ethnicity, but also of political beliefs, religions, thoughts, educations, life goals, personalities, interests, fashion choices, and so much more, and yet on this campus teeming with diversity and classrooms overflowing with stress, these students never forget to befriend, to care for and to support one another.


Yellow Jackets want to positively impact as many individuals as possible, to see them gain insight and demonstrate proficiency in their ability to utilize technologies available towards furthering their education now and in the future.


They're mostly smart, hard working, and well prepared. It provides a good atmosphere for a challenge.


My classmates are competitive, hardworking, smart, challenging, and sometimes a little weird.


Very diverse student population.


Georgia Tech's student body is one of the most diverse in the world, bringing some of the greatest minds from around the world together, causing the betterment of all students.


My classmates are very hardworking, dedicated, intelligent student, with great work ethic and discipline; they're also social with a willingness to help other students succeed as well.


My classmates are a diverse group, but all with very high levels of intelligence.


My classmates are driven, hard-working, and ambitious young professionals. Georgia Tech is incredibly rigorous and every student there is extremely determined. Being successful in such a demanding school is a huge accomplishment for all of us.


Georgia Tech has fairly large international presence in terms of racial demographics, although mostly white, of course. Many of the other kinds of demographics are also fairly balanced. If you get accepted into Georgia Tech, there is definitely some kind of group, club, or clique to be apart of no matter what.


My classmates are extremely driven individuals that give off a sense of intimidation, but in reality they are more than willing to help.


My classmates and peers are several of the world's brightest, most ingenious, and cultured students in the world that strive to become successful not only in their studies at Georgia Tech, but also incredibly successful in the community, whether it be working on philanthropy projects or becoming involved in student-led organizations.


Very intelligent, but most struggle socially.


Georgia Tech students are very driven and motivated; they strive to excel academically in their 4 or 5 years at Georgia Tech because they know they will be rewarded upon graduating and receiving a degree from our prestigious university.


Student are very studious and have a straight forward goal to be successful in life.


Students in my class mostly keep to themselves and form their own groups.


My classmates are extremely ambitious and goal-oriented; students who attend Georgia Tech are mostly analytical thinkers and excel in math and sciences.


Georgia Tech students come in all sorts of a variety. You will not find any other campus which promotes as many awkward and silly activities that the Tech campus does. However, these silly hobbies are only meant for a good cause in drawing out the stress that many engineering students experience as they progress through their rigorous coursework. Whatever personality you exhibit and whatever hobbies may interest you, Georgia Tech has something which will suffice for all. If you remain inconvenienced that your deepest gut-interest will find a home here, just wait and let Tech's campus surprise you.


Tech students are only slightly more interesting socially than they are intellectually. About half are from Georgia; the remainder come mostly from the south. Most students are white and at least moderately wealthy. Students tend to be conservative and closed minded; most seem to be Christians. I've heard a number of hateful things directed at racial, religious, and sexual minorities. Most LGBTQ students would probably feel uncomfortable here (I had a trans professor, and students made fun of her constantly behind her back). The most interesting people tend to be international students, who do have a large presence on campus, but they often stick to themselves after freshman year in the traditional dorms. These are all generalizations, of course; the student body is by no means homogeneous, and everyone seems to find a niche. As I've already mentioned, most students are adherents to the competitive and self-deprecating culture that pervades casual conversation at Tech. As a result, there aren't many cliques; everyone is united under the "banner of suffering" imposed by their schoolwork. While they may be ignorant, the majority of people here are also genuinely friendly.


My classmates are all intelligent and driven people who are fun to be around.


Student come from all across the world with vary diverse, motivated, and determined minds that yearn to accomplish goals at a strong research intitute like GT.


My classmates are an electric, intelligent, creative group of people with varying backgrounds who are determined to do the best they can at GT.


The place needs more diversity...... They need to cap the intake of Indians, Pakistanis, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese and also start looking for people from Europe, South America and Africa. Its tough but 80/20 American and Non-Amrican is not diversity in today's world. The student body is too America focused and in many cases local focused (Georgia, South or then their respective states or Countries). The students like to discuss and debate and frequent topics are religion, movies, semi-conductors, Computer science, gadgets, women and sports. They wear a pair of shorts and a a tee and look shabby for the most part. Most of the students are from lower middle to middle class backgrounds and this reflects in their spending habits and lack of attention to brands and luxury. They politically very aware and love talking politics. A lot of them are Democratic but then it probably was so in my time when Bush was running the show. Many of them surprisingly are not money centric. They want to earn good money but the focus is what they would like to do and where they would like to work. A CS guy doesnt dream of becoming a billionaire, but that he should be able to create something useful and maybe come on the cover of wired magazine someday. A lot of my friends work in some really cool jobs like radar system designs, gaming, automotive, civil and architectural projects, film making (2 of my batchmates are directors in hollywood), etc.


They are extremely intelligent. The campus has a high deiversity percentage, but the gender percentage favors males. Almost all the student here are engineering majors, but there are also some in other science, as well as liberal arts and management. Students here are always hard at work and try their hardest in every class. They feel challenged.


My classmates are involved, dedicated, a bit introverted, intelligent, cunning, persistent, and they all have the desire to work in a rigorous environment and look for excellence.


Georgia Tech students are competitive, motivated and ready for a free meal anytime.


The classmates here at Georgia Tech come from every background you could possibly imagine. Wherever you go, you will be able to find someone that you can agree with, or if you chose to agree to disagree, then you can find someone here for that. Our school is full of spirit and you can easily find us in the stands at a football or basketball game, and even a swim meet cheering our Yellow Jackets to victory. Wherever you look, you can always find a friend!


Highly educated.


Most of my classmates are boys, most are engineering students, but we all have one thing in common: we're all ramblin' wrecks from Georgia Tech!


They are very smart and nerdy.


The classrooms of Georgia Tech are filled with the most diverse and intellegent students - as a white female, I am actually a minority, and that's very exciting.


My classmates are engineers (except in my architecture-specific courses).


Classmates at this school are competitive and work their hardest in order to acheieve high marks so that they may one day find a good career in their given major, but at the same time, they are also willing to help each other study for difficult classes and work hard to build a strong feeling of comradery within the student body.


Some of them are friendly and are willing to work to gether but most are not friendly and wont even talk to some one they don't know.


My classmates are diligent, dedicated, and intelligent.


Students at this school are generally very friendly and helpful, willing to work together on assignments, and are either very social or very diligent outside of classes.