Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Geaorgia Tech is best known for its extensive prowess as a research based school, high return rate as an investment through its well known name and degrees awarded, and for producing many of the world's new scientists, engineers, and future leaders of the new world to come.


Georgia Tech is best known for being an excellent engineering school.


My favorite campus tradition is going to the Georgia Tech vs. UGA football games. The "good, old-fashioned hate" is a big rivalry and is always fun to go to the stadium just to feel the uproar of the crowd. It's absolutely insane being in the crowd for such a spectacle. It's a feeling of a lifetime, and I got to witness it three times already. One more time--final year.


Georgia Tech is known for how difficult it is, relative to classes. Because all of the degrees require so much effort and time to get, most companies know that Georgia Tech very well prepares their students for "The Real World". Because of this, Georgia Tech has all of the major disciplines of engineering in the top ten in the nation, as well as boasts the number one ranking for engineering job recruitment.


Georgia Tech is an engineering school and a research institute. Many, if not all, of our engineering programs rank in the top 10 in the country, and some are in the top 10 in the world. Tech is very proud of its reputation for producing the best engineers and practical thinkers a college can claim. Many of our professors are also world-renowned and come to Tech not only to teach but to work on their own research using Tech's elite facilities and resources.


Georgia Tech is best known for its prestigious engineering program as well as its ability to give students the proper skills needed to succeed in their professional lifes.


It's not easy to choose the one thing that's uniquely Georgia Tech. Yes, there are other engineering schools, and yes there are other football schools, but those schools don't have The Ramblin Wreck. One of our mascots may be a relatively unfriendly member of the wasp family, but the other one is a 1930 Model A Ford known the world over. The Wreck is at every home football game and sometimes you can even see it cruising around campus. But a word to the wise: Freshmen - don't touch the Wreck. It's the rules.


A great education in all engineering fields and a wide range of opportunities after graduation.


Georgia Institute of Technology is best known for its prominent engineering program. It is among the top five in the nation.


Greeky, male engineering students


My school is huge on engineering, that's what the majority of students come here for. I'm enrolled in the engineering program and it is very difficult, but atleast I know I'm getting a great education. We are the future.


GA Tech is best known for its engineering programs, but that also helps its programs in the physical and biological sciences. GT receives lots of funding for research and has recently built new buildings for biotechnology, environmental sciences, and molecular sciences. "The Quad," as the area is commonly referred to, is inspiring just to look at, to understand the significance of the research being performed here.


Georgia Tech is renowned for it's high standards in Engineering and Technical fields. Tech's retention rate and rigorous courses is known throughout the southeast. Employers around the nation recognize a Georgia Tech diploma as a solitary qualifier for a position. Many also remember Tech's 4-time national champion football team and their outstanding performance of late.


Georgia Tech is best known for it's very strong engineering program, but it also boasts many study abroad, intern, and co-op opportunities as well as Division 1 athletics. The students work a lot due to the challenging course work that comes along with engineering, math, and science, but there are plently of athletic competitions from football to basketball to volleyball that most students attend.


The extremely varied community organizations of Georgia Tech can easily attract almost any type of people, regardless of personality. Almost all of the experienced undergraduates, graduates and even professors I have met so far have been extremely friendly, supportive, and actively encouraged others to step up and contribute to the community, while helping them build up strong resumes through fun research opportunities, event handling, and many more.


We have the top Aerospace Program in the United States. We are ranked number 2 in Biomedical Engineering. We are number 3 in the best engineering colleges in the United States.


Georgia Tech is undoubtedly known for its Engineering. It has the number one Industrial Engineering program in the country, which particularly benefits me because that is my current field of study. Difficult classes accompany the Engineering focus, and students realize the real challenge of maintaining a relatively high GPA.


Academically challenging


The ratio: 70% boys ,30% girls, and an amazing educational institution!


It is best known for challening academics, innovative research and research requirements, and a co-op program which allows students to gain real world experience.


Engineering, football, Atlanta.


Prestige in Engineering


Georgia Tech is really known for its rigorous courses and engineering. People seem very intimitated by our school because it's so hard compared to the other schools in University of Georgia systems. However, many companies notice that Georgia Tech is merit worthy and full of talent so they come to our school to recruit top engineers of the Southeast for their companies. Many companies have heard of our school and find it very accountable for many successful students.


engineering programs


Rigouous academic atmosphere.


Quality of learning and that graduates are used to hard work. Also the research that goes on in almost every field.






It's probably best known for Engineering. If you want to major in engineering, computer science, or any other science you'll get a good degree, good reputation, and good contacts when you need a job. Other majors are not so practical.


Engineering, how difficult it is, and the low percentage of women.


Unhappiest students in the nation, Boy to girl ratio is 72 to 28, Number one binge drinking school in the nation, Low average GPA, Easyness for non-engineering/non-science majors


Being one of the top engineering schools.


My school is best known for its strong engineering programs, highly advanced facilities, and distinguished faculty.


Rigorusly Academic, Wrambling Wreck, Great jobs after graduation.


Producing competent engineers. Whether or not the school actually does produce competent engineers is debatable, but as long as employers think it does no one is complaining.


Academics and being a huge science oriented research school.


75th Anniversary of the Georgia Tech Reck Parade "Knights of the Tech Tower"


A brief history of the Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech, a 1930 Ford model A Cabriolet Sports Coupe