Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

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Its the top public university in the world!


We are very much focused on engineering...even in non-engineering degrees it still has a presence.


No other school has students that have to work so hard, but there are a lot of opportunities for networking and getting co-ops and internships.


Georgia Tech is home to a variety of backgrounds, interests, and races, making it an extremely diverse campus with opportunities to understand different perspectives. Additionally, the campus is in the middle of Atlanta while still maintaining a relatively closed campus feel, which allows its students to both enjoy the beauty of the city while ignoring the busy, crowded portions.


Georgia Tech is consistently ranked among the top schools for engineering.


Georgia Tech is unique in the opportunities that it provides me. It is more highly ranked than any of the other schools that I applied to and, as such, has presented me with opportunities that I know are not available at the other schools I applied to.


The mix of a rigorous course work that lends to a fruitful job along with the lively campus and amount of activities do engage in in the city.


The school offers a variety of challenging courses and majors to help produce some of the best and brightest minds in their fields. Being at Georgia Tech is an honor and kids hold their heads high when giving out the name of their school. Being able to meet and interface with businesses and professionals is a very important part of their work ethics.


When I was a prospective student considering Tech I decided to apply based solely on its outstanding academic reputation. It was only months later when I was able to visit Tech’s campus that I realized it is so much more than that. Tech truly stood out to me as a school where I would be given every opportunity possible to prepare for a successful professional career. It is a school that thrives on the intellectual and cultural diversity of its students, but connects them with a rich history of school traditions that every student comes to know and love.


I would say the most unique thing about my school is the avalibility of jobs for students after graduation. I found when visting this school, the entire faculty praised the school for it's abitilty to prepare school for the "real-world" and get them out into the workforce after getting there degree. This is what actually drove me to enroll in the school. I knew that having a job lined-up after college would be a really good thing for both me and my family.


Going to Georgia Tech means something. When you tell future employers that you graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, that means that you put in at least four years worth of time and effort to earn a degree from one of the toughest schools in the country. Tech students go to school for the future, not the present.


One of the most unique things about Georgia Tech is how strong the sense of community is there. It is tough at times, but everyone around you is going through it as well and that creates such a family and support group throughout the entire college experience. We support each other, struggle together, and succeed together in the end.


The thing about Georgia Tech is that it gets in your blood. Sure, we may not be a football powerhouse and we may not be huge partiers, but once you're a yellow jacket, you're a yellow jacket for life. You're internationally recognized, and it's okay that it isn't for the number of national championships you've won. You're recognized for making it through one of the most challenging academic institutions in the world, and given respect that few are able to attain. You're a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech, and a helluva engineer!


Georgia Tech is in a growing urban area. There's room for improvement and development, as opposed to places like Boston and New York, where a lot of the focus is on re-development and gentrification.


It is one of the top Engineering schools in the world.


Georgia Tech is a highly competitive research based institute. My career prospects coming out of the school seem so much better than any other options I conisidered. This school is different than others because we have Division 1 sports programs, where the others did not. This school is larger than the others and in a different part of the country from where I grew up.


Georgia Tech is focused on Engineering and a quality education. It is a great school, and it is known for the quality engineers it graduates.


This campus is extremely progressive. We live in a world that continues to progress towards technology integration. I wanted to move with this curve if not lead it. Many of the buildings are LEED certified and environmentally conscious. We have state of the art facilities and equipment. The entire campus is wireless and boasts that it has the second fastest internet connection on the east coast. Anything and everything that you want is here if you are willing to look for it.


It is very resesarch oriented and a premiere engineering school (all programs ranked high.) There is tons of research available.


Georgia Tech offers a wide variety of intramural, club, and division sports, which allows for a maximal interest rate in physical activity or just about anything a college student could be interested in. Not being a son of Georgia Tech alumni, I was surprised to learn the fight song before I even heard Tech's name or knew of its grandeur. Even the smallest things, such as the statistic showing that Tech is one of the highest number of class-days per semester, proving the diligence of Tech students.


What is unique about Georgia Tech is the opportunities available at this institute. When I was considering schools, Georgia Tech stood out because it had a prestigious co-op/intern program as well as multiple outstanding study abroad opportunities at various places around the globe. I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to participate in many campus organizations while working at The Coca-Cola Company and study abroad in Metz, France.


Well Ga Tech is ranked number 2 in the nation for Bio Medical Engineering.


100% of the students are there to get an educatino first and have fun second. It is really cool, because everyone understands if you have to study instead of going out with the gang.


The most unique characteristic of Georgia Tech is its location in the middle of downtown Atlanta. I love being in the middle of citylife while attending a great university. It is nice being able to walk outside my dorm, look up, and see a polaroid view of the downtown buildings. Rather than being hundreds of miles from McDonalds, it is located in the middle of restaurants and office buildings.


Two things make my school, Georgia Tech, unique: the fact that it is almost strictly focused on engineering programs. The other is that Georgia Tech is the only school in the nation that has every single engineering program ranked among the ten top engineering programs in the nation.


If you are looking for a brand name school that raises eyebrows and mingle with Greek associations, then this is probably not the place for you. But if you really want to learn something cutting edge and in-depth and really want to go out and make a real difference to the world, there couldn't be a better one.


Diverse population of students, great teachers, and a vast campus.


I would say that we all share the bond of knowing exactly how dificult this school is and what to do to fight through it.


Georgia Tech offers a relaxed campus surrounded by a young urban lifestyle. The size of the school was not too small and not too large. The school spirit and pride really attracted me to GT. It is diffficlut, but worth it.


Support system


Our school is unique in that we focus only on Engineering and nothing else. Also that our girl to guy ratio is very bad. The guys outnumber the girls 7:3 which drives everyone crazy. I hope that in the future more women will want to become engineers also and come to Georgia Tech. Although the school is hard, many students grow up and find that Georgia Tech's rigor prepares them for any hardships to come in the future of their lives.


Georgia Tech is very advanced in technology. It sits in the middle of downtown Atlanta, yet has plenty of green space on campus. It is a very diverse school with many opportunities for it's students and many extra-curricular activities for interested students.


the academic quality


Georgia Tech offers a diverse community to study in, ranging from students to professors. You can meet people from all over the world and make life lasting friendships. The campus and not too big or too small, it?s a perfect size. Also, the amount of academic help that is offered is incredible. Even though it is hard and challenging at first, it?s definitely manageable.


The professors and facilities are world class. The location puts you within walking distance of everything you could need. The academic rigors are matched by the competitiveness of our athletic teams.


I beleive our school really prepares us for the outside world. The work load given to us is so we get used to the workforce.


I was impressed by the uniqueness of Georgia Tech's career preparation services and emphasis on scientific research. The faculty and staff are very focused on getting students set for a fulfilling and successful career after graduation, not just helping them excel while attending the Institute. In addition, advisors do a good job of selling the importance of participating in undergraduate research.


I really only considered one other school, but Tech is more diverse and challenging than the other school.




Best engineering program


It is in downtown Atlanta. There are great opportunities for engineering students to get experience co-oping. There are 70% men and only 30% women.


The Tech tradition they'll never tell you about on the campus tour? CONSTRUCTION. Tearing up perfectly good sidewalks to put in decorative bricks, tearing down residence halls for parking lots, the new building that was supposed to open 2 semesters never ends. The worst part is when they block off streets and cut off your shortcut to class. And to all you Ivan Allen College students, don't let anybody tell you that we don't have "real" majors. People may smirk when I say I'm a history major up until the point they find out that I'm taking the research option and writing an undergraduate thesis. (Although the STAC and Management kids themselves admit they don't do much of anything.)


Your Future. You can do anything with a Georgia Tech Degree. Atlanta is amazing and its campus is very diverse.


It's one of only 2 schools in Georgia that offer a Mechanical Engineering degree and its ranked among the top 5 engineering schools in the nation.


georgia tech is unique in that it will suck your soul out through your mouth. everyone who isn't faculty or a student is black and hates everyone who is white and/or educated. living in atlanta made me a racist.


Something unique about my school is the fact that it is in a big city but it doesn't feel like it because the campus is really quite and no one would ever think it is in the middle of downtown Atlanta.


a nice benefit of tech is that the fraternity parties are all within walking distance of the dorms, so driving is not an issue. plus its in downtown atlanta which is pretty awesome, as long as you are 21.


very very hard, and would not come here if I knew what you have to go through, but now that i am almost done i am glad i will ahve a degree from here.


My biggest complaint with Tech is that it is a major research university. This isn't always terrible, and I definitely like us being on the forefront of some major breakthroughs, but I DO NOT think that it is the most important at a University geared toward EDUCATION. I have felt before that professors are there to research and research only. I'm not sure if all profs. are required to teach at some point, but, if so, they don't want to if they were hired to research, which makes them care very little about their students. Either that, or they're just assholes?


Tech isn't for everyone, but I love it. It does take a while to get used to it, but what freshman college student isn't out of their element? It is hard work and sometimes it can drive you crazy, but there are fun people there and a lot of interesting experiences to be had. The school is generous to their students: the fees pay for a lot of free things like some health care, workshops, free food (O yeah, there is free food everywhere! but it is almost always pizza), and other miscellaneous free services that come in handy from time to time. The administration work hard to make sure that Tech students have everything available that they could need/want.