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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are so many popular student activities that it would be impossible to find something that you don't like. It's an inviting campus and a place where you will find something to connect with. Trust me. I was very scared when I initially went, but the people are very pleasant and it's awesome to be here.


There are plenty of student organizations to join at Georgia Tech. Whether they be fraternities/sororities, academic honor society, or volunteer club. Athletic events aren't the most popular things to do on campus (even if a team is ranked nationally), although many students do enjoy watching the Yellow Jackets play. Most students make social connections through their current or former classmates through group projects and branching out from their friends of friends and so on. Off campus though there is a whole city (literally!) of things to do, it is Atlanta after all; you can hit the club/bar scene, catch a viewing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Plaza Theater, maybe see a show at The Fox, or chow down at the famous The Varsity.


There are plenty of student organizations to join at Georgia Tech. Whether they be fraternities/sororities, academic honor society, or volunteer club. Athletic events aren't the most popular things to do on campus (even if a team is ranked nationally), although many students do enjoy watching the Yellow Jackets play. Most students make social connections through their current or former classmates through group projects and branching out from their friends of friends and so on. Since the stress levels are Georgia Tech are higher than average, there is quite a bit of binge drinking on the weekends which can lead to some wild nights. Off campus though there is a whole city (literally!) of things to do, it is Atlanta after all; you can hit the club/bar scene, catch a viewing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Plaza Theater, maybe see a show at The Fox, or chow down at the famous The Varsity.


There are plenty of student organizations to join at Georgia Tech. Whether they be fraternities/sororities, academic honor society, or volunteer club. Athletic events aren't the most popular things to do on campus (even if a team is ranked nationally), although many students do enjoy watching the Yellow Jackets play. Most students make social connections through their current or former classmates through group projects and branching out from their friends of friends and so on. Since the stress levels are Georgia Tech are higher than average, there is quite a bit of binge drinking on the weekends which can lead to some wild but sometimes dangerous self-destructive behavior. Off campus though there is a whole city (literally!) of things to do, it is Atlanta after all; you can hit the club/bar scene, catch a viewing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Plaza Theater, maybe see a show at The Fox, or chow down at the famous The Varsity.


Tech has a plethora of activities for students of all interests. Some of the most popular activities include the Student Government Association (SGA), in which there are multiple branches and positions which every student could be involved with if they are interested. Another popular activity involves conducting campus tours for prospective students as we love to share our beautiful campus's story with others. Many students also choose to work for housing to promote fun in residences. We also have a lively Greek Community which fosters strong bonds and connections among our students. These are just to name a few. What really defines an activity as popular will be up to an individual student's discretion, and you will be stunned to see the lively collection of students organizations here on campus ranging from business, professional, academics, hands-on, sports, philosophy, to religion.


There's a variety of student groups and activities, but sports and beer are the driving forces behind Tech's social scene. The football team is popular; most people go to the games, but those who don't are usually completely uninterested. A good number of students play intramural sports. Greek life is extremely popular; I don't know that the percentage of Greek students is particularly high, but the influence of fraternities and sororities on campus culture is obvious. People complain about the party scene, but as far as I'm concerned, binge drinking is binge drinking, and there's plenty of that. Whether you're a casual drinker or a total drunk, alcohol should be fairly easy to come by. Marijuana isn't uncommon, but it's not as readily available; other drugs are rare. There are also plenty of people who don't drink or smoke. Most people are content to spend their free time talking with friends or playing video games. Occasional campus events like speakers and festivals provide a break in the routine, but there's not much of an arts culture to speak of. Dating is rare; if anyone is in a relationship, it tends to be with someone at another school. The high proportion of men to women on campus is universally known simply as The Ratio, and it's a frequent topic of conversation. Still, hookups happen all the time, and dating is not impossible.


I'm a rep for the Ivan Allen College Student Advisory Board, which is the bridge between liberal arts students and the administration. We throw events like town halls and the Freshman Social. It's fun and pretty cool. I'm also involved with the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the governing body for traditionally black Greeks. I'm a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. One thing I will say is that the NPHC chapters at Tech are much smaller than you'll find anywhere else. Aside from that my weekends are pretty chill. I usually sleep in late, make pancakes and spend time with my boyfriend. Or a big group of us will explore the city via MARTA and go out to eat. Every year the High Museum has College Night, where you get in for $5 or $10 with a student ID. There's live music and workshops in addition to the exhibits. They have jazz nights every month, but I haven't gotten a chance to go since it's on weeknights. If you are a party person, frat row will keep you busy. If you're a black party person, there are plenty of clubs but you might need a car to get to the good ones. But the AUC (Spelman, Clark & Morehouse) has good parties too and they're MARTA accessible. Bottom line: there are TONS of activities you can get involved with. SGA and Kappa Alpha Psi (the business frat) are two of the more high profile ones. Tech also brings a lot of guest speakers to campus. The Ferst Center always has plays, live performances, etc.


greek life is pretty awesome and involved around campus and really active


Plenty of activities but most are kinda stupid/too fake.


The number one social org. is Frats. and Sororities. We have a million of them. I am involved with Amnesty International, a group working towards human rights for ALL. Most students don't leave their dorm doors open, or even unlocked. Theft seems to be a major problem in the dorms. Athletic events are definitely among the most popular on campus. Guest speakers and theater are both popular, but not as much as athletic events. I met my closest friends randomly on campus, through other friends that I made at FASET... the freshman orientation program. If you're awake that late on Tuesday you are, in order of likelihood: 1. Studying 2. Drinking/Partying 3. Playing computer games/XBOX/Wii/Music in your room 4. Strung out from studying so much. Partying: VERY popular at Tech. Frats are always partying... always. It is an outlet for stress for a lot of the student population. If you don't party, there are plenty, plenty, plenty of other friends who don't. Go to a movie, go shopping and to dinner, go to the park... there's lots. Last weekend... I laid by my apartment's pool and drank some beers... AFTER studying.


Sports are very big on campus, but if your not into sports, then there are still plenty of other clubs/activities to get involved in. Band, chess club, you name it, Tech has it; or you can start it. I met most of my friends from my extracurricular activities and hall mates. But after going through my first year, i realize it is a good idea to make friends within your classes also, so that you have study buddies (very helpful!). Frats/and Sororities are the best party places on campus on the weekend. You don't have to be a Greek member to go to these parties, but there will be alcohol there. Parties usually start Thursday night. Actually the weekend starts Thursday night and ends Sunday morning. People are usually busy Sunday getting a lot of work done that they should have finished earlier that weekend; so Sunday is an honorary Monday.


I think going Greek is a must if a student is looking for social life. Greeks are the most involved people on campus. There are a lot of on campus parties thrown at Greek houses. I met my closest friends in my fraternity. People are worried about the cost of joining because its "expensive." If you can afford it, you will get more out of it in the long run than the money it cost. Football games.....some people are all about football, others haven't been to a game in 4 years at Tech. A lot of the people at Tech are here strictly for the education and don't enjoy what Tech has to offer socially. For those that do, Tech provides competitive sports teams and a lot of fun. Dating....fellas, grab em fast. There's not too many girls. I heard people complain that there are no good looking girls at Tech. I understand that there's more guys than girls by far, but I don't think anyone who's out and looking for someone to date will come up empty handed. Saturday night and no drinking? your friends drink?


The most popular organizations are fraternities/sororities, hands down. I was involved in GTMotorsports, which is basically a team that designs and builds a racecar from the ground up. There are 2 types of traditional dorms on campus, freshmen experience, and everything else. People in FE dorms usually leave their doors open unless theyre studying or something. Everywhere else I've lived actually had a closed door policy, I guess cause they were afraid people would be in their bedroom all the time and get their shit stolen if they left the main appartment door open or even unlocked. True to form, my current 3 flatmates always have their bedroom doors closed and hardly ever go into the kitchen/livingroom area. Umm...for guys the dating scene is dismal at best, and its probably not exactly a great place for girls either, but hell, at least they have a few more options (its something like 3:1, male:female). I met my closest friends in my freshmen dorm and through motorsports. People don't really party that often. Fraternities don't even really party that much, maybe like once a month or so. I spend most of my weekends off campus playing paintball or working at our paintball field, but when I'm not doing that, honestly there isnt much to do, and even less that doesn't involve drinking. There used to be an ultimate frisbee league, but I'm not sure if they're still around.


Football games are AWESOME. Pretty much the main social life is within fraternities/sororities. Most of these kids drink as much as my highschool/college drop-out friends. It's weird. Guys outnumber girls by A LOT. But like they say, when the odds are good the goods are odd. GOOD LUCK FINDING A SUITOR. Off campus, you can shop, go to the drive-in, eat AMAZING food at all the wonderful restaurants, go to many different parks, go to six flags, and on and on.


Social life at Tech is practically a joke. There is absolutely none if you're not in a frat. Have fun meeting girls because it will be next to impossible with the ratio. Living in the dorms freshman year, most ppl would usually leave their doors closed so trying to meet new ppl besides your roommates is actually a chore. Most everyone goes home on the weekends and your tough out of luck if you're an out-of-stater. Weekends are nothing but absolute boredom. Be prepared to stay in your room the whole time and weather it out. Sometimes its so boring you actually pull out a book and study. Tech is just terribly depressing place to be. Yea, you must be thinking Georgia Tech D1 sports but too bad they all suck. The football program is just horrible despite raising the athletic fee each year. If the games weren't free I bet 0 ppl would go. Basketball is not much better either. Womens tennis is decent though. Better watch out off campus too. You might get jacked at gun point. Seriously, there is nothing here but hell.


The most popular organization are of course the sororities and fraternities. However, there are other ways to have fun. I am involved in a community service sorority called Omega Phi Alpha. Students always make friends with people on their dorm floors or in their classes, but if they put themselves out there, they can meet new people. People party every weekend, but academics is very important at Tech and is usually the first priority for everyone. There are many opportunities to have fun off campus as well, since Atlanta offers many attractions. However, all in all, many students at Tech are socially challenged, and it can be difficult to make friends unless you put yourself out there.


The most popular or what some may call "bitchy-est" sorority is ZTA, while the most "popular" frats are probably SAE, PKE, and TKE. I'm not in a sorority, but i'm on the track and cross country teams and involved with Christian Campus Fellowship. Being on an athletic team has a lot of perks including priority registration for classes, free tutors, a really nice dining hall, and tons of free gear, but is obviously really time consuming. I got involved with CCF almost immediately after coming to campus. They had set up a humongous waterslide in the burger bowl (giant field on west campus), and they were letting everyone slide down and giving out free food and gatorade. They made an effort to make it feel like you were instantly accepted and i instantly felt like i had 5 new best friends in the freshman interns. They invited me to come over to the house that night, and i had so much fun playing ping pong and chatting, and the rest is history. For a girl the dating scene is pretty good lol, and i'd say it is for guys too, they just don't try very hard. My closest friends, I met in my dorm because everybody leaves their doors open and pretty much everyone is really really good friends. It also is a lot of fun living in a co-ed dorm b/c i got to hang out with guys and girls daily. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday night, it's probably because i'm either studying, watching a movie, playing guitar hero, baking, watching random youtube videos with friends, eating wingnuts..who knows... A big tradition every year is homecoming week. The sororities and frats participate in all kinds of competitions like squirt ( a giant water gun fight), the mini 500 (tricycle race around peters parking deck), and the freshman cake race - you don't have to be greek to run in it and if you win you get a cake and you get to go on the football field at halftime and get a kiss from mr or ms. georgia tech ( I won it my freshman year :) ). Another big tradition is One Night Stand, which is the weekend before finals start at the end of fall term. It's held at the CRC and is basically a night full of games and free food. Sting Break is also really cool, which is a huge carnival in the spring and a there's a free concert one night. There are frat parties pretty much every weekend, but there are tons of other things to do if you don't drink. Atlantic Station is about a mile away, which has shopping and a movie theatre. All my friends went salsa dancing one weekend at a club about 20 minutes away, which was really fun. In the winter they set up a huge ice skating rink in centennial olympic park, which is less than 2 miles away, so you can always find something to do, or just chill and watch movies with friends.


There are tons of student organizations available. If you can of it, it exists.


Tech has 33 fraternities and 16 sororities on campus and they provide a good deal of the social scene at Tech, but frat parties are by no means the only thing to do on campus. It's really easy to hang out with your friends pretty much anywhere, and Midtown Atlanta always has something to offer, with lots of cool restaurants right off campus. Football and basketball games are always a big deal, and I highly recommend joining the SWARM, which is the student cheering section. If I'm up at 2am on a Tuesday I'm either hanging out far too late with my friends, or pulling an all-nighter studying (all-nighters aren't uncommon unfortunately). I feel that having a good base of friends at Tech is very important. It's good to have people who will also be up at 2 on a Tuesday morning, or who'll go out to frats or dinner or a movie with you. They'll also help support you in your classes and as you get used to college life. Tech makes it easy to from that support group through the Freshman Experience Program. The FE program is basically the policy of putting the freshmen in dorms together and making sure that there is tutoring and a sense of community with everyone in your building. This encourages you to make friends and make them your family at Tech.


Theres the Greek organizations, which are really big here. But if that's not for you, the dorms are basically like huge social communities where everyone leaves their door open. When you are not in the doors, there is always the student center recreational center, where you can bowl or play video games with your friend. If that's not enough, there is always the CRC, which hold the Olympic size swimming pools, basketball courts, and workout areas.


Athletic Events are extremely popular. During football season, students form a line of tents outside of the ticket office. They bring everything with them, including their game machines and big screen t.v.'s! There is always guest speakers. Every year we have Impact Series where a different big name comes and speaks every week. We've also had Barack Obama and Maya Angelou. Every Spring graduation also has a big name speaker as well including Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE and Maya Angelou. I met my best friends in my dorm. They lived right next door to me! At 2am on a Tuesday you are either eating the fabulous food at Wing Nuts or Chinese Buddha or craming in the library. People party on the extended weekend of Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. There's always a frat party to go to.


Most people on campus are involved in Greek life or athletics. There is usually not enough "down" time to get involved in many different activites due to the demand of the classroom. The most popular activity would be going to the football games. Weekdays are usually quiet because people are in-doors studing. Partying usually begins on Thursdays and ends by Saturday night. It is definately easier to meet people and to get involved if you are in greek.


There are many campus organizations. Freshman Council, FAB, and FreshGA are the main freshman groups. The Greek organization is very good, and one of the only ways to have a social life. The athletics are good. Football games are fun. It is free to go to go to sporting events.


Social life at Tech is what you make it. You can go greek, or not, but you certainly don't have to be greek to be somebody at Tech. There's a TON of things to do off-campus, whatever your taste(s) are. Dating can be tough though.


When you walk around campus, one thing you'll notice is that there are tons of students who participate in a variety of organizations. You would think that having to study 40 hours a week and take classes would create a decrease in extracurricular activities. Instead, Tech students are highly involved. In addition, being a part of Greek life always ensures there's fun as well, whether from a band party or Greek Week or Homecoming.


There is SOOOO much to say about social life. The best idea is to come visit Tech. Definitely make friends your first year...whether you go Greek, join an organization, or become very close friends with your freshman hall, the friends you make freshman year will last a lifetime...and help you meet other people! I definitely recommend joining a sorority (ladies only please!). Sororities are the best way to overcome the ratio, and find a support group that will last a lifetime. I never would have joined a sorority at another college, but I am SO thankful I joined one at Georgia Tech.


I believe frat parties are lame, we are in the south so I don't expect dancing, which there is none. Alcohol flows here like pollen. The best parties are the ones you and your friends have in the dorms.


The dorm I was in last year was miserable! No one left the door open, in fact, no one was ever up during the day. If I was to get up and use the restroom at night then there would be people awake. There were the two odd people who had dart gun wars and dressed up like characters out of some computer game all the time (I stayed away from these). The athletic events are not all that popular. As a big part of our student body is foreign or completely withdrawn, they don't care about sports. There are those that do care and it is fun! The Tech day at Six Flags is probably the best day of the year. Tech rents out Six Flags for the night and we all go for like $10. Its always tons of fun!


Being Greek is a really big part of Georgia Tech. It's a lot of fun and there are a large percentage of the campus who is Greek. But, there's a lot more going on campus. WE have concerts, comedians, plays, musicals plus Atlanta to go explore. Most of the time, the campus is alive until 2 or 3 in the morning, every day of the week.


I am biased, but cannot underestimate the value of the greek system in academics, atheletics, and most of all Socially. not required but strongly incouraged


Greek is very popular. They have all of the parties, etc. Football and basketball are hugely popular to watch. I'm on the Equestrian Team, which is an intercollegiate riding team. We compete against schools in our region, like College of Charleston, Emory, Georgia Southern, etc. We also have social outings, like dinners and weekends where we go trail riding and camping. It's a lot of fun. Some students leave their doors open in the dorms. Athletic events, especially football, are very very popular. Lots of alumni come back, and undergrad tickets sell out rather quickly. Guest speakers and seminars are very common, and turn out is almost always very high. The dating scene is interesting. Many couples come from living in the same dorm (a few co-ed dorms). Lots of fraternities and sororities have date nights, and some couples are born that way. Being female, I haven't really had a problem meeting guys or dating if I wanted to. My closest friends are from the Honors Program. We all live together in the Honors dorm. If I were awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I'd either be spending time talking with my boyfriend or doing homework. Possibly watching a movie. Homecoming, Freshman Cake Race, RAT caps, the traditions are numerous. People party pretty often, but it's most common in the fraternities and sororities. Last weekend, I spent time with some friends and prepared to go home for spring break. I also went to a fraternity and hung out for a bit. Staying in and watching a movie or playing games on a Saturday night is always fun. Off campus, I usually go out to eat or shop at a place like Lenox Mall or Little Five Points. Atlantic Stations is also a great place to go.


Greeks are the most publicized groups. Those are the "popular" kids, I guess. But, anyone can be Greek. Just takes a little bit of confidence and some money, of course. Freshmen tend to do the open door thing, but after that, you've made your group of friends and you're probably not in your room that much, anyhow. Everyone goes to football games, and a lot of people go to basketball games if we're doing well. Baseball games are a here and there type event. We have a lot of "talks" and a couple big name speakers each year. There's usually a good turnout. Theatre is also hit or miss. Depends on the show. The dating scene... well, there are a lot of guys that stay in their rooms and play video games. There are socially awkward girls, too, though. A lot of people find The One. Almost everyone dates another student at one time or another, though. I met my closest friends by living in the dorms or through friends. If I'm awake at 2 AM on a Tuesday, I am studying for something the next day or I went out that night to a party. People definitely party on the weekends. You have to so you don't go crazy. Usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. But, if there's something to celebrate during the week, people will do that, too. It's all about time management. Get stuff done during the day so you can relax at night. Atlanta is full of stuff to do - music, theater, movies, shopping, art, parks, you name it! There are great restaurants, too.


Greek life is very popular on Georgia Tech's campus. I am involved with Alpha Gamma Delta as the Vice President of Member Development. It has taught me about leadership, organization, and professionalism. I believe that going Greek was one of the best choices I have made thus far in college. Almost all other student organizations are made up of Greeks. No, students do not usually leave their doors open. Football games are extremely popular, but basketball and baseball games are only mildly popular. Guest speakers and theater are not very popular. The dating scene for girls: "the odds are good, but the goods are odd." Because there is only one girl for every 4 guys, girls can easily find relationships, but guys have a harder time. However, many Tech guys are pretty weird and nerdy so that evens the playing field a bit. I have met all of my closes friends though my sorority. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I definitely have a test the next day or a major assignment due. People party every weekend usually, and sometimes on Thursdays. Greek life is a great way to get involved in not just a brotherhood or a sisterhood, but other campus activities as well. There is a huge Greek population and we are a very connected and close knit group. Last weekend I went to a popular Mexican restaurant right off campus with a few of my sister and by boyfriend's brothers and then back to someone's house for a party. I went to church, worked out, and did homework. On a Saturday night, you can go to the nearby Atlantic Station to shop, eat and watch a movie. You can also go to concerts or athletic events because the Georgia Dome is within walking distance and the Atlanta Brave's also play nearby. You can go to the Aquarium, malls, or even the student center to play pool and bowl.


Greek organizations are pretty common, although maybe not so much for a southern school. There are many organizations for students to get involved in, either through their major or through various campus social groups. Athletic events are somewhat popular, but the students don't generally care about the teams. The athletic events are something to do that everyone can get in to.


I personally had no problem with GT's social scene, but I went Greek. Now that I compare my social life at Tech with my friends who did not go Greek, I see a pretty stark divide. It's just a matter of making the best of what you have here. I had a lot of friends outside of my fraternity, but most of my closest friends were from my chapter. I went Greek in the first two weeks of my freshmen year so I was out of the dorm quite a bit, but the times I was there, everyone was very social and friendly. People were interested in getting to know each other, which I really liked. As for parties, it's very rare that a party will come knocking at your door. Either you have to create it yourself or seek it out. At least two or three fraternities had parties every weekend, but in four+ years at Georgia Tech I went to less than a dozen large on-campus dorm or apartment parties. There is a big neighborhood right off Tech campus comprising mostly off-campus housing for upperclassmen. There's usually a few smaller parties every weekend there. If you are 21 and you like going to bars, there are not many within walking distance of campus. Having a car to drive to social events is a requisite. There is a lot of drinking on campus. And by a lot I mean it's hard to find people who choose not to drink. I've heard Georgia Tech has a "binge drinking" problem, but I'm pretty sure every college campus has a "binge drinking" problem. That said, there are actually a good number of campus-sponsored events on weeknights and weekdays that don't involve drinking. Intramural sports is popular at Tech. The rest of the clubs have medium to low visibility on campus. Athletic events are fun -- being a Division 1A school, there is a huge emphasis on athletics, which I think a good bit (but not all) of the students took a liking to. Some students were completely apathetic to sporting events. The two biggest traditions here are Homecoming and Greek Week. Both are week-long events filled with friendly competitions, a parade, and a variety of campus-sponsored parties. Greek Week is just like Homecoming but reserved for the Greek community. Events like this were very fun for me, but had a hand in contributing to the ever-growing division between Greeks and non-Greeks at Tech. Georgia Tech does not take Homecoming as seriously as other universities. In fact, Homecoming is almost a non-event for a lot of people. Georgia Tech really benefits from its urban location in midtown Atlanta. The university did an excellent job of providing students with a relaxing, secluded atmosphere within a bustling metropolis. There is always something going on in Atlanta -- from live concerts to museum exhibits to shopping and sporting events -- and there was never a dull moment if you wanted to get away from your studies for a while.


Greek Life is huge on campus, so all the fraternities and sororities are big. Other popular groups are India Club, honor societies and service groups. I'm involved with a group called M&M mentoring and it involves upperclassmen mentoring underclassmen within their majors on what classes to take, what mistakes to avoid, what professors to take, etc. Students in dorms do leave their doors open. Football is very popular here along with basketball. Guest speakers are mildy popular and theater is very unpopular. The dating scene is HUGE and couples can be seen everywhere. I met my closest friends by joining my fraternity, Sigma Beta Rho. I'm usually studying or watching tv or hanging out with friends at 2 am. We have a pi mile run every year, we have greek week, homecoming, campus wide community service events, lock ins in the student center and gym. People party whenever they are free, so at least once a week. Fraternities and Sororities are very important on campus. I went to UGA last weekend for a cultural show. We can go see a play at the Fox, go out to eat, watch a movie, play sports, hang out and talk, play video games, study, explore Atlanta, go to the aquarium or park, or go to another college, such as Emory or Georgia State. We do everything offered to us off campus, we watch movies, eat out, meet friends at other schools, travel, road trip, etc.


One of largest groups on campus is CCF. However the group consitst of a large verity of the students on campus. Athletics are very popular for most students. Football and basketball are the most attended sports.


There are many clubs and groups around campus. I've been playing on a roller hockey team that operates as a club most every semester I went to school at Tech. I often see groups of people playing chess at the student center. There is an open-door policy which has great atmosphere among freshman halls. This is where I made my friends early on freshman year. At 2 am on really any night of the week, I was next door in my friend Andy's room, either watching a movie, eating, playing a game, or making smoothies, and often all of the above. Another way to do it is to join a fraternity. My freshman roommate did this, and I rarely saw him, but they let him move into the house the 2nd semester. People also commonly become best friends with the people among their major. There is often a distinction made between a drinking school and a party school. Tech is often referred to as the former. Rather than go to a party, we just host gatherings of "the usual crowd drinking." Whether you call it s small party or just hanging out, as we all turned 21, and had a house to ourselves rather than living in the dorms, these grew in frequency to about every other weekend among my group before the novelty eventually wore off. If your looking for a party, or a great place to rent a house while you go to school, Home Park (north of campus) is the place to be. Being at the Heart of Downtown Atlanta, there is no shortage of things for young people to do. Bars, Clubs, concerts, food, karaoke, professional sports games, whatever you want is at your disposal. Only being on the scene for a little over 4 years, its amazing I run into so many people I know in a place as large as Atlanta. Once I was at the Sweetwater Brewery, where I ran into a friend from Arch Studio. Later I was playing pool at some bar I'd never been to, and ran into the same guy! We once flagged down a friend driving who was driving on West Peachtree and a agreed on a place to go. Frequenting ska concerts, you meet the same types of people, and just last night we ran into someone we knew while eating at Mid City Cafe.


I'm part of SGA and this is an important group on campus that helps decide what happens around campus. People in the freshman dorms usually are most social than in the apartments. Athletic events are quite popular on campus but theater is not. The dating scene here is different because of the 3 to 1 ratio of guys to girls. The guys usually have more trouble finding girls than girls do because of the ratio. My closest friends were actually met at Freshman orientation. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'm usually studying for a test the next day or working on a project. People usually part on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Fraternities usually are the places that underclassmen party until they turn 21 and can go more around Atlanta. Last weekend I went to Piedmont park and studied outside for a few hours and went out the movies. On a Saturday night there are many restaurants of all different types around Atlanta and there is Atlantic Station that is 5 min away that has shopping and movie theater that is a good hangout spot. On campus I would probably just hang out with friends and watch movies inside or just socialize.


Greeks. People drink for fun - it's the weekend. People do math and write code for fun - it's not the weekend.