Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Excellent diversity, exposure to academics & industry. Great study rooms and wonderful technology


The work load is crazy but the results I get are proportional. I feel the education is second to none and I wouldn't choose any other school. I brag most about the ability to work in levels of technology and engineering that my friends would only see in a documentary or TED talks videos. Access to clean rooms for integrated circuit fabrication, robotics, hardware and software analysis, and some of the greastest minds in the field.


I love to tell my friends about the diversity displayed at Georgia Tech. Here, there really are no major division amongst groups; everyone seems to get along with each other no matter what background he or she came from. Also, I enjoy the food at the dining halls. There is food here for everyone to enjoy. Whether there is stir fry or cheeseburgers, everyone has a good amount of choices to choose from. Last but not least, the academic rigor here really helps me to push myself beyond my limits.


It is one of the leading schools in the nation.


The diversity of DelVal. So much diversity: in people, professors and students, as well as their majors. We have majors that are rare in most colleges (Equine Studies/Science). It's definitely what I brag about.


I brag about Georgia Tech's high rate of return. I am paying out-of-state tuition and I think it is good for people to know that I am getting a degree that I will hopefully be able to do something with.


I brag about how academically challenging my school is and how successful our students and alumni are-- after Georgia Tech, the working world is fun and relaxing!


It may be a lot of work, but you have so much fun and make great friends who are just as focused as you are on what you want to do in life. Everyone is working towards one goal, and we have all got each other's backs to help us get there. Whether it is pulling countless all-nighters to get an A on a project, or staring at a screen for hours on end to find a descrepency in a code, we get it done together.


Whenever I gather with my close friends, I always seem to brag most about the amazing buildings at my school. The athletic department has a center which houses an outstanding gym with 2 full basketball courts along with a pool equipped with a waterslide. The gym even has rock climbing and a rachetball area! Before going to this school, I had never seen anything so impressive in my life. This is only a sample of the absolutely amazing centers sitting on the Georgia Tech campus.


I always brag about the fact that it will be easy for me to find a job once I graduate because of my school.


I will talk to them about how much I enjoy Georgia Tech. When I'm at Tech I feel at home. I believe that living in a place that one fully enjoys is a huge privilege which is why I will always mention it to my friends. I also brag alot about the ranking that my university has in the major I am currently studying.


Georgia Institute of Technology is a fantastic school and all graduates are able take care of themselves financially. All the effort at the school does pay off at the end.


How challenging the classes are


I brag most about my school's rankings since we're the top school for most engineering majors.


The engineering program and how nice the weather is in Atlanta.


Telling a potential employer that you have graduated from Georgia Tech is one of the best things you can say because employers in the industry realize how difficult it is to accomplish. It shows that you can perform during tough times and work through any problems that are encountered. I am looking forward to the approaching graduation date to be able to go out and get a good job with my degree. Some people get lined up with great jobs before they even graduate!


Atlanta is a fantastic place to study urban environments! The things that I learn in the classroom can be applied outside of it immediately.


I brag about how presitigious Georigia Tech is, and how comparable it is to Ivy League schools despite being a public institution. It's engineering programmes are some of the best in the nation, and it has some of the most well-accomplished graduates within the engineering field. I also brag about DramaTech Theatre, an organization that I am very involved with. It is a student-run theatre, but we put on fablous works which are close to the level of professional theatre.


My friends are always awed by the opportunity Georgia Tech offers its students. Strategically located in the bustle of downtown Atlanta, Tech students are surrounded with internship, research, and experience opportunities. For example, a friend of mine is conducting research on biological development by working closely with Zoo Atlanta. Another friend, who is planning on being a marine biologist, is interning at the Georgia Aquarium. Both of these students are gaining experience that would be impossible at any other college. Because I am immersed in so much opportunity, I'm inspired to really put myself out there.


My school has too many things to brag about. In a recent study, it was found that Georgia Tech was the number one school for Return-on-Investment. This means that after all of the hard work at such a competitive university, it does pay off to have a degree from Georgia Tech. I also brag about our football team, greek life, and other student activities that are rare among other schools that succeed to Tech's level of academics.


The thing that i brag about most is the availability of jobs to Georgia Tech graduates and the knowledge that my school allows its students to obtain. Even in tough economic times, many of my graduating friends have secured great jobs because of the experiences and education that they have obtained at the school I attend.




The technological advances that occur daily at the university. The beauty of the campus and top condition of facilities. The depth and extense of corse subjects and work.


When I tell friends about my school, I talk about the academic rigor and high standards expected of the students. I tell people about how employers value Georgia Tech students and about how many large companies use Georgia Tech as a primary recruiting school. I believe that the strong academic core of the college leads to this excellent recruiting atmosphere, because our students works incredibly hard and are very prepared to enter the professional world after graduation. Georgia Tech is a difficult and demanding University, but it is this level of difficulty that makes it stand above and beyond.


We have a love-hate relationship with the school, and we will eventually get better jobs than them.


At Georgia Insitute of Technology the focus is academics and engineering. The classes are very challenging and student life is different from many other schools. But there is nothing like the people and the atmosphere at Georgia Tech. Everyone understands how tough it is and work very hard to succeed. The students are very understanding of the difficult courseload. It is a shared feeling and only another Tech student fully understands anothe Tech student. The neat thing is although everyone at Tech is always working it is making their future that much brighter.


We have a very high standard of excellence and hold three values near and dear to the core systems of reliance at Georgia Tech. Extra-curriculars, Excellence and everything in between; I feel that's why I brag about my school. The fact that you can come here for an excellent education that is regarded by all as a very high-level college and still maintain that social atmosphere is monumental thing to brag about.


I brag about how easy it will be to find a job (as opposed to attending other schools) and how respected I will be in the workplace. I would also tell them that I realize Georgia Tech is unecessarily difficult now, but when I survive, I will be able to take on any challenge.


The first thing I brag about my school is its national rank and how prestigious it is. I am so proud to be attending America's seventh best public university. Next I state that the degree I will be receiving from the Institute of Georgia Technology is worth gold. Once I graduate I know I will have no problem finding a job. The fact that my school is very international is another one of its strong qualities. I adore meeting new students from foreign countries. Lastly the faculty at Tech is exceptional, supportive and involved in student success.


That it i is prestigious and it took a lot of work to get in and stay in.


It is one of the top ranked Engineering Schools in the world


I'm learning more than you are.


The prestige. Georgia Tech is well known and well respected by a great majority of the population.


The amount of job opportunities we have exceed many colleges


We are about excellence in and out of the classroom.


I'm gettinga job.


Well, first off, Tech doesn't really require much braging from us, the attendees. It's reputation and out success brag for us. But, if I were to brag to someone about Tech, I would talk about the qualilty of education and the awesome in and out of class opportunities such as study abroad, Co-oping, interacting within such cultural diveristy, and of course working out in our state-of-the-art recreation center, not to mention the local arenas of downtown Atlanta at our finger tips. It is basically the best school ever! :)


It is a well known engineering school that is ranked high in the country.


School Sports, difficulty of academics


This school is very difficult, but we do well in academics, career placement, and sports.


When I speak to my friends regarding Georgia Tech, I tend to brag about the school's national ranking amongst other schools and also the level of difficulty the institution places on each and every one of its students.


It is one of the top research institutes in the nation.


I brag about the research opportunites.


Although it's hard, it is a lot of fun. It's worth all of the scchool work to have to opportunity to meet all of the great people.


I go to Georgia Tech. That pretty much says it all. I'm proud to be here. I love the Institution.


That I know a lot of engineers, that I was a big fish in a small pond (there were only 60 history majors when I was there), and our football team (depending on the season!).


I brag about the excellent career opportunities all graduating students will have.


I don't brag bout my school because it is difficult and depressing and I don't really like it here.


The difficulty of classes and the amount of money that I'll be making when I get out. Georgia Tech has a very prestigious reputation and very prestigious job opportunities for those who graduate. It really taks care of its own.