Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Georgia Tech lacks a bit in overall school spirit. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of students who are passionate about Georgia Tech athletics, but a large portion of the student body seems to think college is only about academics. It would have been nice to see a few more fans on gamedays and a few more people at parties. Nevertheless, I came away with an almost entirely positive college experience.


I can honestly say there is nothing I can think of as the worst thing about my school. I have learned so much about myself here and feel well prepared for what is next.


There isn't much that I would consider particularly bad about this school. If I had to choose one thing, however, it would be the workload. The professors expect everyone to complete the assignments given, regardless of lack of preparation or level of difficulty. They expect you to know the material ahead of time and come prepared to class ready to answer whatever questions they have for you. Outside of class, they expect you to complete the assigned homework, study the material covered in class, and prepare for future lectures.


The parking siutation. It costs $400 a semester to have a car, and the campus police issue tickets for any reason they can find. I believe it is a scam they are running.


The priority of the professors. They place research over their students most of the time.


The difficulty of the the classes at Georgia Tech is insane. Some classes are going to be hard no matter what but some classes are just made so much more difficult than they need to be. It is really frustrating when you don't know whether you are going to pass your classes until like the very end because basically all of the professors wait until the last second to put grades up.


the amount of work, I want quality not quantity and sometimes I feel I don't have the time to give quality to everything.


The worst thing about my school is the difficulty of the classes. Most people are unprepared for the jump between a relatively easy life in high school to going to a very difficult technology school. It makes school there very stressful and time consuming, and some people do not interact socially as much as others, so finding ways to release stress can be very difficult.


I dont like the workload, if the workload was a little lighter I may have a better social life.


The worst thing about Georgia Tech would have to be the wide range of resources it offers. This may seem like a positive aspect to many but it is very overwhelming for an incoming freshman to grasp all these resources. Personally, I had first hand experience with this case which is the only reason I consider this a negative aspect. I was not given the proper direction my freshman year to take full advantage of the resources at Georgia Tech.


The amount of small talk. It comes across as no one caring and just talking to pass the time. There is no real substance to the conversations and everything is always surface level.


There is a heavy emphasis on engineering and science so the school is not very well-rounded. Some classes, especially liberal arts classes, tend to be more difficult/complicated than they need to be.


The worst thing about Georgia Tech is definitely the workload. Almost every single class is difficult, and when you're taking five classes, it adds up very quickly, especially in the science and engineering colleges. "Freshmen weed-out classes," as a rule, pile on work attempting to fail freshmen who don't take the classes seriously enough. We joke that a Tech GPA of 2.0 is the same as a 4.0 at UGA because the amount of work and difficulty is not even on the same scale.


Out of State Tuition. At more than $28,000 for tuition and fees it is over four times what in state residents pay, and they do not provide as many scholarship opportunities for out of state students. There is a scholarship that will cover the differential between in state and out of state tuition for entering freshmen but no such program is available for transfer students.


The worst thing about Georgia Tech is that the workload is so large that I had to devote a substantial portion of my free time studying and doing homework or classwork.


The school is really big. It can be hard to find your social group.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the crime that goes on arounf the school. The school has a bad reputation for car break-ins and theft. But the school tries to be as proactive as possible when it comes to this issue. The school employs more police officers than any other in the entire southeast, and the school has installed a saftey warning system, to warn students of a crime that has been commited on or around campus. However, I would still have to say student saftey is still the biggest issue on the campus.


Considering all aspects of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the east campus housing is the worst. Most east campus dormitories are very old and have not been renovated for around 20 years. The paint on the walls is peeling off, there are no elevators to access the 5th floor, and the showers are cold more often than not. The location of these dormitories makes the situation even worse. To get to class, the students must climb the infamous "freshman hill." Fortunately, most east campus housing is for freshmen, so students only need to endure it for a year.


Professors focusing all their attention on their research and not providing the necessary attention to the students. They treat lecturing like a punishment or a chore and view their research as if it were a hobby and full time job.


Arrogant is a big issue here. I feel that georgia tech students has a unique pride that I think is not necessary. We, as students can be proud of the school we go to, but to put other school downs becasue they are not as academically intense is wrong. Some times I would not tell people where i go to college because I can see that they treat me differently. I love my school, and the friends that I made this year, but this arrogrant assumption that we are better than the rest is wrong.


The workload is definitely demanding at the school and it is frustrating when some of the professors are more focused on their research than the classes they are teaching, but not all teachers are like that. Time management is absolutely critical to success at the school and it is so worth it to work hard from the beginning.


The guy/girl ratio is overwhelming men. We need more women engineers!!


The atmosphere is pretty competitive and career driven, which is very high stress if you're not sure what you want to do with your life.


There is a large crime rate because it is in the center of downtown Atlanta


The workload at school is too heavy.


The freshmen experience! The dorms are so gross. I almost decided to go to another university just because of the dorms. Also, under the freshmen experience, we are required to get a meal plan which was a complete waste of money. I got 5 swipes a week. They did not roll over, I could not swipe a friend in even though I wasn't going to use all 5 swipes, and I couldn't swipe twice within the hour.


The social scene is very lacking at Georgia Tech. The male to female ratio is very polar and many students and faculty often joke about the low female student population. Due to its limited social scene, the students are often stress and depressed, thereby affecting their overall grades at tech. This issue is compounded by the fact that Georgia Tech is already a very hard engineering school to start with.


Georgia Tech has been a wonderful experience overall. However, I believe I never truly received the "college experience." Georgia Tech requires a large amount of time and devotion to coursework. I would spend most weekdays and at least half of my weekends working until very late. The work wasn't just time consuming, but was also very frustrating and difficult. My social life suffered in my freshman and sophomore years. It took many years of adjustment to balance my life so that I could at least have a healthy experience in college.


The stereotypes are the worst aspect of Georgia Tech. I am a tour guide for my school, so I hear all the negative perspectives held by those unaffiliated with Tech - primarily that Tech has been dubbed a "nerd school." Nothing frustrates me more than seeing prospective students shy away from Tech because of this stereotype. I have met amazing Tech students, who are everything from rock climbers studying environmental science to triathletes aiding the development of biomedical devices. Therefore, I hate that some miss their opportunity to be surrounded by such incredible people because of a carelessly placed label.


The class sizes at Georgia Tech are very big. It is hard to get individual attention.


I'm from Green Bay Wisconsin, so being in a state that is far away from my family is difficult. So the worst thing about my college is the location. I never have been this far away from my family as I am now. On a good note, I'm learning to be more responsible because my mom isn't here to fix my mistakes- I have to.


The grading scale in my school is based on curves, you always compete with the class on who will get A's, B's, and C's. You have to be above the curve to do well.


I just recently transferred; however, from my experiences thus far, I can't say there is anything negative. Academics, by social, and being active are all common aspects of students that attend here. I would say, though, that the location of the campus (midtown Atlanta) can be both good and bad.


Probably the food and the location. The location could be better and the food is overpriced and not great.


The worst thing about my school is the competitive atmosphere. While sometimes it's motivating, it can be very stressful. At my school, it's expected to pull multiple all-nighters in order to achieve high test grades, and often times on tests there is no curve. Ultimately it works out though, and guarantees that only the most committed students will go on to continue their education at Georgia Tech.


The worst about my school may be the week before and during finals, when the campus is dead and everyone must study in place of sleep.


Certain courses, particularly core areas such as calculus and lab sciences can be very difficult and frustrating depending on the professors. Some professors became so infamous that both undergraduates and graduates unanimously tell other incoming students to avoid them at all costs, citing from unfair difficulty, confusing lectures, and condescending personality with all sorts of horror stories. I was one of the many incoming freshman students who took Calculus II and I was absolutely thrilled that I got a final grade of C after countless hours of crying and screaming.


Again, the high academic standard of Georgia Tech is ironically both the best and worst thing about this school. The rigor of the classes lead to strong, hard working students who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. However, this same rigor can lead to many struggles as students try valiantly to succeed. Many times it seems impossible to take a typical courseload and do well, but in the end most students realize how to do it, although there are definitely many dark moments and hard days. The amount of studying required is tough, but it pays off after graduation!


The worst thing about this school I think is the fact that the teachers a very research focused instead of focused on teaching. More most classes, Professors give lectures and if you need help outside of that, you go to a TA. The lectures are intentionally vague and they present the material as if the students already know it, instead of trying to teach during a lecture, it's a totally different style of teaching than I have seen at other colleges around Atlanta.


It's really difficult.


I feel the worst thing about Georgia Tech is its slight lack of opportunities for those who are not totally technically inclined. I, for example, apart from having a deep interest in the written arts (poetry, fictional writing, etc.); however, there are few opportunities for me to expand upon this area. The same goes for those who are attached to the visual arts. Though there are areas that permit graphic design or digital art, it is minimal in comparison to other universities. In short, though it has much to offer, it lacks some expansion for the artistic mind.


The worst thing about the school is the idea that your fellow students are competition. Working together, you'll learn more!


As a male student, the lack of females is very frustrating as there are only 33% females in attendance. Additionally, the workload is sometimes overwhelmingly impossible to keep up with and professors don't seem to care. Lastly, the students are often introverted and exclusively career/academically driven. At most schools, where there are few to no students in the library on a Friday/Saturday night, it isn't uncommon to see many students in the library on weekends.


I owuld say that the pressure is the worst thing about this school. Right now, I'm facing money constraints and the school doesn't give out much institutional money but I'd feel like a failure if I left for an easier/sheaper school.


The student teacher relationships are severely lacking


I think that fact that almost everything is revolved around engineering is a limiting factor.


I believe the worst think about Georgia Tech is the intensity of the ciriculum and expectations. Students are required to preform with extreme excellence. This could be positive, but in GT's case it causes a lot of stress and anxiety in some students. There are plenty of University provided programs to deal with this, but unfortunatly some students do not take advantage of the programs.


A majority of the courses are very rigorous and difficult, and the amount of time professors expect you to put in for each class adds up, leaving the students with tons of work and no time for fun.


The registration process is pretty incovenient. For many freshmen, it is very difficult to get all the classes they want. Also the dorm rooms are pretty small.


The worst thing about Georgia Tech is that it's really easy to get lost in the crowd. Most of the freshman and even the sophomore level classes have in excess of one hundred students. You must also be careful not to fall into the perpespective of just trying to survive your classes. In addition to you course work, you abosolutely must find an activity that you enjoy; it could be related to an organized "extracurrcular activity," or it could be something that you do entirely on your own.