Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


All Georgia Tech students are engineers and Liberal Arts students are excluded.


Tech students are smart and work hard all the time. Some are extremely nerdy; some are very "normal" and athletic. There are few girls here, and they're all ugly.


Nerds and Geeks. Like football and Basketball. Shy to meet women or interact in a diverse setting. Like to debate and discuss. Hard working and Diligent. People with some focus in life and Character.


1. We're anti-social nerds 2. Most guys would rather play video games than go on a date 3. We don't know how to have fun


we're geeks who play WOW all the time and cry in our dorm rooms while touching ourselves and wishing there were actual girls anywhere


Nerds, Hardest thing you will ever do in your life, and alot of foreigners.


Some stereotypes about Tech: 1. It's extremely difficult. 2. It doesn't have many options for an education in liberal arts. 3. Tech only offers engineering programs. 4. It's a technical school curriculum. 5. It's hard to get accepted. Some stereotypes about the students at Tech: 1. We are all Asians. 2. We are all engineers. 3. We are all "brilliant". 4. We are all liberal. 5. We are all "nerds" who don't socialize and play computer games all the time.


When we party we party hard, but we also study really hard. Most of us are also nerd.


Nerdy; socially inept; hard working; smart; no girls attend, or the girls that do attend are unattractive. The classes are very difficult and the professors don't speak english (or heavy accent).


We are not a much fun as other student bodies. We study a lot and don't have fun. They say "You want a social life, good grades, and sleep....pick two"


Gamers, Nerds, Lacking Social Life, Depressing Dorms/Campus




Introverted, Anti-Social, Nerdy


Tech students are a bunch of nerds. They are unsocial, like to hang out in their rooms, study all day long, have the worst social life, etc. Worst of all, there are no girls at GT and the ones you do come upon are fugley.


Classes are extremely difficult and the students here are all nerds with no life.


Georgia Tech is full of only nerdy people that are great at math and science and terrible at english.


there are no girls or all the girls are ugly, all the guys are nerds


It's generally the same for any technical school: nerdy, introverted, geeky, tech-savvy, quiet, hardworking, study a lot, etc. Of course, if you tell someone you're from Georgia Tech, they instantly respect you more.


People think that we're all a bunch of nerds who have no idea how to have fun; and that there are no girls...


Tech Students are nerds that study all day. We all all about football. Tech does not care about its students.


Students work hard all the time, are called nerdy, and don't know how to have fun. A Georgia Tech degree will benefit you in your career more than any other in the state.


"The odds are good but the goods are odd". Most people think that the ratios just apply to guy with a few girls to choose from. Girls use that quote and try to say it applies to them too!


Nerdy, all male, and against anything UGA


It's commonly believed that Tech is a really difficult school and that its students are nerds.


There are no girls and that a student has to study all the time with no room for a social life.


Guys are geeky and there are few girls.


Nerds Anti-social Video Gamers


That all the guys are nerds, all the girls are ugly, and everyone is an elitist.


The most common stereotype about Tech students is that all we are all just nerds.


There ratio is terrible. There are no girls worth marrying. Everyone is a nerd. Everyone is an alcoholic.


Tech is hard, it has no girls, and the guys are nerdy


Huge Male to Female Ratio The girls are definitely not as abundant and as visually attractive as other schools Huge foreign population Boring Geeks


Classes are really hard, there are no cute girls, all the students are nerds who stay in their room and play WoW all day, there is no social life at Georgia Tech (no on-campus parties)


The biggest is that we are all nerds who have no social life. But there are others that the girls are impressive, that the boys are weird.


Nerdy, anti-social, Intellegent, has a high foriegn population, Hard school,


Many people think that Georgia Tech students are all nerdy, intelligent introverts. About the school itself, people perceive it as being impossibly difficult. Relating to the Equestrian Team, there is the stereotype of stuck- up cliquish sorority girls.


Students are nerdy. They don't know how to have fun. The professors don't care about their students. Sports teams are no good.


People claim that GT students do not really have a life outside of studying, and that they are not confident in themselves.


Georgia Tech students are generally viewed as anti-social nerds. However, we are also stereotyped to be very intelligent, hard working, and professional.


1. Everyone who is not in a fraternity/sorority or is not an athlete is a nerd. 2. Everyone who is not a Management major is a nerd. 3. There are very few attractive girls at Georgia Tech, and the girls who are attractive are very full of themselves. 4. School is unbearably difficult.


-The people are nerds -There are no girls -The girls that are here have TBS(Tech B***h Syndrome) -The classes are hard -Population mainly asians and indians -Tech Goggles


The most prominent stereotypes about Georgia Tech students is that they dorky and don't know how to have a good time.


Georgia Tech is a large university geared toward technical studies like science and engineering, and so the students here are considered to be fairly "nerdy" or "geeky" by people unfamiliar with the student body. There is an old saying about Georgia Tech males (who make up 65-70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body), that "the odds are good, but the goods are odd." There are a lot of folks who think Georgia Tech men and women like to be huddled in their room, playing video games and writing computer programs. Also, there is a stereotype that Georgia Tech women are unattractive, or, at best, "cute." One prevailing myth is that everyone at Georgia Tech studies engineering, which is not even close to being true.


All Tech students are nerdy All Tech students just play video games all day No one at Tech knows how to socialize Everyone at Tech just studies all day


Georgia Tech's student body is mainly males. With the ratio currently at 3:1 (males to females) it is highly encougred to attend Tech and be female. While engineering and technical fields are mainly male orriented fields females do hold positions and just as much interest in the field as a male can. Tech is a smart school with the average entering class SAT score on average 1200 or higher.


The only Stereotype I can think of is that we're all nerds.


That we are all nerdy with no social skills, stay in on weekends, and study all the time.


It's tough. Nothing but computer science people. All of those dorks from your high school.