Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus? Is this stereotype accurate?


Students at Georgia Tech are stereotyped to be nerdy. This is so true that it makes me want to cry. However, for most students, it's more of a cool nerdy. Think more Captain Kirk from Star Trek and less Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Although there are a fair share of nutcases, I can confidently say that at Georgia Tech, you will find your fit. There are too many people here for anyone to be lonely. On any given week day, you will find students studying in the library, having Pokemon tournaments, or getting drunk out of their minds. It's a tossed salad!


The most common stereotype of Georgia Tech students would have to be the nerd stereotype. Although there are a large number of people who fit this category, Georgia Tech is a very diverse school. I myself feel that although I am intelligent, I would not be considered a nerd. I don't play video games, I don't spend all day writing computer programs, or wear thick galsses.


A lot of people think students at Georgia Tech are socially inept nerds. The gender ratio at Tech is about 5 guys to 2 girls, so another stereotype is that no girls go to Georgia Tech.


The stereotype is that we're all nerds who spend all our time in the library or playing video games. This is true for a small portion of students, but we are actually very diverse and have tons of diverse interests. For example, we have everything from skydiving club to Greek life to drama club. There is definitely a niche for everyone at Tech.


Georgia Tech is commonly stereotyped as a school for geeks and nerds and there is a large kernel of truth behind this. Our students are doing their best and their best helps solve national problems. But we are not only about studying. We also know how to relax, serve the community and enjoy good friendships.


A Common stereotype of Georgia Tech is that there are too many nerds on campus who only care about studying. In actuality, we think of ourselves as hard-working students who will one day run top corporations, government positions, and non-for-profits firms that will bring about positive change to the world. Oh, and we also have numerous social events to promote fun while on this journey.