Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Georgia Tech as a whole has a great reputation and a degree from Georgia Tech is highly respected. The greek system at Georgia Tech is another great part of tech. Tech's central location in Atlanta allows students many opportunities to attend major events that take place in the city. The campus is a good size, but walking to classes is still manageable. The only bad thing about Georgia Tech is the fact that the administration seems to be more focused on their research than their students.


Many students complain about how rigorous the course at Georgia Tech are, which turns into people thinking the faculty is trying to fail students on purpose. However, this level of difficulty is what makes Georgia Tech so great because this leads to meaningful degrees which can land graduates lucrative and successful jobs. The gender ratio is something that I would change because it makes finding romance in college very hard to come by. Many students spend a lot of their time studying in the library, but I prefer the comfort of my own room to do all of my studying. When I tell people that I go to Georgia Tech, they generally seem very impressed by that. I feel that since it is a tough school to be successful, the comradery between the students fosters a great deal of school pride. Overall, I would say that Georgia Tech is a fantastic school to attend and to get a degree despite insane classes and a lot of stress, it will all be worth it in the end.


Georgia Tech has an amazing reputation. When you tell people you go to Georgia Tech, they usually say "wow, you must be smart". Tech is the perfect size; not so large that you feel lost in the crowd, and not so small that you know everyone's name. There is tons of school pride, especially surrounding football and our rivalry with UGA.Tech's location is unique, because it's in the city, but still has that college-campus feel. Recent controversy has involved crime on campus and in the surrounding areas.


Georgia Tech provides every student who attends an unique journey in which you cannot find elsewhere. Tech combines the best of academics and athletics towards making every student a competent global citizen. From its groundbreaking research to its top ACC rated football team, and from its world-class faculty to its brilliant campus lifestyle, students take part in the ultimate time of their lives here while developing for professional careers.


The school is the right size for a focused engineering place but small as a proper university with diverse programs. The faculty is good in the engineering areas but fluctuate a lot in the others. Most of the time will be spent in the library, dorm or places for studying. The administration are facilitators but not really counsellors. There is a lot of school pride and it shows in sports and other academic competitions. The one thing I will always remember is that GT taught me how to never give up and always find a solution to a problem.


I see a mixture of admiration and pit when I tell people what school I go to. I completely understand, because it's a love/hate relationship. GT is one of those places you will curse up and down, but defend bitterly when non-Techies degrade it. There is a lot of school spirit hidden beneath the sarcastic comments we all make. Like any other Tech student, I question my choice of school from time to time. At the end of the day though, I can't imagine myself anywhere else. I've made some unforgettable friends and become a campus leader. And even though the classes can be hard, I enjoy the intellectual challenge. Grad school will be a piece of cake after Georgia Tech! If you can get through this school, you can do anything.


it's just right! there are enough students that you see lots of familiar people that you know while walking around but also many new people to make friends.


School is just the right size, medium. The campus is very well organized and alot of buildings are new. Sports/athletics are awesome and alot of fun, alot of tradition being that we have the oldest football stadium in all of the united states. Ga Tech profs are mostly horrible and are out to get you at every corner.


I think I'll answer each of the suggested topics. The best thing about Tech, for me, is amount of challenges it presents to me, academically. Like I said above, I was never challenged in high school, and Tech has brought that to me, and more. I've learned more in the past two years at Tech than I learned in 12 years of public education. There is never NOT something to figure out in your classes... which to me is great. I would change the level of commitment of the professors. Since Tech is major research university, sometimes I feel that the professors are made to teach to extend their tenures and research groups, and don't really care about the courses they teach or how their students do in them. I feel it's just the right size, although I wouldn't mind it being larger. Whenever I say I go to Tech, the first thing people say is "Wow, you must be really smart". Since I don't live on campus, most of my time is spent either in classes or in the management building's study rooms. Atlanta is huge, so it would be hard to call it a college town because of its diverse nature. That being said, one can usually find something to do whenever, although it gets boring at times. The administration at Tech is alright... could be better, but could definitely be much worse. Controversy........We don't honestly have much of that... The City of Atlanta fosters attitudes of cohesiveness in its self, and I feel like Tech does its best to promote a unified campus, regardless of differences. There is a crap ton of school pride.. makes me kinda sick at times... The biggest abnormality about Tech is its students... you meet so many people who are way over your head all the time, and I definitely don't think it happens as much at other schools. I'll always remember the first Tech v. Notre Dame football game. There weren't enough tickets to get in, but my friend and I just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere...and drinks. Most frequent complaints.... "This is so hard"; "I don't understand why we need to know this stuff".. mostly about the classes.


Georgia tech has a small campus, but it's really beautiful.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is it's atmosphere: you are constantly surrounded by some of the most brilliant minds in the country-that includes both students and professors. Tech also has a great reputation, so when I tell people I attend Tech, they usually respond by widening their eyes and saying, "Oh, great!, thats a good school" or "wow, that's a tough school". Tech is in the heart of Atlanta so there are always things to do on the weekends, but I haven't had much of a chance to go off campus because freshman can't have cars the first semester, and there is usually homework or a project to be done. The student population is very large; sometimes it reminds me of a small city. This can make it daunting to make new friends at first, but there are tons of clubs and events you can attend to meet people. Once you get some good friends, the school quickly becomes your home. The Career counselors, advisors, TA's, and professors are your best resources on campus! Go visit them, often! They are all very friendly and helpful.


Its kind of a love/hate environment. Everyone is pretty stressed about school but for the most part, no one would want to be anywhere else. We're really a small school in a big school's body. We've got all the things big schools have, but our population is small in comparison. I feel like I have the opportunity to meet all the people in my class that are in my major. The campus is small enough where I see familiar faces all the time.


I'm not a real big fan of Georgia Tech. Honestly, I'm not sure how much of this is Tech's fault or can just be attributed to the type of student that it attracts. It is true that Tech has a lot of prestige associated with its academics and specifically the engineering program, but I feel there are some things that are lacking. The academics are very strong, but I feel that they usually don't quite get some of the simpler things across; an example of which would be the mindset of an engineer, or the fact that common sense is an engineer's best friend. While gatech is in the middle of Atlanta, its kinda an island to itselft. Quite unlike UGA, which has Athens built around it and many businesses catering directly to students there, GaTech seems to be almost ignored by the rest of Atlanta. School pride is pretty hit or miss around here, it seems like basically either you're in a fraternaty/sorority or just don't give a damn. Most people here seem to be more concerned with getting through school and getting a good job than actually going to college.


GT has a very beautiful campus with lots of grass and trees around. They keep it looking beautiful.You do not realize tht you are in the middle of downtown Atlanta because of the plants around. It has a nice computer lab and the security guard always greets me by name. Most of the teachers do a very good job teaching the material and are available to help you out if you have questons during or after class. The students are very nice and dedicated to their work and study well.


The school isn't too small, nor too big. It's located in the middle of Atlanta, a prime location. People always look up to you for going to Georgia Tech, unless they're UGA fans. There's definitely a sense of comradery amongst students, but we're only united because we all agree that Georgia Tech's academics are ruthless and brutal. There's is an abundance of school pride, despite the loathing of classes. On campus, I'm either in class or in the library. Other than that, I'm out enjoying the wonderful city of Atlanta.


You will either love or hate Georgia Tech. For me, it is more of a hate affair. I could go on and on about how much I hate this school but I'll save it. The academics is good and that's the only thing that is keeping me here. If it were anything else, I would've transferred long ago. If you are expecting the typical college experience with a social college going atmosphere, look elsewhere. This place isnt for the faint of heart and I'm sure many hearts have been broken.


Georgia Tech is a fairly large school in the north area of the city of Atlanta. Atlanta was not built around the college like at so many other universities, so it is not really a college town. Georgia Tech has a rich legacy of students, many of whom are active alumni. The school is only 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} female because women were not allowed to go to the university until the 1950s. Georgia Tech is also very diverse, and you can meet someone from just about anywhere around the world. When you tell people you go to Georgia Tech, they assume you're incredibly smart and they assume you're an engineer, both of which may or may not be true.


What I love about GT is that it's right in the middle of Atlanta, so you can see a beautiful skyline over the campus, but when you're on campus it's easy to forget that you're in the middle of a huge city because it really has it's own little community and lots of green space; it's really the best of both worlds. Football season is really huge in the fall and going to the games is sooo much fun! I had so much fun my freshman year because i lived in a freshman experience dorm, so almost everyone kept their doors open all the time and we were all really good friends, so i would recommend doing FE if you get the chance.


Students usually talk about the high level of academic rigor. That and the world-class faculty that students get the chance to interact with. It's located in the city of Atlanta, so there's easy access to all kinds of places on weekends. The campus is park-style, with some older historic buildings as well as some state-of-the-art technological buildings. Students are very actively involved with sports, organizations, fraternities/sororities, etc. Overall, it's actually fairly well-rounded (except for the lack of a viable liberal arts program).


Tech has a stigma of being a purely academic school, but that's not all we have to offer. The sports here are great, we have a lot of football traditions and homecoming activities. Every year, the morning of the Homecoming Game, the fraternities put on the Wreck Parade. Alumni can show their antique cars, and each fraternity builds a machine that is man powered, and then they try to make their machines run the length of a street on campus. We also have a top-tier basketball team. I usually spend most of my time hanging out with my friends in either my dorm room or theirs, or going out to eat somewhere in Midtown. Atlanta has a lot of cool places to offer a college kid, and it's not hard to get there using public transportation (which is convenient, because freshmen can't have cars first semester). The most frequent student complaint is about ho hard the classes are, but that's true at any good university.


Its no secret, if you come to Tech you are going to work hard; the academics can get tough. You'll also have so much fun in between the academics. Campus life and city life in Atlanta can be really exciting.


GT continues to expand to include a wide array of students. The size of GT is just right. When you tell most people you are a student at GT, they immediately think more highly of you. I spend half of my campus time in class and the other half in the library. The biggest controversy is concerning construction and which building(major programs) receive renovation or new buildings. Everyone complains about classes, and your not looked at as a complainer for doing so. Complaining is expected, if your not, you not working hard enough in your classes.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is the traditions! From the Budweiser song we all sing on game day, sneaking on to the football field, take a Prof to lunch, the Ramblin' Wreck, M-train jokes and video on You Tube, Lecture Crashers on You Tube, Red Jesus, the famous George P. Burdell, to midnight breakfast during dead week. There's always something for everyone to take a part in! School size is just right. Tech is a school that limits the size of students making it harder to get into and raising the value of your degree. When I tell people I go to Tech, they all say "wow" and are really taken back. Everyone is always very impressed and realizes how valued you are. Tech is a mini college town. Even though we are located in the heart of Atlanta, Tech still has the campus feel. Tech Square has really given Tech it's own "college town". You really couldn't ask for a better location! There is always something to do in Atlanta and it is a great place to live and work after you graduate! There is a ton of school pride! I feel like one of the qualifications for getting accepted is knowing the Ramblin' Wreck song, or at least "I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech and a helluva engineer"! One experience I will always remember was meeting Red Jesus! Unfortunately he graduated this semester but is an icon on Tech's campus!


GT has a lot of history. Surrounding yourself with such huge Tech fans and amazingly smart students gives a bigger thrill than I had originally thought. The school spirit on campus is incredible- especially on home football game weekends. Living in downtown Atlanta does present some threats, but it is a thrill on its own! The best thing about Tech is it's prestige and people's reaction when you tell them you go to Tech.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is the school spirit. Although many people hate the difficulty found in the classes, many proudly state that they go to Tech. The reaction which most often comes up, depends on who one is talking to, but usually includes a slight widening of the eyes, smile and the word "nerd" somewhere in their sentence. One thing Techies probably would agree they would like to change is "the ratio," this suggestion usually coming from the male camp. I personally would change the workload given to students, especially engineers, which can, at times, seem overwhelming. I find my school size just right with a campus in the center of Atlanta which allows for easy access to the city and its many offerings. Most of time however, is not spent wandering about the city but rather on campus either in the student center, my room or tech square. Tech's Administration is rather good, timely and efficient. Biggest recent controversy is the level of criminal activity occuring on campus which seems to have increased this past year, including robberies, mugging and a dead body found on campus.


Georgia Tech does a good job at keeping the campus from feeling like it is in the middle of Atlanta. It is very quiet and clean with a fair amount of green space. It is in a great location, being in one of the largest industrial cities in the nation. This is very helpful when trying to find an internship or co-op. Also, by being in Atlanta, Tech gives a student a lot to do on the weekends. Tech also provides many organizations for a student to get involved in, including a good Greek system. The academics are very difficult. Students have to bust their tail, spending countless hours in the library, just to pass. The saying at Tech is: Study, Sleep, Party, pick 2 and get over it.


I think the size is perfect. I love Tech. Not a big fan of the city of atlanta. lots of homeless and i think it's kinda dirty. but a great place to be nevertheless. it's summertime now and i cant wait to get back!!!


I love Georgia Tech, but you will only love it if you choose to. There's plenty someone could choose to hate about GT.


Great people, nicer campus than you would think, the city environment is awesome, but may not be for everybody.


Tech has many things to offer a student. For a biochemistry member such as myself, one of the draws about Tech is that they have excellent research facilities that encourage undergraduate participation and interdisciplinary studies. Also, a degree from Tech is sure to open up doors when it comes to employment.


Georgia Tech has an outstanding reputation. Anyone will tell you that. Most Georgia Tech students will get several job outstanding job offers upon graduation. A Georgia Tech degree will allow you to do just about anything you want. The size of Tech is perfect; it's just large enough that everyone finds a perfect place to fit in, but not so large that you feel lost. Georgia Tech is DEFINITELY a difficult school. Everyone who comes to Tech is top quality, and thinks, "I'll be fine...I'm smarter than most people I know." The truth is, everyone at Tech is that way. Receiving a 30 or 40 (out of 100) on an exam is typical in the engineering field. However, most professors curve the grades at the end of the semester, but still expect to receive a couple Cs or even a D while attending Tech. And don't worry...we all go through it. The one thing I wish I could change is the amount the student body takes pride in its school. Georgia Tech as a whole is so focused on academia, that most students don't take pride in the athletic departments or even know all the traditions of Georgia Tech. I wish every student at Georgia Tech loved, more importantly, KNEW every Tech tradition. Sometimes I think it's amazing that our athletic department is as strong as it is, based on the small percentage of fan base. There is a controversy that takes over campus for about a week a year. We have a "free speech" area on campus, where any student or person can proclaim or share any information they wish. For a few days a year, a group of people from the community come to this area and preach that "Homosex is Sin." This gets most people on campus very agitated and excited for about one week every year. Most Georgia Tech students do not graduate in four years. That is just a fact. Expect to be at Tech for at least 9 semesters, unless you come in with several credits. Georgia Tech has a great co-op program. As a freshman, you can apply to work for a company in your field and rotate semesters of working with a company and taking classes. If you know what industry you want to work with, I definitely recommend it. Some companies will count your co-op terms towards you start working towards retirement at age 18!! Plus, this is a GREAT way to pay for school instead of taking out loans.


Tech is great, it is big for being in the middle of a City, but over all it is an average campus. Parking office is rude, transportation system is alright and the dining halls suck. We have a really good gym.


If you want to have a great degree and get a respectable and well paying job, come to Tech! If you want to have a great time with as little work as possible, don't come to Tech! If you do not love Math and Science, do not come to Tech! If you are not wanting to be in engineering or business, do not come to Tech! If you do want to be an Engineer-- Definitely come to Tech! Also, our Business degree is growing! I spend most of my time on campus with the Athletic Association. Regardless of your major make sure you find something to get involved with. You will be miserable if you come here and sit in your room all day studying! Atlanta is awesome! Everything you can imagine with a minute or two drive. Professional sports teams, malls, hundreds of restaurants stores etc.


Most people are very impressed when I tell them that I go to Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech just has that very prestigious name that is recognized around the world. There are a ton of international students here and most of them chose Georgia Tech as their first choice for study in the US. Atlanta is not much of a "college town", but I love it. I love living downtown - it's a nice change of pace from growing up in the suburbs and there is always something to do. The only problem is that since Georgia Tech is in the middle of a big city, there is not much school spirit. Georgia Tech kind of gets lost in the bustle of the big city and most people that live here don't give GT a second thought.


Georgia Tech is an urban college, so don't expect a lot of green space, or for it to be extremely clean. It is like an oasis in the middle of Atlanta. The campus itself is very pretty and safe. Sometimes you'll even forget that you are in Atlanta. The administration is very involved in student affairs and cares a lot about student input, and you can tell. There is a pedigree that goes along with saying you go to Tech. People respect it, and you will see and feel that when you step on to campus. Even though our athletics aren't amazing, we have a ton of school spirit. We support every sport and cheer on our team, even if they're losing.


Is a Reseach and learning enviornment. coupled with the city of Atlanta, Georgia tech offers students limitless oppertunities. Often students will complain of there being nothing to do, but in a city as large as atlanta, that is almost always not the case. College is what you make of it.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is the community. Knowing that everyone is going through the same thing as you is very comforting, and people are so willing to help each other out. It's teamwork at its best. The school is just the right size, in my opinion. People's reactions seems to be regional. In the south, when I tell people I do to Tech, they are impressed because they know what an awesome engineering school it is. However, in the north, people do not really know about Tech's reputation for being an excellent school. I spend most of my time in the dorm, because most of my friends live in the same dorm as I do. Atlanta is by no means a "college town", but the campus itself and a few surrounding streets feel very much like a little college town. I think Tech's administration is great. We're very sad to lose Clough as President, but he is moving on to head the Smithsonian, a great honor. That's probably the most recent controversy. On game days, school pride is almost tangible. It's that strong. I'll always remember sneaking into the stadium one night and going to the top of the bleachers to stargaze. The skyline was gorgeous. Students frequently complain about the workload and the lack of girls, since the ratio is 7:3.


The best thing about GT is the camaraderie. We all go through the same tough classes and mostly at the same time. I would change some of the professors' attitudes, though. Sometimes I don't think they realize we're only human. The school itself is the right size, although it's growing quickly and we're running out of room for everyone. It gets a bit crowded at times. People are impressed when I tell them I go to GT, and even more so when I mention my major and the job offers I got. I spend most of my time in my major building, but my first two or three years I was all over the place - very busy! It's not in a college town, but Atlanta is wonderful if you're over 21. I am jealous of places like Athens where it's fun all the time, but you can't get the same degree there. The administration is a bit red tape-y, but that's probably at all schools. My particular adviser was wonderful. I can't think of a big controversy on campus. They usually deal with those that live there, and I don't. There is a LOT of school pride. Once you put in the blood, sweat and tears that we do, you gain that pride - definitely! Unusual at Tech? Well, a lot of majors just aren't here, so you better be sure before you get here that you'll like something. I'll always remember game day experiences. Football season is such a fun time for everyone. Most frequent student complaints usually involve having too much work!


The best thing about Georgia Tech is being around people who are very similar to myself and understand why I work so hard and challenge myself. Probably the only thing I would change about my school would be having more professors who do not have heavy accents. The size of Georgia Tech is perfect - it is large enough to where I do not know everyone and can always make friends, yet I will generally know one or two people in each of my classes fairly well and recognize a few others. Because I am a girl, I feel when people find out I am a Georgia Tech student, they are surprised yet impressed and suddenly treat me with more respect. I spend most of my time in my sorority house on campus. I love that Georgia Tech is in the middle of Atlanta because there is always something going on outside of campus and anything you would want to do is easily accessible. Also, the job market in Atlanta is amazing. I am always impressed by Georgia Tech's administration because they are always on top of everything. I would say there is a good bit of school pride - not so much that it is over the top and obnoxious but still bonding and exciting. One experience that I will always remember from college was last summer when I studied abroad with Georgia Tech in Beijing and Singapore. It has truly changed me forever. I think the most frequent student complaint is about the difficulty level at Georgia Tech.


The best thing is the Degree. The one thing I would change would be for students rights being upheld, such as no tests during dead week(the weeks before finals), and no new material that will be tested over. Also, if you have an A, why should you have to take a final? And for that matter, what does a test really prove, just what you were able to do in an hour on a particular day. I wish there was another way of evaluating students. The school is just the right size, enough people to make you feel like your in a big school, but not too many. People always react like I'm some genious, but spend a week here and that will change your mind. I spend most of my time on campus, there is alot to do. It's not really a college town in the sense that Atlanta is not known for housing Georgia Tech. The administration seems to be more interested in their research and grad students, than helping their undergraduates. There is school pride, but not nearly enough as another school which shall not be named. All the complaints I have listed, everyone here is complianing about them.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is its reputation as a national leader in technological education and innovation. If I were to change one thing about Georgia Tech I would tell the students that unless you are in a very specific few fields (i.e. engineering, science) math skills are very overrated. Georgia Tech is a perfect size school, not too big and not too small. When I tell people that I went to Georgia Tech I get one of two reactions. The first being one of admiration for my accomplishment of graduating from a very difficult school, the second usually being a mocking comment asking me where my pocket protector is. Georgia Tech is not a place to attend if you are looking for a school that has lots of places to "hang out" most of the students that attend Tech spend their time studying or are involved in a fraternity/sorority. Atlanta is definitely not a college town, although there are many young people. What administration? There is a lot of school pride amongst a few students, other students could absolutely care less about the school because they do not like going there. Many of the students have a too cool attitude about school pride and choose to root for more popular local sports teams like UGA or Tennessee or Auburn. Georgia Tech is usual in its unusualness, everything about the place is strange when compared to other institutions of its size. I will always remember a friend of mine who got a D in a mid level economics class. My friend told the professor that he got an A in physics and that he understood math but that he just couldn't understand the course. The professors response was, "I'll tell you why you got an A in physics and are getting a D in my class, my class is harder than physics." Students complain about the grades that they get because they feel that they are entitled to higher grades without really having to work for them.


Georgia Tech really has a lot going for it, and I think the university is doing a lot to improve its image among its own students and perspective students. Due to its location on a prime plot of real estate, GT is constantly forced to pack a growing number of students in a very small space. I've heard horror stories of freshmen who have had to share a single-person dorm with three other students due to overcrowding, but the recent acquisition of the old Georgia State University dorms seems to have solved that problem. I saw the number of students in my major balloon as I went through school, which meant my classes kept getting larger and larger. As a senior, I imagined tiny seminar-style classes (like in movies), but even in my last semester I did not find myself in a class with less than 40 students. I really enjoyed living on Georgia Tech campus for 3 out of my 4.5 years there. Commuting to campus from an off-campus apartment in my senior year was fairly easy. Parking is expensive, but there were always spaces in my lot. There are quite a lot of people who live on GT campus -- especially Greeks and graduate students-- but a lot of freshmen go home on the weekends so things can slow down until Monday rolls around. When I was a freshman, it was trendy to complain about life at Georgia Tech: Classes suck, there are no women, there is no social scene, etc. As I went through each year, I noticed that people complained less and less as they found their niche and began fitting in with their social groups. But at the same time everyone was complaining, there was a tremendous amount of school pride on campus and at sporting events. It's pretty clear Georgia Tech is really trying to get rid of out-dated stereotypes. The population of women is rising quickly, there are a lot of options for students who don't want to study engineering or science, and the social scene is becoming more balanced. Looking back, I can see how Georgia Tech might not be known for its social scene. I went Greek, and so having something to do every weekend was no problem for me. I think a lot of the social scene at Georgia Tech revolves around the Greek system. If you really want to make the best of your time here, I would suggest finding a fraternity or sorority you feel comfortable joining and making the most of it. If you don't want to go that path, it's just important to get a group of friends, early in your first semester, whose company you enjoy and who will enhance your college experience in a positive way.


There is something at Georgia Tech for everyone, no matter who you are. Georgia Tech is just right. People usually start making fun of us because of our football team or that are school is too hard. I spend most of my time on campus either in class or at the Student Center. Atlanta is definetly not a college town. I like the administration at Georgia Tech. There is nothing unusual about Georgia Tech. I'll always remember coming here for Freshmen Orientation and walking around campus for the first time and meeting all the people that I would spend the next four years with. The most frequent complaints are about the housing and freshmen dorms and about the dining hall food which is not up to par.


I think the best thing about Tech is the location. We are in the heart of Atlanta. Coming from a small town in RI i love to explore whenever I have the opportunity. For me the campus is the right size and the city is right next door.


As far as school size is concerned, I'd say Tech was perfect. It's not huge, but just large enough for you to generally remain anonymous walking around campus, but you would still run into a friend not too uncommonly. While living in the dorms, I spent most of the time in my room/friends' rooms and the dining hall. After moving off campus, most of the time I wasn't in the College of Architecture I spent in the student center, but I ate at Junior's Grill frequently. The administration seems to be the butt of a lot of complaints, but it's not really that bad in my opinion. Whenever we feel we've been screwed over by a professor, Parking, the administration, or Georgia Tech in general, we say we'd been "Shafted" in reference to one of the biggest icons around campus, the fountain right outside the student center.


The best thing about Georgia Tech is the fact that it is in Atlanta. The college campus is big enough where you could get lost in the crowd but small enough to get to know a lot of people in your major. People's reaction when I say I go to Georgia Tech is always positive and usually say something like 'Oh you must be smart.' Most of my time I spend on campus is around the student center, at my job on campus, and at Barnes and Noble. It is definitely not a college town, it is a campus in the middle of the city, sometimes called a sort of 'bubble.' It feels disconnected to the rest of the city but at the same time close enough. I believe the administration on Georgia Tech's campus is positive. I see that Georgia Tech is always out to help the students and they try at all costs to make them happy. There is a lot of school pride on campus and the games are usually well attended. The unusual part of Georgia Tech is that there are a lot of different cultures on campus. You can get on a bus and hear three different languages on the way to math class. I will always remember Sting Break , which happens right before spring break, and is full of fun and an amazing concert featuring artists like T.I., Ludacris and Big Boi. The biggest student complaint is probably the amount of work that is left to the students and the stress that it causes especially around exams.


Georgia Tech is great. It welcomed me from the types of values I developed in high school. It also showed what alcoholism is like. You cannot being in Atlanta if you are going to a big town school in the south. We need a better football team and basketball team, but all of our other sports are amazing. #1 in tennis, golf, cross country, etc...